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  1. Philosophy and Personal Relations.Alan Montefiore - 1973 - Montreal, Mcgill- Queen's University Press.
  2. Experiential Realism.A. H. Johnson - 1973 - New York: Humanities Press.
  3. The Ideologies of Religion.George Perrigo Conger - 1940 - Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press.
    CHAPTER IA SPECTRUM OF RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGIES * The philosophies, like a dome of many-colored glass, stain the white radiance of religion. ...
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  4. Language, Meaning, and Maturity.S. I. Hayakawa (ed.) - 1954 - New York: Harper.
  5. Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy: The Problem of Substance in Classical Physics.P. M. Harman - 1982 - Barnes & Noble.
  6. Fundamentals of Objective Psychology.J. F. Dashiell - 1928 - Routledge.
  7. Meaning and Truth in the Arts.John Hospers - 1946 - Hamden, Conn., Archon Books.
  8. Perceptual Knowledge.Jonathan Dancy (ed.) - 1988 - Oxford University Press.
    This volume presents articles on epistemology and the theory of perception and introduces readers to the various problems that face a successful theory of perceptual knowledge. The contributors include Robert Nozick, Alvin Goldman, H.P. Grice, David Lewis, P.F. Strawson, Frank Jackson, David Armstrong, Fred Dretske, Roderick Firth, Wilfred Sellars, Paul Snowdon, and John McDowell.
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  9. Insight.Bernard J. F. Lonergan - 1970 - New York: Philosophical Library.
  10. Religion and Rationality.Terence Penelhum - 1971 - New York: Random House.
  11. Essential Knowledge: Readings in Epistemology.Steven Luper (ed.) - 2003 - Longman.
  12. Semantics.John Lyons - 1977 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book, which can be read independently, deals with more specifically linguistic problems in semantics and contains substantial original material.
  13. Studies in Functional Logical Semiotics of Natural Language.Jerzy Pelc - 1971 - The Hague: Mouton.
  14. Language, Logic, and God.Frederick Ferré - 1961 - Greenwood Press.
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  15. Religion and Morality; a Collection of Essays.Gene H. Outka - 1973 - Garden City, N.Y., Anchor Press.
  16. Knowing the Unknown God.William J. Hill - 1971 - New York: Philosophical Library.
  17. How to Think About Weird Things: Critical Thinking for a New Age.Theodore Schick - 2010 - Mcgraw-Hill.
  18. Syntactic Anchors: On Semantic Structuring.Juan Uriagereka - 2008 - Cambridge University Press.
    One of the major arenas for debate within generative grammar is the nature of paradigmatic relations among words. Intervening in key debates at the interface between syntax and semantics, this book examines the relation between structure and meaning, and analyses how it affects the internal properties of words and corresponding syntactic manifestations. Adapting notions from the Evo-Devo project in biology (the idea of 'co-linearity' between structural units and behavioural manifestations) Juan Uriagereka addresses a major puzzle: how words can be both (...)
  19. Philosophy of Religion.William J. Wainwright (ed.) - 2009 - Routledge.
    The past forty years or so have witnessed a renaissance in the philosophy of religion. New tools (modal logic, probability theory, and so on) and new historical research have prompted many thinkers to take a fresh look at old topics (God’s existence, the problem of evil, faith and reason, and the like). Moreover, sophisticated examinations of contentious new issues, such as the problem of religious diversity or the role of emotions and other non-evidential factors in shaping rationally held religious beliefs, (...)
  20. Feminism and Science.Keller Evelyn Fox & E. Longino Helen (eds.) - 1996 - Oxford University Press.
    (Series copy) The new Oxford Readings in Feminism series maps the dramatic influence of feminist theory on every branch of academic knowledge. Offering feminist perspectives on disciplines from history to science, each book assembles the most important articles written on its field in the last ten to fifteen years. Old stereotypes are challenged and traditional attitudes upset in these lively-- and sometimes controversial--volumes, all of which are edited by feminists prominent in their particular field. Comprehensive, accessible, and intellectually daring, the (...)
