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  1. Ethics: Classical Western Texts in Feminist and Multicultural Perspectives.James P. Sterba (ed.) - 1999 - New York: Oxford University Press USA.
    Ethics: Classical Western Texts in Feminist and Multicultural Perspectives offers students a unique introduction to ethics by integrating the historical development of Western moral philosophy with both feminist and multicultural approaches. Engaging and accessible, it provides an introductory sampling of several of the classical works of the Western tradition in ethics and then situates these readings within feminist and multicultural perspectives so that they can be better understood and evaluated in our contemporary environment. While some of the non-Western works parallel (...)
  2. Wollstonecraft, Mill, and Women's Human Rights.Eileen Hunt Botting - 2016 - Yale University Press.
    How can women’s rights be seen as a universal value rather than a Western value imposed upon the rest of the world? Addressing this question, Eileen Hunt Botting offers the first comparative study of writings by Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stuart Mill. Although Wollstonecraft and Mill were the primary philosophical architects of the view that women’s rights are human rights, Botting shows how non-Western thinkers have revised and internationalized their original theories since the nineteenth century. Botting explains why this revised (...)
  3. Identity politics reconsidered.Linda Alcoff (ed.) - 2006 - New York: Palgrave-Macmillan.
    Based on the ongoing work of the agenda-setting Future of Minority Studies national research project, Identity Politics Reconsidered reconceptualizes the scholarly and political significance of social identity. It focuses on the deployment of “identity” within ethnic-, women’s-, disability-, and gay and lesbian studies in order to stimulate discussion about issues that are simultaneously theoretical and practical, ranging from ethics and epistemology to political theory and pedagogical practice. This collection of powerful essays by both well-known and emerging scholars offers original answers (...)
  4. Feminism and science.Evelyn Fox Keller & Helen E. Longino (eds.) - 1996 - New York: Oxford University Press.
    (Series copy) The new Oxford Readings in Feminism series maps the dramatic influence of feminist theory on every branch of academic knowledge. Offering feminist perspectives on disciplines from history to science, each book assembles the most important articles written on its field in the last ten to fifteen years. Old stereotypes are challenged and traditional attitudes upset in these lively-- and sometimes controversial--volumes, all of which are edited by feminists prominent in their particular field. Comprehensive, accessible, and intellectually daring, the (...)
  5. Feminisms and the self: the web of identity.Morwenna Griffiths - 1995 - New York: Routledge.
    Feminisms and the Self is both a critique and a construction of feminist philosophy, bringing an original contribution to the current debate surrounding identity and subjectivity. This title available in eBook format. Click here for more information . Visit our eBookstore at:
  6. Feminism: Issues and Arguments.Jennifer Mather Saul - 2003 - Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    A stimulating and accessible introduction to feminist philosophy. The chapters are organised around key issues of practical significance. Clear arguments are provided for a variety of feminist positions, drawing upon up-to-date empirical research. No background in feminism or philosophy is needed, and the clarity of the narrative ensures that Feminism: Issues and Arguments will appeal to a wide audience.
  7. Feminisms and the Self: The Web of Identity.Morwenna Griffiths - 1995 - New York: Routledge.
    What does the politics of the self mean for a politics of liberation? Morwenna Griffiths argues that mainstream philosophy, particularly the anglo-analytic tradition, needs to tackle the issues of the self, identity, autonomy and self creation. Although identity has been a central concern of feminist thought it has in the main been excluded from philosophical analysis. _Feminisms and the Self_ is both a critique and a construction of feminist philosophy. After the powerful challenges that postmodernism and poststructuralism posed to liberation (...)
  8. Death, desire, and loss in Western culture.Jonathan Dollimore - 1998 - New York: Routledge.
    From Odysseus' seduction by the song of the Sirens to Oscar Moore's 1991 novel A Matter of Life and Sex , whose protagonist courts death through sex and dies of AIDS, the frustrated relationship between death and desire has fixated the Western imagination. Philosophers have grappled with it and poets have told of its beauty and pain. In this strikingly original work, cultural critic Jonathan Dollimore once again demonstrates his remarkable ability to take on the complex and reveal its relevance (...)
