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  1. The Ideologies of Religion.George Perrigo Conger - 1940 - Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press.
    CHAPTER IA SPECTRUM OF RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGIES * The philosophies, like a dome of many-colored glass, stain the white radiance of religion. ...
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  2. Rationality.Harold I. Brown - 1988 - Routledge.
  3. Faith and Philosophical Enquiry.D. Z. Phillips - 1970 - New York: Schocken Books.
    The concern of this book is the nature of religious belief and the ways in which philosophical enquiry is related to it. Six chapters present the positive arguments the author wishes to put forward to discusses religion and rationality, scepticism about religion, language-games, belief and the loss of belief. The remaining chapters include criticisms of some contemporary philosophers of religion in the light of the earlier discussions, and the implications for more specific topics, such as religious education, are investigated. The (...)
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  4. Theology and Metaphysics.James Richmond - 1970 - New York: Schocken Books.
  5. Awakening: An Introduction to the History of Eastern Thought.Patrick Bresnan - 2010 - Prentice-Hall.
  6. Together Bound: God, History, and the Religious Community.G. Kirkpatrick Frank - 1994 - Oxford University Press.
    Challenging the assumption that the concept of divine action is necessarily paradoxical, on the grounds that God is radically transcendent of finitude, or can perform only a master act of creating and sustaining the universe, Frank Kirkpatrick defends as philosophically credible the Christian conviction that God is a personal Agent who also acts in particular historical moments to further the divine intention of fostering universal community. Kirkpatrick claims that God and the world are distinct realities "together bound" in a mutual (...)
  7. Knowledge and the Sacred.Seyyed Hossein Nasr - 1981 - Crossroad.
    Knowledge and its desacralization --What is tradition? -- The rediscovery of the sacred : the revival of tradition -- Scientia sacra -- Man, pontifical and Promethean -- The cosmos as theophany -- Eternity and the temporal order -- Traditional art as fountain of knowledge and grace -- Principal knowledge and the multiplicity of sacred forms -- Knowledge of the sacred as deliverance.
  8. Three.Alan Watts - 1961 - Pantheon Books.
    The way of Zen.--Nature, man, and woman.--Psychotherapy East and West.
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  9. Religious Pluralism in Christian and Islamic Philosophy: The Thought of John Hick and Seyyed Hossein Nasr.Adnan Aslan - 1998 - Curzon.
    The philosophy of religion and theology are related to the culture in which they have developed. These disciplines provide a source of values and vision to the cultures of which they are part, while at the same time they are delimited and defined by their cultures. This book compares the ideas of two contemporary philosophers, John Hick and Seyyed Hossein Nasr, on the issues of religion, religions, the concept of the ultimate reality, and the notion of sacred knowledge. On a (...)
  10. The Christian Knowledge of God.Huw Parri Owen - 1969 - London: Athlone P..
  11. Proceedings of the Xiith International Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions: Held with the Support of Unesco and Under the Auspices of the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies, at Stockholm, Sweden, August 16-22, 1970. [REVIEW]Claas Jouco Bleeker, Geo Widengren & Eric J. Sharpe (eds.) - 1975 - Brill.
  12. Faith and Reason.Anthony Kenny - 1983 - Columbia University Press.
  13. Where Heaven and Earth Touch: An Anthology of Midrash and Halachah.Danny Siegel (ed.) - 1983 - Town House Press.
  14. The Wheel of Death: A Collection of Writings From Zen Buddhist and Other Sources on Death--Rebirth--Dying.Philip Kapleau - 1971 - Harper & Row.
  15. God and Other Minds.Alvin Plantinga - 1967 - Cornell University Press.
  16. The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy and its Systematic Representation According to Abhidhamma Tradition.Anagarika Brahmacari Govinda - 1961 - S. Weiser.
  17. Contemporary Critiques of Religion.Kai Nielsen - 1971 - London: Macmillan.
  18. Living Spirit, Living Practice: Poetics, Politics, Epistemology.Ruth Frankenberg - 2004 - Duke University Press.
    On rivers, mountains and secrets : an introduction to the study and its subjects -- Talking to God-- and God talking back -- Mind embodied : spiritual practice and consciousness -- Place and the making of religious practice -- The spirit of the work : challenging oppression, nurturing diversity -- Conscious sex, sacred celibacy : sexuality and the spiritual path.
