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  1. The Triumph of Wit: A Study of Victorian Comic Theory.Robert Bernard Martin - 1974 - Clarendon Press.
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  2. Music, Imagination, and Culture.Nicholas Cook - 1990 - Oxford University Press.
    Drawing on psychological and philosophical materials as well as the analysis of specific musical examples, Cook here defines the difference between music...
  3. Phenomenology and Literature: An Introduction.Robert R. Magliola - 1977 - Purdue University Press.
  4. Landscape and Ideology in American Renaissance Literature: Topographies of Skepticism.Robert E. Abrams - 2004 - Cambridge University Press.
    Robert Abrams argues that new concepts of space and landscape emerged in mid-nineteenth-century American writing, marking a linguistic and interpretative limit to American expansion. Abrams supports the radical elements of antebellum writing, where writers from Hawthorne to Rebecca Harding Davis disputed the naturalizing discourses of mid-nineteenth century society. Whereas previous critics find in antebellum writing a desire to convert chaos into an affirmative, liberal agenda, Abrams contends that authors of the 1840s and 50s deconstructed more than they constructed.
  5. Explanation and Value in the Arts.Salim Kemal & Ivan Gaskell (eds.) - 1993 - Cambridge University Press.
    Explanation and Value in the Arts offers penetrating studies by art historians, literary theorists and philosophers, of issues central to explaining works of literature and painting. The first chapters look at the sources of interest in the fine arts and point to the intimate relation between aesthetic and other values. The following contributions develop the interaction between value and explanation by examining the construction of value in the study of the arts, including considerations of the nature of creativity and the (...)
  6. Poetry and Music in Seventeenth-Century England.Diane Kelsey McColley - 1997 - Cambridge University Press.
    This study explores the relationship between the poetic language of Donne, Herbert, Milton, and other British poets, and the choral music and part-songs of composers including Tallis, Byrd, Gibbons, Weelkes, and Tomkins. The seventeenth century was the time in English literary history when music was most consciously linked to words, and when the mingling of Renaissance and 'new' philosophy opened new discovery routes for the interpretation of art. McColley offers close readings of poems and the musical settings of analogous texts, (...)
  7. Philosophy and Human Movement.David Best - 1978 - Allen & Unwin.
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  8. The Philosophy of the Visual Arts.Philip Alperson (ed.) - 1992 - Oxford University Press.
    Most instructors who teach introductory courses in aesthetics or the philosophy of arts use the visual arts as their implicit reference for "art" in general, yet until now there has been no aesthetics anthology specifically orientated to the visual arts. This text stresses conceptual and theoretical issues, first examining the very notion of "the visual arts " and then investigating philosophical questions raised by various forms, from painting, the paradigmatic form, to sculpture, photography, film, dance, kitsch, and other forms on (...)
  9. Philosophy of Art.Virgil C. Aldrich - 1963 - Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall.
  10. Readings in Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics.Milton Charles Nahm - 1974 - Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall.
  11. Aesthetics in Performance: Formations of Symbolic Construction and Experience.Angela Hobart & Bruce Kapferer (eds.) - 2004 - Berghahn Books.
    Introduction The Aesthetics of Symbolic Construction and Experience Bruce Kapferer and Angela Hobart The essays in this volume address aesthetic forms and ...
  12. Aesthetics: The Big Questions.Carolyn Korsmeyer (ed.) - 1998 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    Philosophers have considered questions raised by the nature of art, of beauty, and critical appreciation since ancient times, and the discipline of aesthetics has a long tradition that stretches from Plato to the present.
  13. Art: Key Contemporary Thinkers.Diarmuid Costello & Jonathan Vickery (eds.) - 2007 - Berg.
    The last few decades have witnessed an explosion in ideas and theories on art. Art itself has never been more popular, but much recent thinking remains inaccessible and difficult to use. This book assesses the work of leading thinkers (including artists) who are having a major impact on making, criticizing and interpreting art. Each entry, written by a leading international expert, presents a concise, critical appraisal of a thinker and their contribution to thought about art and its place in the (...)
  14. The Philosophy of Art of Karl Marx.Mikhail Aleksandrovich Lifshit͡s - 1938 - Pluto Press.
  15. Mind's Bodies: Thought in the Act.Berel Lang - 1995 - State University of New York Press.
    Subverting the boundaries between philosophy and literature, this book addresses such topics as aesthetics, criticism, epistemology, and ethics and social theory.
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  16. Understanding Music: The Nature and Limits of Musical Cognition.Hans Heinrich Eggebrecht - 2010 - Ashgate.
    Understanding Music summarizes Eggebrecht's thoughts on the relationship between music and cognition.
  17. Music and Text: Critical Inquiries.Steven P. Scher (ed.) - 1992 - Cambridge University Press.
    Melopoetics, the study of the multifarious relations between music and literature, has emerged in recent years as an increasingly popular field of interdisciplinary inquiry. In this volume, noted musicologists and literary critics explore diverse topics of shared concern such as literary theory as a model for musical criticism, genre theories in literature and music, the criticism and analysis of texted music, and the role of aesthetic, historical, and cultural understanding in concepts of text/music convergence. These fourteen essays - united here (...)