  9. The Inner World of the Immigrant Child.Cristina Igoa - 2015 - Routledge.
    This powerful book tells the story of one teacher's odyssey to understand the inner world of immigrant children, and to create a learning environment that is responsive to these students' feelings and their needs. Featuring the voices and artwork of many immigrant children, this text portrays the immigrant experience of uprooting, culture shock, and adjustment to a new world, and then describes cultural, academic, and psychological interventions that facilitate learning as immigrant students make the transition to a new language and (...)
  10. Philosophies of love.David L. Norton (ed.) - 1971 - San Francisco,: Chandler Pub. Co..
    A fantastic read for any scholar or student interested in philosophy, epistemology, or ontology.
  11. Feminist contentions: a philosophical exchange.Seyla Benhabib (ed.) - 1995 - New York: Routledge.
    This unique volume presents a debate between four of the top feminist theorists in the US today, discussing the key questions facing contemporary feminist theory, responding to each other, and distinguishing their views from others.
  12. Sex and Gender: A Spectrum of Views.Philip E. Devine & Celia Wolf-Devine - 2003 - Wadsworth Publishing.
    SEX AND GENDER: A SPECTRUM OF VIEWS provides a medium for discussion and debate about today's most provocative issues concerning human sexuality and the relationships between masculinity and femininity. Including a spectrum of views that ranges from the stridently conservative to the progressively feminist, this anthology engages students in these subjects using a wider range of standpoints than is typical of such readers.
  13. Essentially speaking: feminism, nature & difference.Diana Fuss - 1989 - New York: Routledge.
  14. Theorizing feminism: parallel trends in the humanities and social sciences.Anne Herrmann & Abigail J. Stewart (eds.) - 1994 - Boulder: Westview Press.
    In the past two decades, feminist scholars have produced an abundance of theoretical writing in humanities and social science disciplines. The result is a body of work that is extraordinarily rich, hard to keep up with, and extremely difficult to teach.With the appearance of Theorizing Feminism: Parallel Trends in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the first genuinely interdisciplinary anthology of significant contributions to feminist theory, teachers will finally have a volume that does justice to their topic. Creatively edited, with insightful (...)
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  15. Religious imagination and the body: a feminist analysis.Paula M. Cooey - 1994 - New York: Oxford University Press.
    In recent years feminist scholarship has increasingly focused on the importance of the body and its representations in virtually every social, cultural, and intellectual context. Many have argued that because women are more closely identified with their bodies, they have access to privileged and different kinds of knowledge than men. In this landmark new book, Paula Cooey offers a different perspective on the significance of the body in the context of religious life and practice. Building on the pathbreaking work of (...)
  16. Theorizing feminism: parallel trends in the humanities and social sciences.Abigail J. Stewart (ed.) - 1994 - Boulder, CO: Westview Press.
    In the past three decades, feminist scholars have produced an extraordinary rich body of theoretical writing in humanities and social science disciplines. This revised and updated second edition of Theorizing Feminism: Parallel Trends in the Humanities and Social Sciences, is a genuinely interdisciplinary anthology of significant contributions to feminist theory.This timely reader is creatively edited, and contains insightful introductory material. It illuminates the historical development of feminist theory as well as the current state of the field. Emphasizing common themes and (...)
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  17. A Most Detestable Crime: New Philosophical Essays on Rape.Keith Burgess-Jackson (ed.) - 1999 - Oxford University Press.
    This collection of original essays by leading philosophers probes the philosophical aspects of rape in all of its manifestations: act, crime, practice, and institution. Among the issues examined are the nature of rape; the wrongfulness and harmfulness of rape; the relation of rape to racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppression; and the legitimacy of various rape-law doctrines. Each contributor advances a novel argument and seeks to disentangle the conceptual, evaluative, and empirical issues that arise in connection with the (...)
  18. Philosophy in a Feminist Voice: Critiques and Reconstructions.Janet A. Kourany (ed.) - 1997 - Princeton University Press.
    In this book, Janet Kourany offers an antidote to the pervasive and pernicious strains in Western philosophy that discount women. Most areas of Western philosophy tend not only to ignore women, but also to perpetuate long-standing antifeminine biases of the society as a whole. It does not have to be this way. Rather than be part of the problem, philosophy can be a powerful force for much needed social change. In this collection of essays by some of the most noted (...)