  19. Jewish Ideas and Concepts.Steven T. Katz - 1977 - Schocken Books.
  20. Chinese Religion: An Anthology of Sources.Deborah Sommer (ed.) - 1995 - Oxford University Press.
    For centuries, westerners have referred to China's numerous traditions of spiritual expression as "religious"--a word born of western thought that cannot completely characterize the passionate writing that fills the pages of this pathbreaking anthology. The first of its kind in well over thirty years, this text offers the student of Chinese ritual and cosmology the broadest range of primary sources from antiquity to the modern era. Readings are arranged chronologically and cover such concepts as Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and even communism. (...)
  21. The Future of Philosophical Theology.Robert A. Evans (ed.) - 1971 - Philadelphia: Westminster Press.
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  22. The Roots of Evil.John Kekes - 2005 - Cornell University Press.
    Uses case studies of evil, the most serious of our moral Problems, to explain why people act with cruelty, greed, prejudice and fanatacism.
  23. Living with Darwin: Evolution, Design, and the Future of Faith.Philip Kitcher - 2007 - Oxford University Press USA.
    Recent debates about Intelligent Design have brought into high relief the huge schism between those who believe in Darwin and the power of science to understand the world, and those who look through the prism of religious faith. Why, asks eminent philosopher Philip Kitcher, does this debate continue to rage given that the scientific consensus in favor of Darwin is overwhelming? This accessible and elegant essay attempts to answer this question. Kitcher first presents the compelling evidence on behalf of Darwin's (...)
  24. Religious Ambiguity and Religious Diversity.Robert McKim - 2000 - Oxford University Press.
    This study looks at two central religious issues--the religious ambiguity of the world and the diversity of faiths--and probes their implications for religious beliefs. Author Robert McKim offers a self-critical, open, and tentative approach to beliefs about religious matters.
  25. Analogy and Philosophical Language.David B. Burrell - 1973 - New Haven: Yale University Press.
  26. The Philosophy of Religion.Basil Mitchell (ed.) - 1971 - London: Oxford University Press.
    This book comprises a number of important readings offering a wide range of topics in the philosophy of religion.
  27. Religion and Morality; a Collection of Essays.Gene H. Outka - 1973 - Garden City, N.Y., Anchor Press.
  28. The Universal Word: A Theology for a Universal Faith.Nels F. S. Ferré - 1970 - London: Collins.
  29. Concepts of Deity.Huw Parri Owen - 1971 - London: Macmillan.
  30. The Faith of Biology & the Biology of Faith: Order, Meaning, and Free Will in Modern Medical Science.Robert Pollack - 2000 - Columbia University Press.
    Originally published: c2000. With new pref. An award-winning biologist argues that the intersection of scientific creativity and religious insight is a prerequisite for the emergence of a more humane medical science.
  31. Religion in Modern Islamic Discourse.Abdulkader Tayob - 2009 - Columbia University Press.
    Introduction: religion in modern Islam -- The essence of religion and Islam's essence -- The value of religion and Islam -- Religion, Islam and identity -- The meaning and symbol of the Islamic state -- Religion between sharīʻa and law -- Reading Islamic feminism: modernism and beyond.
  32. Embracing Our Mortality: Hard Choices in an Age of Medical Miracles.L. J. Schneiderman - 2008 - Oxford University Press.
    Putting in writing what you want -- What may happen if you don't make it "clear and convincing" -- Facts and statistics -- Empathy and the imagination -- Ancient myth and modern medicine: what can we learn from the past? -- Hoping for a miracle -- What could be wrong with hope? -- Medical futility -- Beyond futility to an ethic of care -- Future decisions we may all have to make.
  33. Seeking a Faith for a New Age ; Essays on the Interdependence of Religion, Science, and Philosophy.Henry Nelson Wieman - 1975 - Scarecrow Press.
  34. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion.Michael J. Murray & Michael C. Rea - 2008 - Cambridge University Press.
