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  1. Fact and Method: Explanation, Confirmation and Reality in the Natural and the Social Sciences.Richard W. Miller - 1987 - Princeton University Press.
  2. Children as Philosophers: Learning Through Enquiry and Dialogue in the Primary Classroom.Joanna Haynes - 2008 - Routledge.
    This fully revised second edition suggests ways in which you can introduce philosophical enquiry to your Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship teaching and across the curriculum.
  3. The Physical Basis of Predication.Andrew Newman - 1992 - Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press.
    In this book about metaphysics the author defends a realistic view of universals, characterizing the notion of universal by considering language and logic, the idea of possibility, hierarchies of universals, and causation. He argues that neither language nor logic is a reliable guide to the nature of reality and that basic universals are the fundamental type of universal and are central to causation. All assertions and predications about the natural world are ultimately founded on these basic universals. A distinction is (...)
  4. The Nature of Time.Raymond Flood & Michael Lockwood (eds.) - 1986 - Blackwell.
    Why does time appear to run in only one direction? We remember the past- but why not the future? We can influence the future- but could we, even theoretically, influence the past? Generations of philosophers and theologians, physicists and mathematicians have puzzles and speculated about these and the many other questions that surround the concept of time. Recent scientific work is said to explain the directionality of time. But time still contains many mysteries- black holes and big bangs, asymmetries and (...)
  5. Social Reality.Finn Collin - 1997 - Routledge.
    Social reality is a key problem in the philosophy of social science. Outlining the major historical and contemporary issues raised by the social reality and social facts, this book has something to offer both philosophers and social scientists. To the former is shows how the well-worn topic of realism versus anti-realism assumes new and interestingly varied forms when social reality is substituted for physical reality. For the social scientist, the book offers conceptual clarification of key issues in recent social science (...)
  6. Feminisms and the Self: The Web of Identity.Morwenna Griffiths - 1995 - Routledge.
    Feminisms and the Self is both a critique and a construction of feminist philosophy, bringing an original contribution to the current debate surrounding identity and subjectivity. This title available in eBook format. Click here for more information . Visit our eBookstore at:
  7. Renewing Philosophy.Hilary Putnam - 1992 - Harvard University Press.
    A renewal of philosophy is precisely the point of this book, drawn from the 1989 Gifford Lectures by one of America's most distinguished philosophers.
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  8. Physical Being: A Theory for a Corporeal Psychology.Rom Harré - 1991 - Blackwell.
    Body care has never before been so much a focus of public interest, nor have the ways we classify people by reference to their kind of body excited such political passions. This study is an attempt to build a comprehensive account of the roles our bodies play in our lives. Through a series of discussions Rome harre concludes that the roles the body plays in our lives are determined less by organic functioning than by cultural conventions and social meanings.
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  9. Metaphysics: The Big Questions.Peter van Inwagen & Dean W. Zimmerman (eds.) - 1991 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    This volume provides a vital student resource: a collection of the essential classic and contemporary readings in metaphysics.
  10. Routes: Travel and Translation in the Late Twentieth Century.James Clifford - 1997 - Harvard University Press.
    When culture makes itself at home in motion, where does an anthropologist stand? In a follow-up to The Predicament of Culture, one of the defining books for anthropology in the last decade, James Clifford takes the proper measure: a moving picture of a world that doesn’t stand still, that reveals itself en route, in the airport lounge and the parking lot as much as in the marketplace and the museum. In this collage of essays, meditations, poems, and travel reports, Clifford (...)
  11. Metaphysics.D. W. Hamlyn - 1984 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book provides an introduction to metaphysics. At the outset Professor Hamlyn distinguishes two conceptions of metaphysics running through the history of the subject. One, which goes back to Aristotle, is concerned with ontology, and with what has to exist for beings such as we are; the other separates appearance and reality and attempts to establish what really exists. Professor Hamlyn's account of metaphysics conforms with the first tradition. This is not, however, primarily a historical exposition. The discussion concentrates on (...)
  12. Against Relativism: Cultural Diversity and the Search for Ethical Universals in Medicine.Ruth Macklin - 1999 - Oxford University Press.
    This book provides an analysis of the debate surrounding cultural diversity, and attempts to reconcile the seemingly opposing views of "ethical imperialism," the belief that each individual is entitled to fundamental human rights, and cultural relativism, the belief that ethics must be relative to particular cultures and societies. The author examines the role of cultural tradition, often used as a defense against critical ethical judgments. Key issues in health and medicine are explored in the context of cultural diversity: the physician-patient (...)