  18. Wittgenstein and Value: The Quest for Meaning.Eric B. Litwack - 2009 - Continuum.
    Introduction -- Wittgenstein's early conception of value -- An outline of tractarian ontology -- Value, the self, and the mystical -- The lecture on ethics -- Language-games, the private language argument and aspect psychology -- Language-games -- The private language argument -- Aspect psychology -- The soul and attitudes towards the living -- Wittgenstein's general conception of the soul -- Ilham Dilman on the soul and seeing-as -- Religious contexts -- J.B. Watson and the denial of the soul -- Attitudes (...)
  19. Sound Matters: Essays on the Acoustics of Modern German Culture.Nora M. Alter & Lutz P. Koepnick (eds.) - 2004 - Berghahn Books.
    ... composed by Herms Niel as a Durchhaltefanfare, a fanfare of perseverance, for the German troops that had been surrounded on the Crimea peninsula by ...
  20. Aesthetics Today: A Reader.Robert Stecker & Ted Gracyk (eds.) - 2010 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    Provides a wide-ranging introduction to aesthetic theory and philosophy of art for readers, particularly university students who seek an overview of major controversies, theories, and writers. The 44 readings are chosen for their capacity to provide a representative set of competing perspectives within the contemporary debate and are edited to be accessible to undergraduates. With 40 readings by contemporary authors and 4 classic texts that provide a solid foundation, Aesthetics: A Reader is both accessible and current.
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  21. Inquiries Into the Fundamentals of Aesthetics.Stefan Morawski - 1974 - Cambridge: Mass., Mit Press.
  22. Architecture and Interpretation: Essays for Eric Fernie.Jill Franklin, T. A. Heslop & Christine Stevenson (eds.) - 2012 - Boydell Press.
    Essays centred on the methods, pleasures, and pitfalls of architectural interpretation.
  23. A Modern Book of Esthetics.Melvin Miller Rader - 1973 - New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
  24. Basic Issues in Aesthetics.Marcia Muelder Eaton - 1988 - Wadsworth Pub. Co..
  25. Philosophy of Art.Warren E. Steinkraus - 1974 - Benziger.
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  26. Continental Aesthetics: Romanticism to Postmodernism: An Anthology.Richard Kearney & David Rasmussen (eds.) - 2001 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    This comprehensive anthology provides a collection of classic and contemporary readings in continental aesthetics. Spanning Romanticism through Modernism to Postmodernism, the volume includes landmark texts that have sparked renewed interest in aesthetics, including works by Schiller, Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel, Heidegger, Sartre, Luk?cs, Habermas, Foucault, Kristeva, and Derrida.
  27. Six Names of Beauty.Crispin Sartwell - 2004 - Routledge.
    First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
  28. Symbols in Life and Art: The Royal Society of Canada Symposium in Memory of George Whalley.James A. Leith & George Whalley (eds.) - 1987 - Published for the Royal Society of Canada by Mcgill-Queen's University Press.
    Printbegrænsninger: Der kan printes 10 sider ad gangen og max. 40 sider pr. session.
  29. Film Feminisms: Theory and Practice.Mary C. Gentile - 1985 - Greenwood Press.
  30. Phenomenology and Art.José Ortega Y. Gasset - 1975 - W. W. Norton.
    Autobiography and phenomenology: Preface for Germans (1934).--Phenomenology and theory of knowledge: Sensation, construction, and intuition (1913). On the concept of sensation (1913). Consciousness, the object, and its three distances (1916).--Phenomenology and esthetics: An essay in esthetics by way of a preface (1914). Esthetics on the streetcar (1916).--An esthetics of historical reason: The idea of theater: an abbreviated view (1946). Reviving the paintings (Velázquez, chapter I) (1946).
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  31. The Puritan and the Cynic: Moralists and Theorists in French and American Letters.Jefferson Humphries - 1987 - Oxford University Press.
    Why do Americans, and so often, American writers, profess moral sentiments and yet write so little in the traditionally "moralistic" genres of maxim and fable? What is the relation between "moral" concerns and literary theory? Can any sort of morality survive the supposed nihilism of deconstruction? Jefferson Humphries undertakes a discussion of questions like these through a comparative reading of the ways in which moral issues surface in French and American literature. Humphries takes issue with the "amoral" view of deconstruction (...)
  32. Creation and Interpretation.Raphael Stern, Philip Rodman & Joseph Cobitz (eds.) - 1985 - Haven Publications.
  33. Convention, 1500-1750.Lawrence Manley - 1980 - Harvard University Press.
    This book is a history of the idea of convention, the roles it played in the formative stages of English and Continental literary theory and in the development ...
  34. The Chain of Becoming: The Philosophical Tale, the Novel, and a Neglected Realism of the Enlightenment: Swift, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Johnson, and Austen.Frederick M. Keener - 1983 - Columbia University Press.
  35. Empty Moments: Cinema, Modernity, and Drift.Leo Charney - 1998 - Duke University Press.
    In Empty Moments, Leo Charney describes the defining quality of modernity as "drift" - the experience of being unable to locate a stable sense of the present.
