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  1. Ethics of Health Care: A Guide for Clinical Practice.Raymond S. Edge - 2005 - Thomson Delmar Learning.
    Ethics of Health Care: A Guide for Clinical Practice, 3E is designed to guide health care students and practitioners through a wide variety of areas involving ethical controversies. It provides a background in value development and ethical theories, including numerous real-life examples to stimulate discussion and thought.
  2. Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases.O. C. Ferrell - 2013 - Houghton Mifflin Co.
    Providing a vibrant four-color design, market-leading BUSINESS ETHICS: ETHICAL DECISION MAKING AND CASES, Ninth Edition, thoroughly covers the complex environment in which managers confront ethical decision making. Using a proven managerial framework, this accessible, applied text addresses the overall concepts, processes, and best practices associated with successful business ethics programs--helping readers see how ethics can be integrated into key strategic business decisions. Thoroughly revised, the new ninth edition incorporates coverage of new legislation affecting business ethics, the most up-to-date examples, and (...)
  3. Organizational Ethics and the Good Life.Edwin Hartman - 1996 - Oxford University Press.
    Edwin Hartman argues that ethical principles should not derive from abstract theory, but from the real world of experience in organizations. He explains how ethical principles derive from what workers learn in their communities (firms), and that an ethical firm is one that creates the good life for the workers who contribute to its mission. His approach is based on the Aristotelian tradition of refined common sense, from recent work on collective action problems in organizations, and from social contract theory.
  4. Moral Issues in Business.William H. Shaw - 1998 - Wadsworth.
  5. Towards a New Science of Health.Robert Lafaille & Stephen Fulder (eds.) - 1993 - Routledge.
    The foundations of the health sciences need to be re-conceptualized. The mechanistic biomedical model seemingly so successful in the past is now criticized for its failure to explain what health is and how it can be maintained. The world's major health problems no longer seem to be under control. Towards a New Science of Health presents a radical alternative to current biomedical thinking. This unique and controversial book is the first to offer serious practical ideas for the renewal of the (...)
  6. Manual for Research Ethics Committees.Sue Eckstein (ed.) - 2003 - Cambridge University Press.
    The sixth edition of the Manual for Research Ethics Committees is a unique compilation of legal and ethical guidance which will prove invaluable for members of research ethics committees, researchers involved in research with humans, members of the pharmaceutical industry and students of law, medicine, ethics and philosophy. Presented in a clear and authoritative form, it incorporates the key legal and ethical guidelines and specially written chapters on major topics in bioethics by leading academic authors and practitioners, pharmaceutical industry associations (...)
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  7. Politics, Innocence, and the Limits of Goodness.Peter Johnson - 1988 - Routledge.
    The place of moral innocence in politics is the central theme of Peter Johnson's subtle and original book.
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  8. Clinical Ethics: An Invitation to Healing Professionals.William DePender - 1990 - Praeger.
  9. Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.Marc Bekoff & Carron A. Meaney (eds.) - 1998 - Greenwood Press.
  10. Spirituality and Ethics in Management.László Zsolnai (ed.) - 2004 - Kluwer Academic.
    This book is a collection of scholarly papers, which focus on the role of spirituality and ethics in renewing contemporary management praxis. The basic argument is that a more inclusive, holistic and peaceful approach to management is needed if business and political leaders are to uplift the environmentally degrading and socially disintegrating world of our age. The book uses diverse value-perspectives (Hinduism, Catholicism, Buddhism and Humanism) and a variety of disciplines to extend traditional reflections on corporate purpose. It focuses on (...)
  11. Bioethics for Scientists.J. A. Bryant, Linda Baggott la Velle & John Searle (eds.) - 2002 - Wiley.
    A dictionary definition of Bioethics is, 'the ethics, or moral principles and rules of conduct, of medical and biological research'. This book is an introductory text of just biological and not medical bioethics. It covers the ethics of experimentation, including genetic manipulation, in plants and animals; ethics and biodiversity, ethics and the environment. There is increasing interest in bioethics - both in academia and by the media and the general public. Awareness of bioethics is incorporated into Biological / Environmental Science (...)