  13. Cognitive Rehabilitation in Old Age.Robert D. Hill, Lars Backman & Anna Stigsdotter-Neely (eds.) - 2000 - Oxford University Press USA.
    Cognitive deficits are part of the normal aging process and are exacerbated by various diseases that affect adults in old age, such as dementia, depression, and stroke. A significant scientific and social effort has been expended to evaluate whether cognitive deficits can be remedied through systematic interventions. The editors, as well as the chapter authors, represent a variety of viewpoints that span theory as well as practice. Overall, they aim to address concepts in cognitive rehabilitation that are useful in intervention (...)
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  14. The Category of the Person: Anthropology, Philosophy, History.Michael Carrithers, Steven Collins & Steven Lukes (eds.) - 1985 - Cambridge University Press.
    The concept that peope have of themselves as a 'person' is one of the most intimate notions that they hold. Yet the way in which the category of the person is conceived varies over time and space. In this volume, anthropologists, philosophers, and historians examine the notion of the person in different cultures, past and present. Taking as their starting point a lecture on the person as a category of the human mind, given by Marcel Mauss in 1938, the contributors (...)
  15. People, Penguins, and Plastic Trees: Basic Issues in Environmental Ethics.Christine Pierce & Donald VanDeVeer - 1986 - Cengage Learning.
    Stressing the importance of understanding the grounds and the consequences of ethical or normative decision making, this collection of classic essays compiled by Pierce and VanDeVeer, examines disputes surrounding animals, ecosystems, the land, and their own proper place in the ongoing network of lives on this planet. A central question is "how can we live lives that are both personally satisfying but which are also ecologically sound and responsible?".
  16. New Essays in Metaphysics.Robert Cummings Neville (ed.) - 1986 - State University of New York Press.
    This volume displays fifteen of the many lively options in the field of metaphysics.
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  17. Metaphysics: The Classic Readings.David E. Cooper (ed.) - 2000 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    _Metaphysics: The Classic Readings_ is an essential collection of the most influential attempts to depict the fundamental nature of reality or being - from Spinoza's doctrine of a single, indivisible substance to Russell's 'logical atomism', and from the Buddha's account of a causally interrelated world to Leibniz's one of casually independent 'monads'.
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  18. Does It Matter?: The Unsustainable World of the Materialists.Graham Dunstan Martin - 2005 - Floris Books.
    Materialists claim that the mind, consciousness, life, evolution and the universe can be explained as the purposeless dance of unconscious particles, governed by chance. This book asks, does materialism make sense? Graham Dunstan Martin delves into areas as diverse as quantum physics, cosmology, artificial intelligence, brain science, biology, mysticism and philosophy, to assess the probabilities that the materialists are right. Are we, he asks, living souls? Does our universe in fact have a Designer? He concludes that computers will never become (...)
  19. Defining the Beginning and End of Life: Readings on Personal Identity and Bioethics.John P. Lizza (ed.) - 2009 - Johns Hopkins University Press.
    It will engage bioethicists and philosophers as well as inform policy and law regarding issues at the beginning and end of life.
  20. Dimensions of Time: The Structures of the Time of Humans, of the World, and of God.Wolfgang Achtner - 2002 - W.B. Eerdmans.
    Theories of the nature of time offered by anthropology, science, and religion are not only numerous but also very different. This groundbreaking book cuts through the confusion by introducing a provocative new tripolar model of time that integrates the human, natural, and religious dimensions of time into a single, harmonious whole. Wolfgang Achtner, Stefan Kunz, and Thomas Walter begin by exploring the structures of time in anthropological terms. They discuss time phenomenologically, showing how it can be experienced in three distinct (...)
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  21. Kinds, Things, and Stuff: Mass Terms and Generics.Francis Jeffry Pelletier (ed.) - 2009 - Oxford University Press USA.
    A generic statement is a type of generalization that is made by asserting that a "kind" has a certain property. For example we might hear that marshmallows are sweet. Here, we are talking about the "kind" marshmallow and assert that individual instances of this kind have the property of being sweet. Almost all of our common sense knowledge about the everyday world is put in terms of generic statements. What can make these generic sentences be true even when there are (...)
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  22. Philosophical Perspectives, Mind, Causation and World.James E. Tomberlin (ed.) - 1999 - Wiley-Blackwell.