  36. How Art Made the World: A Journey to the Origins of Human Creativity.Nigel Jonathan Spivey - 2005 - Basic Books.
    Describes when and how humans first acquired and then utilized symbolic representation and explores how art has been used throughout history as a means of mass persuasion.
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  37. Philosophical Dialogue in the British Enlightenment: Theology, Aesthetics, and the Novel.Michael Prince - 1996 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book offers the first full-length study of philosophical dialogue during the English Enlightenment. It explains why important philosophers - Shaftesbury, Mandeville, Berkeley and Hume - and innumerable minor translators, imitators and critics wrote in and about dialogue during the eighteenth century; and why, after Hume, philosophical dialogue either falls out of use or undergoes radical transformation. Philosophical Dialogue in the British Enlightenment describes the extended, heavily coded, and often belligerent debate about the nature and proper management of dialogue; and (...)
  38. Literary Theory: A Practical Introduction.Michael Ryan - 2007 - Blackwell.
    Michael Ryan's Literary Theory: A Practical Introduction, Second Edition introduces students to the full range of contemporary approaches to the study of literature and culture, from Formalism, Structuralism, and Historicism to Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, and Global English. Introduces readings from a variety of theoretical perspectives, on classic literary texts. Demonstrates how the varying perspectives on texts can lead to different interpretations of the same work. Contains an accessible account of different theoretical approaches An ideal resource for use in introductory (...)
  39. Mind & Art: An Essay on the Varieties of Expression.Guy Sircello - 1972 - [Princeton, N.J.]Princeton University Press.
  40. Picturing the Human: The Moral Thought of Iris Murdoch.Maria Antonaccio - 2000 - Oxford University Press.
    Iris Murdoch has long been known as one of the most deeply insightful and morally passionate novelists of our time. This attention has often eclipsed Murdoch's sophisticated and influential work as a philosopher, which has had a wide-ranging impact on thinkers in moral philosophy as well as religious ethics and political theory. Yet it has never been the subject of a book-length study in its own right. Picturing the Human seeks to fill this gap. In this groundbreaking book, author Maria (...)
  41. More Than Meets the Ear: A Study of the Semantics of Music.Gilbert Fischer - 2001 - University Press of America.
  42. Nelson Goodman's Philosophy of Art.Catherine Z. Elgin (ed.) - 1997 - Garland.
    A challenger of traditions and boundaries A pivotal figure in 20th-century philosophy, Nelson Goodman has made seminal contributions to metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, and the philosophy of language, with surprising connections that cut across traditional boundaries. In the early 1950s, Goodman, Quine, and White published a series of papers that threatened to torpedo fundamental assumptions of traditional philosophy. They advocated repudiating analyticity, necessity, and prior assumptions. Some philosophers, realizing the seismic effects repudiation would cause, argued that philosophy should retain the familiar (...)
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  43. The Troubles with Postmodernism.Stefan Morawski - 1996 - Routledge.
    In this original and eye-opening study, Stefan Morawski sheds light on the notoriously inconclusive--and all too often confused--debate about the cultural significance of postmodernism and postmodernity. He shows how large the volume of historical and artistic knowledge needs to be to seriously grapple with the issues. Morawski unravels the complex strands which link our perception of postmodernism and postmodernity with aesthetic and human values whose roots lie deep in history. He discusses daily life in a consumer society, science and religion, (...)
  44. Platonism, Music and the Listener's Share.Christopher Norris - 2006 - Continuum.
    This is an important piece of work from an influential and highly-acclaimed theorist exploring the New Musicology and other debates in recent philosophy of ...
  45. The Philosophic Mind: A Study of Wordsworth's Poetry and Thought, 1797-1805.Alan Grob - 1973 - Columbus, Ohio State University Press.
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  46. Philosopher at the Keyboard: Glenn Gould.Elizabeth Angilette - 1992 - Scarecrow Press.
  47. Religious Imagination and the Body: A Feminist Analysis.Paula M. Cooey - 1994 - Oxford University Press.
    In recent years feminist scholarship has increasingly focused on the importance of the body and its representations in virtually every social, cultural, and intellectual context. Many have argued that because women are more closely identified with their bodies, they have access to privileged and different kinds of knowledge than men. In this landmark new book, Paula Cooey offers a different perspective on the significance of the body in the context of religious life and practice. Building on the pathbreaking work of (...)
  48. Media Ethics Goes to the Movies.Howard Good - 2002 - Praeger.
    Uses cinema both to depict a variety of situations in which questions of media ethics arise, and to illustrate classic and contemporary ethical theories.
  49. Signs of the Time.Willem Elias (ed.) - 1997 - Rodopi.
    A marxist view on the priority of the function of the stimulation of creativity as compared to the other functions of art 59 2.3.1. ...
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  50. Representation in Western Music.Joshua S. Walden (ed.) - 2013 - Cambridge University Press.
    This volume assembles leading scholars to provide a comprehensive study of representation in music from the nineteenth century to today.
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