  19. Philosophy in a Feminist Voice: Critiques and Reconstructions.Janet A. Kourany (ed.) - 1997 - Princeton University Press.
    Most areas of Western philosophy tend not only to ignore women, but also to perpetuate long-standing anti-feminine biases of society as a whole. This book demonstrates that feminist philosophy is not a separate area. Rather, it relates to at least most of the major areas of philosophy, and its gains will stand to benefit all philosophers no matter what their field--or gender.
  20. The Ashgate Research Companion to Multiculturalism.Duncan Ivison (ed.) - 2010 - London: Ashgate.
    The Ashgate Research Companion to Multiculturalism brings together a collection of new essays by leading and emerging scholars in the humanities and social sciences on some of the key issues facing multiculturalism today. It provides a comprehensive and cutting-edge treatment of this important and hotly contested field, offering scholars and students a clear account of the leading theories and critiques of multiculturalism that have developed over the past twenty-five years, as well as a sense of the challenges facing multiculturalism in (...)
  21. Sex, Morality, and the Law.Lori Gruen & George E. Panichas (eds.) - 1996 - Routledge.
    Sex, Morality, and the Law combines legal and philosophical arguments to focus on six controversial topics; homosexual sex, prostitution, pornography, abortion, sexual harassment, and rape. Suitable for use in several disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels, this anthology includes critical court decisions and essays representing a diversity of conservative, liberal, and feminist positions.
  22. A Feminist Philosophy of Religion: The Rationality and Myths of Religious Belief.Pamela Sue Anderson - 1997 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    Bridging the traditionally separate domains of analytic and Continental philosophies, Pamela Sue Anderson presents for the first time, a feminist framework for studying the philosophy of religion.
  23. Resistance, flight, creation: feminist enactments of French philosophy.Dorothea Olkowski (ed.) - 2000 - Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press.
  24. Queer Theory and Social Change.Max H. Kirsch - 2000 - New York: Routledge.
    _Queer Theory and Social Change_ argues that there is a crisis within Queer theory over whether or not its theories can actually deliver change. Max Kirsch presents a challenging alternative to the current fascination with post-modern analyses of identity, culture, and difference. It emphasizes the need for a discussion of the importance of communities and the role of globalization on queer movements.
  25. Feminist Jurisprudence.Patricia Smith (ed.) - 1993 - Oxford University Press USA.
    Providing balanced coverage of abortion, sexual harassment, censorship and pornography, and other timely and controversial subjects, this pathbreaking anthology is the first to offer a comprehensive introduction to feminist legal philosophy. An important resource for courses in women's studies, philosophy, law, sociology, and political science, it provides many stimulating insights into essential topics in jurisprudence, such as the nature and justification of law, judicial reasoning and the process of adjudication, the connection between law and equality, and freedom and justice.
  26. Disorienting Sexuality: Psychoanalytic Reappraisals of Sexual Identities.Thomas Domenici & Ronnie C. Lesser (eds.) - 1995 - Routledge.
    ____Disorienting Sexuality__ exposes the biases against gay men and lesbians in psychoanalytic theory and practice. In the introduction, Domenici and Lesser draw a brief history of anti-homosexual sentiment in psychoanalysis. The book then moves into essays written by lesbian and gay psychoanalysts seeking to have a voice in the reshaping of psychoanalytic theories of sexuality. The second section is devoted to presenting different theoretical perspectives for understanding both homosexuality and heterosexuality. ____Disorienting Sexuality__ concludes with the personal narratives of gay and (...)
  27. Queer Theory and Social Change.Max H. Kirsch - 2000 - New York: Routledge.
    _Queer Theory and Social Change_ argues that there is a crisis within Queer theory over whether or not its theories can actually deliver change. Max Kirsch presents a challenging alternative to the current fascination with post-modern analyses of identity, culture, and difference. It emphasizes the need for a discussion of the importance of communities and the role of globalization on queer movements.
  28. Is the Goddess a Feminist?: The Politics of South Asian Goddesses.Alf Hiltebeitel & Kathleen M. Erndl - 2000 - NYU Press.