  21. The Nature of Mind.A. J. P. Kenny (ed.) - 1972 - Wiley-Blackwell.
  22. Philosophy of Religion.Hick John - 1963 - Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall.
  23. Knowledge, Evolution and Paradox: The Ontology of Language.Koen DePryck - 1993 - State University of New York Press.
    Investigates the possibility of constructing an interdisciplinary ontology to address such fundamental issues as guidelines for behavior and the validity and scope of knowledge from other than a limited perspective.
  24. Arguments: Deductive Logic Exercises.Howard Pospesel - 1971 - Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall.
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  25. At Play in the Fields of Consciousness: Essays in Honor of Jerome L. Singer.Jerome L. Singer, Jefferson A. Singer & Peter Salovey (eds.) - 1999 - Lawerence Erlbaum.
    This collection of articles pays homage to the creativity and scientific rigor Jerome Singer has brought to the study of consciousness and play. It will interest personality, social, clinical and developmental psychologists alike.
  26. Physicalism.Kathleen V. Wilkes - 1973 - Routledge and Kegan Paul.
    The primary aim of this study is to dissolve the mind-body problem. It shows how the ‘problem’ separates into two distinct sets of issues, concerning ontology on the one hand, and explanation on the other, and argues that explanation – whether or not human behaviour can be explained in physical terms – is the more crucial. The author contends that a functionalist methodology in psychology and neurophysiology will prove adequate to explain human behaviour. Defence of this thesis requires: an examination (...)
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  27. Semantics: Defining the Discipline.Robert A. Hipkiss - 1995 - Erlbaum.
    The subject of semantics has been appropriated by various disciplines including linguistic philosophy, logic, cognitive psychology, anthropological linguistics, and computer technology. As a result, it is difficult to define the study of semantics as an actual discipline without discovering what each field using a semantic approach to its subject matter has contributed to the understanding of what words mean. This volume is a result of those discoveries. Primarily an introductory work, this volume outlines the approaches that various disciplines have taken (...)
  28. From Plato to Wittgenstein: The Historical Foundations of Mind.Daniel Kolak (ed.) - 1994 - Wadsworth Pub. Co..
  29. Does God's Existence Need Proof?Richard Messer - 1993 - Oxford University Press.
    The possibility of proving the existence of God has fascinated thinkers and believers throughout the centuries. This book critically analyzes both sides of the contemporary debate between the two most important living philosophers of religion--Richard Swinburne and D.Z. Phillips--and constructs an alternative solution. Instead of taking sides on the issue of God's existence, Messer argues that behind each thinkers' work, and their attitudes toward proving the existence of God, lies fundamental trust. A positive discussion of relativism leads to a fresh (...)
  30. Reaching Into Thought: The Minds of the Great Apes.A. Russon, Kim A. Bard & S. Parkers (eds.) - 1996 - Cambridge University Press.
    In this book, field and laboratory researchers show that the Great Apes are capable of thinking at symbolic levels, traditionally considered uniquely human.
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  31. Metaphysics: An Introduction.Keith Campbell - 1976 - Dickenson.
  32. Historical Transcendence and the Reality of God: A Christological Critique.Ray Sherman Anderson - 1975 - Eerdmans.
  33. Contemporary Metaphysics: An Introduction.Michael Jubien - 1997 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    Exercises designed to stimulate further talking and to indicate further dimensions of the topics are posed throughout the book to encourage a more advanced ...
  34. Survival and Disembodied Existence.Terence Penelhum - 1970 - Routledge & Kegan Paul.
  35. Metaphysics of Consciousness.William Seager - 1991 - Routledge.
    _Metaphysics of Consciousness_ opens with a development of the physicalist outlook that denies the need for any explanation of the mental. This "inexplicability" is demonstrated not to be sufficient as refutation of physicalism. However, the inescapable particularity of modes of consciousness appears to overpower this minimal physicalism. This book proposes that such an inference requires either a wholly new conception of how consciousness is physical or a deep and disturbing new kind of physical inexplicability.