  23. What is a Law of Nature?D. M. Armstrong - 1983 - Cambridge University Press.
    This is a study of a crucial and controversial topic in metaphysics and the philosophy of science: the status of the laws of nature. D. M. Armstrong works out clearly and in comprehensive detail a largely original view that laws are relations between properties or universals. The theory is continuous with the views on universals and more generally with the scientific realism that Professor Armstrong has advanced in earlier publications. He begins here by mounting an attack on the orthodox and (...)
  24. Immortality.Paul Edwards - 1992 - Prometheus Books.
    A collection of writings on life after death by such philosophers as John Locke, Plato, Thomas Reid, Voltaire, H.H. Price, Tertullian, and Joseph Butler.
  25. Children, Parents, and Politics.Geoffrey Scarre (ed.) - 2010 - Cambridge University Press.
    This highly original collection of essays, first published in 1989, is concerned with the nature of children and their moral and political status. The international team of contributors explore, and in some cases criticise and revise popular thought on children and their place in society. The book is divided into three parts: the first deals with the historical, social and psychological framework of contemporary perspectives on children and childhood; a second set of papers takes up questions about the position of (...)
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  26. Philosophy of the Human Person.James B. Reichmann - 1985 - Loyola Press.
  27. Earthbound: New Introductory Essays in Environmental Ethics.Tom Regan - 1984
  28. Are Souls Real?Jerome W. Elbert - 2000 - Prometheus Books.
    He shows how these new scientific insights inevitably affect our traditional ideas about the soul." "For anyone who is at all uncertain, Are Souls Real? offers an alternative to the views of a spiritual advisor. Various experts, from biblical scholars to neuroscientists, have gathered information that allows soul beliefs to be judged more skeptically. This book brings these conclusions together, offering a new perspective on whether supernatural souls really exist."--BOOK JACKET.
  29. Parts and Wholes.Daniel Lerner (ed.) - 1963 - New York: Free Press of Glencoe.
  30. Acts and Other Events.Judith Jarvis Thomson - 1977 - Cornell University Press.
  31. The Self We Live By: Narrative Identity in a Postmodern World.James A. Holstein & Jaber F. Gubrium - 1999 - Oup Usa.
    The Self We Live By confronts the serious challenges facing the self in postmodern times. Taking issue with contemporary trivializations of the self, the book traces a course of development from the early pragmatists who formulated what they called the 'empirical self', to contemporary constructionist views of the storied self. Presenting an institutional context for the increasing complexity and ubiquity of narrative identity, the authors illustrate the 'everyday technology of self construction' and idscuss the resulting moral climate. The book is (...)
  32. Becoming Human: New Perspectives on the Inhuman Condition.Paul Sheehan (ed.) - 2003 - Praeger.
    Engages the problem of finding purpose and meaning in a perplexing and postmodern world, utilizing disciplines including philosophy, literature, sociology, and ...
  33. The Present Personal: Philosophy and the Hidden Face of Language.Hagi Kenaan - 2005 - Columbia University Press.
    In this strikingly original work Kenaan explores the ethical and philosophical implications of recognizing and responding to the individual presence in language.
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  34. Metaphysics: An Anthology.Jaegwon Kim & Ernest Sosa (eds.) - 1999 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    This anthology, intended to accompany _A Companion to Metaphysics_, brings together over 60 selections which represent the best and most important works in metaphysics during this century. The selections are grouped under ten major metaphysical problems and each section is preceded by an introduction by the editors.
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  35. Metaphysics: An Anthology.Ernest Sosa - 1991 - Wiley.
    This anthology, intended to accompany A Companion to Metaphysics, brings together over 60 selections which represent the best and most important works in metaphysics during this century. The selections are grouped under ten major metaphysical problems and each section is preceded by an introduction by the editors.
  36. An Examination of Sir William Hamilton’s Philosophy, and of the Principal Philosophical Questions Discussed in His Writings.John Stuart Mill - 1865 - Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green.
  37. Globalizing Feminist Bioethics: Crosscultural Perspectives.Rosemarie Tong & Gwen Anderson - 2000 - Routledge.
  38. In Search of Human Nature.Mary E. Clark - 2002 - Routledge.
    Human Nature offers a wide-ranging and holistic view of human nature from all perspectives: scientific, historical, and sociological. Mary Clark takes the most recent data from a dozen or more fields, and works it together with clarifying anecdotes and thought-provoking images to challenge conventional Western beliefs with hopeful new insights. Balancing the theories of cutting-edge neuroscience with the insights of primitive mythologies, Mary Clark provides down-to-earth suggestions for peacefully resolving global problems. Human Nature builds up a coherent, and above all (...)