    In India, God can be female. The goddesses of Hinduism and Buddhism represent the largest extant collection of living goddesses anywhere on the planet. Feminists in the West often draw upon South Asian goddesses as theological resources in the contemporary rediscovery of the Goddess. Yet, these goddesses are products of a male supremacist society. What is the impact of powerful female deities--their images, projections, textuality, and history--on the social standing and psychological health of women? Do they empower women, or serve (...)
  29. Growing Up White: A Veteran Teacher Reflects on Racism.Julie Landsman - 2008 - R&L Education.
    Growing Up White is for everyone who wants to know more about our schools, our community, our country, and ourselves. Julie Landsman takes the reader on an inventory of her life, pulling from events and scenes, a set of lessons learned. She discloses honestly and unflinchingly the privileges she has experienced as a white person and connects those to her presence in city classrooms where she taught for over 25 years. As a teacher Julie made mistakes, learned from them, made (...)
  30. What is feminism?: an introduction to feminist theory.Chris Beasley - 1999 - Thousand Oaks, Calif.: SAGE.
    So what is feminism anyway? Why are all the experts so reluctant to give us a clear definition? Is it possible to make sense of the complex and often contradictory debates? In this concise and accessible introduction to feminist theory, Chris Beasley provides clear explanations of the many types of feminism. She outlines the development of liberal, radical and Marxist//socialist feminism, and reviews the more contemporary influences of psychoanalysis, postmodernism, theories of the body, queer theory, and attends to the ongoing (...)
  31. Feminism & bioethics: beyond reproduction.Susan M. Wolf (ed.) - 1996 - New York: Oxford University Press.
    Bioethics has paid surprisingly little attention to the special problems faced by women and to feminist analyses of current health care issues other than ...
  32. Secrets of life, secrets of death: essays on language, gender, and science.Evelyn Fox Keller - 1992 - New York: Routledge.
    The essays included here represent Fox Keller's attempts to integrate the insights of feminist theory with those of her contemporaries in the history and philosophy of science.
  33. High Schools, Race, and America's Future: What Students Can Teach Us About Morality, Diversity, and Community.Lawrence Blum & Gloria Ladson-Billings - 2012 - Cambridge MA: Harvard Education Press.
    In High Schools, Race, and America’s Future, Lawrence Blum offers a lively account of a rigorous high school course on race and racism. Set in a racially, ethnically, and economically diverse high school, the book chronicles students’ engagement with one another, with a rich and challenging academic curriculum, and with questions that relate powerfully to their daily lives. Blum, an acclaimed moral philosopher whose work focuses on issues of race, reflects with candor, insight, and humor on the challenges and surprises (...)
  34. Situating the Self: Gender, Community and Postmodernism in Contemporary Ethics.Seyla Benhabib - 1992 - New York: Routledge.
  35. Feminisms.Sandra Kemp & Judith Squires (eds.) - 1997 - Oxford University Press.
    Spanning nearly two decades, from 1980 to 1996, this Reader investigates the debates which have best characterized feminist theory. Including such articles as Pornography and Fantasy, The Body and Cinema, Nature as Female, and A Manifesto for Cyborgs, the extracts examine thoughts on sexualtiy as a domain of exploration, the visual representation of women, what being a feminist means, and why feminists are increasingly involved in political struggles to negotiate the context and meaning of technological development. With writings by bell (...)
  36. Feminism and history of philosophy.Genevieve Lloyd (ed.) - 2002 - New York: Oxford University Press.
    This new collection of essays by leading feminist critics highlights the fresh perspectives that feminism can offer to the discussion of past philosophers. Rather than defining itself through opposition to a "male" philosophical tradition, feminist philosophy emerges not only as an exciting new contribution to the history of philosophy, but also as a source of cultural self-understanding in the present.
  37. Engenderings: constructions of knowledge, authority, and privilege.Naomi Scheman - 1993 - New York: Routledge.
    Naomi Scheman argues that the concerns of philosophy emerge not from the universal human condition but from conditions of privilege. Her books represents a powerful challenge to the notion that gender makes no difference in the construction of philosophical reasoning. At the same time, it criticizes the narrow focus of most feminist theorizing and calls for a more inclusive form of inquiry.
