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The reader is invited to see three collections of essays dealing with the various aspects of Salmon’s work: McLaughlin (ed.) 1982 including Salmon’s “Further Reflections” provoked by the essays appearing in the volume and his “Autobiographical Note”; Fetzer (ed.) 1988 ending with an “Epilogue” containing a very useful “Publications: An Annotated Bibliography” (up to 1986); and Galavotti & Pagnini (eds.) 1999 containing “Comments” by Wesley and Merrilee Salmon on the articles published in the collection. For a complete bibliography of Salmon’s writings up to 2005 see Salmon 2005. The 2002 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association hosted “Wesley Salmon 1925–2001: A Symposium Honoring His Contribution to the Philosophy of Science” with papers by Adolf Grünbaum, Phil Dowe, Christopher Hitchcock, Paul Humphreys, and Lawrence Sklar: see Mitchell (ed.) 2004.

Primary Literature: Works by Salmon

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Secondary Literature

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