  36. Becoming a Critical Thinker: A User Friendly Manual.Sherry Diestler - 2009 - Pearson/Prentice Hall.
  37. Encyclopedia of Ethics.Lawrence C. Becker & Charlotte B. Becker (eds.) - 2001 - Routledge.
    The editors, working with a team of 325 renowned authorities in the field of ethics, have revised, expanded, and updated this classic encyclopedia. Along with the addition of 150 new entries, all of the original articles have been newly peer-reviewed and revised, bibliographies have been updated throughout, and the overall design of the work has been enhanced for easier access to cross-references and other reference features. New entries include * Aristotelian Ethics * Avicenna * Bad Faith * Beneficence * Categorical (...)
  38. Deflationism and Paradox.Jc Beall & Bradley Armour-Garb (eds.) - 2005 - Oxford University Press.
    Deflationist accounts of truth are widely held in contemporary philosophy: they seek to show that truth is a dispensable concept with no metaphysical depth. However, logical paradoxes present problems for deflationists that their work has struggled to overcome. In this volume of fourteen original essays, a distinguished team of contributors explore the extent to which, if at all, deflationism can accommodate paradox. The volume will be of interest to philosophers of logic, philosophers of language, and anyone working on truth. Contributors (...)
  39. The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy and its Systematic Representation According to Abhidhamma Tradition.Anagarika Brahmacari Govinda - 1961 - S. Weiser.
  40. A Primal Perspective on the Philosophy of Religion.Arvind Sharma - 2006 - Springer.
    The philosophy of religion has been a largely European intellectual enterprise in two ways. It arose in Europe as a discipline and its subject matter has been profoundly influenced by Christianity as practised in Europe. The process of its deprovincialization in this respect started when it began to take religions other than Christianity within its purview - such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Although now the religions of both East and West have found a place in it, a religious tradition (...)
  41. Seeking a Faith for a New Age ; Essays on the Interdependence of Religion, Science, and Philosophy.Henry Nelson Wieman - 1975 - Scarecrow Press.
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  42. Contexts of Understanding.Herman Parret - 1980 - Benjamins.
    This essay deals with the difficulty of understanding understanding, taking the understanding of natural language fragments as a paradigm.
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  43. Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict.Bruce N. Waller - 2001 - Prentice-Hall.
  44. The Last Word.Thomas Nagel - 1997 - Oup Usa.
    In this important new book Nagel, one of the most distinguished philosophers writing in English today, presents a sustained defence of reason against the attacks of subjectivism. He offers systematic rebuttals of relativistic claims with respect to language, logic, science, and ethics.
  45. Cognition, Computation, and Consciousness.Masao Itō, Y. Miyashita & Edmund T. Rolls (eds.) - 1997 - Oxford University Press.
    Understanding consciousness is a truly multidisciplinary project, attracting intense interest from researchers and theorists from diverse backgrounds. Thus, we now have computational scientists, neuroscientists, and philosophers all engaged in the same effort. This book draws together the work of leading researchers around the world, providing insights from these three general perspectives. The work is highlighted by a rare look at work being conducted by Japanese researchers.
  46. Miguel De Unamuno, the Contrary Self.Frances Wyers - 1976 - Tamesis.
    I The Inner Self and the External Self There is no direct intuition of the self that is worth anything; the eye cannot see itself except in a mirror and the ...
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  47. Visual Attention.D. Wright Richard (ed.) - 1998 - Oxford University Press.
    This book contains a rich, interdisciplinary collection of articles by some of the pioneers of contemporary research on attention.
  48. Faith and the Life of Reason.John King-Farlow - 1973 - Dordrecht: Reidel.
  49. Facing Evil.John Kekes - 1993 - Princeton University Press.
    Arguing that the prevalence of evil presents a fundamental problem for our secular sensibility, John Kekes develops a conception of character-morality as a response.
  50. The Future of Philosophical Theology.Robert A. Evans (ed.) - 1971 - Philadelphia: Westminster Press.
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