  12. Ethics in Medical Research: A Handbook of Good Practice.Trevor Smith - 1999 - Cambridge University Press.
    This is a comprehensive and practical guide to the ethical issues raised by different kinds of medical research, and is the first such book to be written with the needs of the researcher in mind. Clearly structured and written in a plain and accessible style, the book covers every significant ethical issue likely to be faced by researchers and research ethics committees. The author outlines and clarifies official guidelines, gives practical advice on how to adhere to these, and suggests procedures (...)
  13. Developing Skills for Ethical Management.Robin S. Snell - 1993 - Chapman & Hall.
  14. Ethical Issues in Preventive Medicine.Spyros Doxiadis (ed.) - 1985 - Distributors for United States and Canada.
  15. Nursing Ethics in Modern China: Conflicting Values and Competing Role Requirements.Samantha Mei-che Pang - 2003 - Rodopi.
    One INTRODUCTION: IN SEARCH OF THE VOICES OF NURSES IN CHINA Two motives launched this study to search for the voices of nurses in China. ...
  16. A Companion to Applied Ethics.R. G. Frey & Christopher Heath Wellman (eds.) - 2003 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    Applied or practical ethics is perhaps the largest growth area in philosophy today, and many issues in moral, social, and political life have come under philosophical scrutiny in recent years. Taken together, the essays in this volume – including two overview essays on theories of ethics and the nature of applied ethics – provide a state-of-the-art account of the most pressing moral questions facing us today. Provides a comprehensive guide to many of the most significant problems of practical ethics Offers (...)
  17. Ethics and Sport.M. J. McNamee & S. J. Parry (eds.) - 1998 - E & Fn Spon.
    The issues surrounding ethical controversies in sport have filled the media recently. This book of invited original essays by mainstream philosophers as well as philosophers of sport will provide the reader with a discussion in ethics and sport based on a sound philosophical footing. It will be accessible to a wide range of teachers and students in the field of sport and leisure studies. Contributions from international, highly regarded experts in the fIeld provide the reader with systematic treatment of the (...)
  18. Business Ethics and Values.C. M. Fisher - 2003 - Ft Prentice Hall.
  19. Ethics and Public Policy.Tom L. Beauchamp - 1975 - Prentice-Hall.
  20. The Ethics of Biomedical Research: An International Perspective.Baruch A. Brody - 1998 - Oxford University Press.
    A broad critical review of national policies on biomedical research - human, epidemiologic, clinical trials, genetic, reproductive, etc.
  21. Autonomy and Intervention: Parentalism in the Caring Life.John Kultgen - 1995 - Oxford University Press.
    The basic relationship between people should be care, and the caring life is the highest which humans can live. Unfortunately, care that is not thoughtful slides into illegitimate intrusion on autonomy. Autonomy is a basic good, and we should not abridge it without good reason. On the other hand, it is not the only good. We must sometimes intervene in the lives of others to protect them from grave harms or provide them with important benefits. The reflective person, therefore, needs (...)
  22. Ethical Decision Making in Everyday Work Situations.Mary E. Guy - 1990 - Quorum Books.
    This book takes a new approach to ethics by focusing on the kinds of dilemmas that confront people almost daily on the job.
  23. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Why Giants Fall.Ronald R. Sims - 2003 - Praeger.
    This book seeks to enhance our understanding of the causes of ethical debacles in an era when ethical missteps can often lead to corporate bankruptcies or worse ...
  24. Applied Ethics: A Multicultural Approach.Larry May, Shari Collins-Chobanian & Kai Wong (eds.) - 2001 - Prentice-Hall.
