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Primary Sources

William of Champeaux

  • Commentary on Cicero's De Inventione ; excerpts edited and discussed in Fredborg 1976.
  • Commentary on Cicero's Rhetoric ad Herennium; excerpts edited and discussed in Fredborg 1976.
  • Commentary on Porphyry's Isagoge; the beginning of an early commentary edited in Iwakuma 1993
  • Introductiones dialecticae secundum Wilgelmum (ISW), ed. Iwakuma 1993; de Rijk 1967, vol II part 1: 130-46. (references above are to Iwakuma 1993) (Scholar)
  • Introductiones dialecticae secundum magistrum G. Paganellum (IGP), ed. Iwakuma 1993.
  • Sententiae (Sen), ed. Lottin 1958 vol V: 190-227; Lefevre 1898 (references above are to Lottin 1958)

Several of William's commentaries have been identified, although in some cases the attribution is tentative. (Numbers P*, C*, H* and B*, are those assigned in the list of commentaries in Marenbon 1993 and 2000, and Green-Pedersen 1984.)

  • Porphyry's Isagoge, P3, P14, P29
  • Aristotle's Categories, C8, C14
  • Aristotle's De Interpretatione, H3, H9, H11
  • Boethius' De Differentiis Topicis, B8

Shorter excerpts from some of William's commentaries can be found in Iwakuma 2004b, 1999, 1992, forthcoming A, forthcoming B; Marenbon 1997; Marenbon 1992.

Other Primary Texts

  • Abelard, Peter. Dialectica (D). Ed. L.M. de Rijk. Petrus Abelardus: Dialectica. Assen: Van Gorcum, 1970
  • -----. Historia calamitatum (HC). Ed. J. Monfrin. Abélard, Historia calamitatum: texte et commentaires, J. Vrin: Paris 1974
  • -----. Logica Ingredientibus: Commentary on Porphry's Isagoge (LI Por). Ed. B. Geyer. Beiträge zur Geschichte der Philosophie und Theologie des Mittelalters 21 (1-109). Aschendorff: Münster 1919.
  • -----. Logica Ingredientibus: Commentary on Boethius' De Differentiis Topicis (LI Top). Ed. M. Dal Pra. Pietro Abelardo: Scritti di logica, Firenze 1969.
  • John of Salisbury. Metalogicon. Ed. J. B. Hall and K. S. B. Keats-Rohan. Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Medievalis, 98. Turnhout: Brepols, 1991.

References to William in Contemporary Sources

  • References in Peter Abelard's Dialectica: 57.3ff; 59.6; 60.12ff; 64.16; 67.6; 82.7; 105.16; 112.14ff; 116.5; 123.29; 135.29ff; 141.27; 168.11-169.25; 195.12ff; 200.7; 201.2; 205.32; 271.38; 541.32.
  • References in Peter Abelard's Commentary on Boethius' De Differentiis Topicis: 220.6ff; 271-73.
  • References in Peter Abelard's Commentary on Porphry's Isagoge: 10-16, tr. Spade 1994: 29-37.
  • Fragments from anonymous manuscripts are collected in Green-Pedersen 1974; Iwakuma 1992, 1999, 2004b, and forthcoming B; Marenbon 1997.

[The author would welcome additions and revisions to the above list.]

Secondary Sources

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