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  39. Laws of Nature.Rom Harré - 1993 - Distributed in Usa by Focus Information Group.
  40. Contemporary Readings in the Foundations of Metaphysics.Stephen Laurence & Cynthia MacDonald (eds.) - 1998 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    This volume is a comprehensive survey of contemporary thought on a wide range of issues and provides students with the basic background to current debates in metaphysics.
  41. The Significance of Sense: Meaning, Modality, and Morality.Roger Wertheimer - 1972 - Ithaca: Ithaca [N.Y.]Cornell University Press.
    Univocalist analyses of the modal auxiliary verbs ('ought'/'must'/'can') and the adjective 'right'/'wrong'.
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  42. The Question of Being: A Reversal of Heidegger.Stanley Rosen - 1993 - St. Augustine's Press.
    In this book a philosopher enters into a debate with Heidegger in order to provide a justification of metaphysics. Stanley Rosen presents a fresh interpretation of metaphysics that opposes the traditional doctrines attached by Heidegger, on the one hand, and by contemporary philosophers influenced by Heidegger, on the other. Rosen refutes Heidegger's claim that metaphysics (or what Heidegger calls Platonism) is derived from the Aristotelian science of being as being. He argues instead that metaphysics is simply a commonsensical reflection on (...)
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  43. Self-Interest: An Anthology of Philosophical Perspectives From Antiquity to the Present.Kelly Rogers (ed.) - 1997 - Routledge.
    Self-Interest discusses the reconciliation of inevitable self-concern with its manifest potential for harm. This anthology brings together the efforts of twenty three renown philosophers to address the matter of how to bring about such a reconciliation. The drive for self-preservation, as observed by Aquinas, is the first law of nature. With this self-love, however, comes the threat of "the excessive love of self". Self-Interest brings into discussion the reconciliation of necessary self-concern with its manifest potential for harm. This anthology brings (...)
  44. Human Ontology Narratives.Rakesh Biswas - 2009 - Nova Sciences Publishers.
  45. Science Without Myth on Constructions, Reality, and Social Knowledge.Sergio Sismondo - 1996 - Suny Press.
    This philosophical introduction to and discussion of social and political studies of science argues that scientific knowledge is socially constructed.
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  46. Other Than Identity: The Subject, Politics and Art.Juliet Steyn (ed.) - 1996 - Distributed Exclusively in the Usa by St. Martin's Press.
    We are witnessing a Europe in turmoil, tormented by the violence of ethnic and nationalist struggles which legitimate themselves in the name of identity. This anthology explores the assumptions of identity by disassembling old myths and fictions of unity in relation to the subject, politics and art. Other than identity offers the possibility of rethinking the concept and introducing instead notions of self and other, identity politics and aesthetics. Through theoretical and concrete examples, this study exemplifies the best of current (...)
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  47. Meaning and Modality.Casimir Lewy - 1976 - Cambridge University Press.
    A study of various central and connected topics in philosophical logic and the theory of meaning. There are important sections on the relation between linguistic and abstract entities, on necessity and convention, on meaning, sense and reference, and on entailment. Dr Lewy proposes a number of original solutions to problems which have been widely discussed in literature, and there is in particular a sharp and sustained criticism of conventionalism and reductionism. These are among the most difficult and intricate issues in (...)
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  48. Personal Identity.Raymond Martin & John Barresi (eds.) - 2002 - Blackwell.
    These are the very scholars that were involved in initiating the revolution in personal identity theory.
  49. Relativism and the Social Sciences.Ernest Gellner - 1987 - Cambridge University Press.
    This volume of essays deals with the problem of relativism, in particular cultural relativism. If our society knows better than other societies, how do we know that it knows better? There is a profound irony in the fact that this self-doubt has become most acute in the one civilisation that has persuaded the rest of the world to emulate it. The claim to cognitive superiority is often restricted, of course, to the limited sphere of natural science and technology; and that (...)
  50. Dividing Reality.Eli Hirsch - 1993 - Oxford University Press.
    The central question in this book is why it seems reasonable for the words of our language to divide up the world in ordinary ways rather than other imaginable ways. Hirsch calls this the division problem. His book aims to bring this problem into sharp focus, to distinguish it from various related problems, and to consider the best prospects for solving it. In exploring various possible responses to the division problem, Hirsch examines series of "division principles" which purport to express (...)
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