  25. Moral Problems.James Rachels - 1971 - New York: Harper & Row.
    Abortion: The morality of abortion, by P. Ramsey. The problem of abortion and the doctrine of double effect, by P. Foot. Whatever the consequences, by J. Bennett.--Sex: Sexual perversion, by T. Nagel. On sexual morality, by S. Ruddick.--Human rights and civil disobedience: Rights, human rights, and racial discrimination, by R. Wasserstrom. The justification of civil disobedience, by J. Rawls. Law and civil disobedience, by R. M. Dworkin.--Criminal punishment: The responsibility of criminals, by W. Kneale. Murder and the principles of punishment, (...)
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  26. Honest Work: A Business Ethics Reader.Joanne B. Ciulla, Clancy W. Martin & Robert C. Solomon (eds.) - 2011 - Oxford University Press.
    In today's business world, ethics is not simply a peripheral concern of executive boards or a set of supposed constraints on free enterprise. Ethics stands at the very core of our working lives and of society as a whole, defining the public image of the business community and the ways in which individual companies and people behave. What people do at work--and how they think about work--determines their attitudes and aspirations, affecting and even structuring their personal lives and habits. Working (...)
  27. Frames of Deceit: A Study of the Loss and Recovery of Public and Private Trust.Peter Johnson - 1993 - Cambridge University Press.
    Frames of Deceit is a philosophical investigation of the nature of trust in public and private life. It examines how trust originates, how it is challenged, and how it is recovered when moral and political imperfections collide. In politics, rulers may be called upon to act badly for the sake of a political good, and in private life intimate attachments are formed in which the costs of betrayal are high. This book asks how trust is tested by human goods, moral (...)
  28. In Search of an Integrative Vision for Technology: Interdisciplinary Studies in Information Systems.S. Strijbos & Andrew Basden (eds.) - 2006 - Springer.
    In Search Of An Integrative Vision For Technology will stimulate its readers to consider the 'whole story that is information systems' within the context of an integrative vision of technology. It integrates disparate areas of debate and research while appreciating the contribution that philosophy can make to such thinking. It is deliberately broad in coverage, and designed to provide useful pointers so that researchers, students, practitioners, and developers can easily apply each point as needed. "Human issues of technology and their (...)
  29. Philosophy of Medicine and Bioethics.R. A. Carson & C. R. Burns (eds.) - 1997 - Kluwer Academic Publishers.
    Papers presented at a symposium on philosophy and medicine at the Institute for the Medical Humanities at the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1974 were published in the inaugural volume of this series.
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  30. The Wheel of Death: A Collection of Writings From Zen Buddhist and Other Sources on Death--Rebirth--Dying.Philip Kapleau - 1971 - Harper & Row.
  31. A Decent Proposal: Ethical Review of Clinical Research.Donald Evans - 1996 - Wiley.
  32. Business & Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management.Archie B. Carroll - 2002 - South-Western College Pub./Thomson Learning.
  33. Human Tissue Research. A European Perspective on the Ethical and Legal Challenges.Christian Lenk, Nils Hoppe, Katharian Beier & Claudia Wiesemann (eds.) - 2011 - Oxford University Press.
    It will be of value to medics and social scientists, human tissue researchers, and policy makers who have an interest in ethical and legal issues of human tissue research.
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  34. Animals and Teens: The Ultimate Teen Guide.Gail Green - 2009 - Scarecrow Press.
    Introduces teens to the benefits of working with and caring for animals, and includes personal experiences of teens who have become involved with animals in a ...
  35. Business Ethics: Managing Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability in the Age of Globalization.Andrew Crane - 2007 - Oxford University Press.
    The first edition was awarded the '2005 Textbook Award of the Association of University Professors of Management (Verband der Hochschullehrer fur ...
  36. Principles of Biomedical Ethics.Tom L. Beauchamp - 1979 - Oxford University Press.
    This edition represents a thorough-going revision of what has become a classic text in biomedical ethics. Major structural changes mark the revision. The authors have added a new concluding chapter on methods that, along with its companion chapter on moral theory, emphasizes convergence across theories, coherence in moral justification, and the common morality. They have simplified the opening chapter on moral norms which introduces the framework of prima facie moral principles and ways to specify and balance them. Together with the (...)