    An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion provides a broad overview of the topics which are at the forefront of discussion in contemporary philosophy of religion. Prominent views and arguments from both historical and contemporary authors are discussed and analyzed. The book treats all of the central topics in the field, including the coherence of the divine attributes, theistic and atheistic arguments, faith and reason, religion and ethics, miracles, human freedom and divine providence, science and religion, and immortality. In addition (...)
  35. Analogy.Humphrey Palmer - 1973 - New York: St. Martin's Press.
  36. Religion and Rationality.Terence Penelhum - 1971 - New York: Random House.
  37. Buddhist Philosophy in Theory and Practice.Herbert V. Guenther - 1971 - Baltimore: Penguin Books.
  38. Mind and Life: Discussions with the Dalai Lama on the Nature of Reality.Pier Luigi Luisi - 2008 - Columbia University Press.
    This work reproduces that dramatic, cross-cultural dialogue.
  39. Religion, Interpretation, and Diversity of Belief: The Framework Model From Kant to Durkheim to Davidson.Terry F. Godlove - 1989 - Cambridge University Press.
    Different religious traditions offer apparently very different pictures of the world. How are we to make sense of this radical diversity of religious belief? In this book, Professor Godlove argues that religions are alternative conceptual frameworks, the categories of which organise experience in diverse ways. He traces the history of this idea from Kant to Durkheim, and then proceeds to discuss two constraints on the diversity of all human judgment and belief: first that human experience is made possible by shared, (...)
  40. Analogy: A Study of Qualification and Argument in Theology.Humphrey Palmer - 1973 - Macmillan.
  41. Philosophy of Religion: An Introduction.William L. Rowe - 2001 - Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.
    The book falls into four segments. In the first (Chapter 1), the particular conception of deity that has been predominant in western civilization—the theistic idea of God—is explicated and distinguished from several other notions of the divine. The second segment considers the major reasons that have been advanced in support of the belief that the theistic God exists. In chapters 2 through 4 the three major arguments for the existence of God are discussed, arguments which appeal to facts supposedly available (...)
  42. Survival and Disembodied Existence.Terence Penelhum - 1970 - Routledge & Kegan Paul.
  43. The Mysteries of Religion: An Introduction to Philosophy Through Religion.Stephen R. L. Clark - 1986 - Blackwell.
  44. God and the Soul.P. T. Geach - 1969 - St. Augustine's Press.
  45. Dialogues in the Philosophy of Religion.John Hick (ed.) - 2001 - Palgrave.
    This is a collection of John Hick's essays on the understanding of the world's religions as different human responses to the same ultimate transcendent reality. Hicks is in dialogue with contemporary philosophers (some of whom contribute new responses); with Evangelicals; with the Vatican and other both Catholic and Protestant theologians. The book is alive with current argument for all interested in contemporary philosophy of religion and theology.
  46. Religion, Science and Naturalism.Willem B. Drees - 1996 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book considers the consequences of the natural sciences (physics, biology, neurosciences) for our view of the world. Willem Drees argues that religion and morality are to be understood as rooted in our evolutionary past and neurophysiological constitution. His book takes a more radical naturalist position than most on religion and science. But religion is not dismissed: religious traditions remain important as bodies of wisdom and vision.
  47. Liberation and Purity: Race, New Religious Movements, and the Ethics of Postmodernity.Chetan Bhatt - 1997 - Ucl Press.
  48. Divine Revelation and Human Learning: A Christian Theory of Knowledge /C David Heywood.David Heywood - 2003 - Ashgate.
    For Christian education, this book provides a theological rationale for the use of methods of teaching and learning of educationally proven effectiveness.
  49. Experience, Inference, and God.John J. Shepherd - 1975 - Barnes & Noble.
  50. On the Nature and Existence of God.Richard M. Gale - 1991 - Cambridge University Press.
    There has been in recent years a plethora of defenses of theism from analytical philosophers such as Plantinga, Swinburne, and Alston. Richard Gale's important book is a critical response to these writings. New versions of cosmological, ontological, and religious experience arguments are critically evaluated, along with pragmatic arguments to justify faith on the grounds of its prudential or moral benefits. A special feature of the book is the discussion of the atheological argument that attempts to deduce a contradiction from the (...)
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