  37. Power and Morality: American Business Ethics, 1840-1914.Saul Engelbourg - 1980 - Greenwood Press.
  38. Philosophy and Technology.Roger Fellows (ed.) - 1995 - Cambridge University Press.
    This collection of essays examines the philosophical and cultural aspects of technology. The issues range widely - from quantum technology to problems of technology and culture in a developing country and contributors approach the issues from a variety of perspectives. The volume includes case-studies, and also more theoretical pieces which consider the fundamental question of whether technology should be perceived as a force for liberation or enslavement. The volume aims to stimulate debate about the relation between technology and philosophy and (...)
  39. Animal Rights and Human Morality.Bernard E. Rollin - 1981 - Prometheus Books.
  40. Bioethics: Latin American Perspectives.Arleen L. F. Salles & María Julia Bertomeu (eds.) - 2002 - Rodopi.
    Presents a unique view of the current state of development of bioethics in Latin America.
  41. Eternity and Me: The Everlasting Things in Life and Death.Allan Kellehear - 2000 - Hill of Content.
  42. American Business Values: A Global Perspective.Gerald F. Cavanagh - 2006 - Pearson/Prentice Hall.
    A free markets needs ethical norms -- Moral maturity -- Ethics in business -- History of business values -- Factories, immigrants, and wealth -- Critics of capitalism -- Personal values and the firm -- Leaders, trust and watchdogs -- Globalization's impact on American values -- Future business values and sustainability.
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  43. Rethinking Business Ethics: A Pragmatic Approach.Sandra B. Rosenthal - 1999 - Oxford University Press.
    Using classical American pragmatism, the authors provide a philosophical framework for rethinking the nature of the corporation--how it is embedded in its natural, technological, cultural, and international environments, emphasizing throughout its pervasive relational and moral dimensions. They explore the relationship of this framework to other contemporary business ethics perspectives, as well as its implications for moral leadership in business and business education.
  44. The Physician's Creed.M. B. Etziony - 1973 - Springfield, Ill., Thomas.
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  45. Horizons in Human Geography.Derek Gregory & Rex Walford (eds.) - 1989 - Barnes & Noble.
  46. Trends in Business Ethics: Implications for Decision-Making.C. van Dam & Luud M. Stallaert (eds.) - 1978 - Nijhoff Social Sciences Division.
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  47. Biology, Ethics, and Animals.Rosemary Rodd - 1990 - Oxford University Press.
    This book utilizes both philosophical and biological approaches to address the various attitudes in the debate over animal rights. Rodd justifies ethical concern within a framework that is firmly grounded on evolutionary theory, and provides detailed discussion of practical situations in which ethical decisions have to be made. For moral philosophers, the book offers a biological background to the ethical questions involved. Biologists will find that it provides an approach to the ethics of animal rights which is rooted in biological (...)
  48. The Ethics of Librarianship: An International Survey.Robert W. Vaagan (ed.) - 2002 - K.G. Saur.
  49. Disrupted Dialogue: Medical Ethics and the Collapse of Physician-Humanist Communication (1770-1980).Robert M. Veatch - 2005 - Oxford University Press.
    Medical ethics changed dramatically in the past 30 years because physicians and humanists actively engaged each other in discussions that sometimes led to confrontation and controversy, but usually have improved the quality of medical decision-making. Before then medical ethics had been isolated for almost two centuries from the larger philosophical, social, and religious controversies of the time. There was, however, an earlier period where leaders in medicine and in the humanities worked closely together and both fields were richer for it. (...)
  50. Business Ethics and Values: Individual, Corporate and International Perspectives.C. M. Fisher - 2009 - Prentice Hall/Financial Times.
    This third edition offers increased coverage of sustainability and more chances for illustration and discussion of ethics in the messy day to day practicalities ...
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