  38. Professing Feminism: Education and Indoctrination in Women's Studies.Daphne Patai & Noretta Koertge - 2003 - Lexington Books.
    In this new and expanded edition of their controversial 1994 book, the authors update their analysis of what's gone wrong with Women's Studies programs. Their three new chapters provide a devastating and detailed examination of the routine practices found in feminst teaching and research.
  39. Ethics of Eros: Irigaray's Re-Writing of the Philosophers.Tina Chanter - 1994 - New York: Routledge.
    ____Ethics of Eros__ sheds light on contemporary feminist discourse by questioning the basic distinctions and categories in feminist theory. Tina Chanter uses the work of Luce Irigaray as the focus for a critique of French and Anglo-American feminism as it is articulated in the debate over essentialism. While these two branches of feminism represent opposing views, Chanter advocates a productive exchange between the two.
  40. Moral Dilemmas of Feminism: Prostitution, Adultery, and Abortion.Laurie Shrage - 1994 - New York: Routledge.
  41. Changing cultures: feminism, youth and consumerism.Mica Nava - 1992 - London: Sage Publications.
    Linked by the connection of feminism, sociology, and cultural studies, Changing Cultures assesses feminist theory, its transformations, and its ability to highlight issues and practices. This controversial yet stimulating volume explores the complex relationship between these three subjects, conceptual approaches, their political implications and their historical context. Nava analyzes utopianism of feminist thought on the family; sexuality and sexual differences in youth service provision; and the symbolic resonance of the urban and domestic education of girls. She also investigates the relationship (...)
  42. Philosophies of race and ethnicity.Peter Osborne & Stella Sandford (eds.) - 2002 - New York: Continuum.
    Introduction: philosophies of race and ethnicity / Peter Osborne, Stella Sandford -- pt. 1. Ch. 1. Philosophy and racial identity / Linda Martin Alcoff -- ch. 2. Fanon, phenomenology, race / David Macey -- Ch. 3. Primordial being: enlightenment and the Indian subject of postcolonial theory / Chetan Bhatt -- Ch. 4. Race and language in the two Saussures / Robert J.C. Young -- pt. 2. Ch. 5. Unspeakable histories: diasporic lives in old England / Bill Schwarz -- Ch. 6. (...)
  43. Abortion: Three Perspectives.Michael Tooley, Celia Wolf-Devine, Philip E. Devine & Alison M. Jaggar - 2009 - Oup Usa.
    The newest addition to the Point/Counterpoint Series, Abortion: Three Perspectives features a debate between four noted philosophers - Michael Tooley, Celia Wolf-Devine, Philip E. Devine, and Alison M. Jaggar - presenting different perspectives on one of the most socially and politically argued issues of the past 30 years. The three main arguments include the "liberal" pro-choice approach, the "communitarian" pro-life approach, and the "gender justice" approach. Divided into two parts, the text features the authors' ideas, developed in depth, and their (...)
  44. Queer theory/sociology.Steven Seidman (ed.) - 1996 - Cambridge, Mass: Blackwell.
    This book aims to productively engage the pioneering work of Queer theorists and point toe way towards a new sociological Queer studies.
  45. Derrida and Feminism: Recasting the Question of Woman.Ellen Feder, Mary C. Rawlinson & Emily Zakin (eds.) - 1997 - New York: Routledge.
    The first-ever compilation of articles that highlights the intersection of Derridean and feminist theories--a work that represents the extensive and diverse response feminist theorists have had to Derrida, particularly to the issues of gender, identity, and the construction of the subject.
  46. Making Connections: Women's Studies, Women's Movements, Women's Lives.Mary Kennedy, Cathy Lubelska & Val Walsh - 1993 - Taylor & Francis.
    First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
  47. Coming of Age in Academe: Rekindling Women's Hopes and Reforming the Academy.Jane Roland Martin - 2000 - Psychology Press.
    The legendary Greek figure Orpheus was said to have possessed magical powers capable of moving all living and inanimate things through the sound of his lyre and voice. Over time, the Orphic theme has come to indicate the power of music to unsettle, subvert, and ultimately bring down oppressive realities in order to liberate the soul and expand human life without limits. The liberating effect of music has been a particularly important theme in twentieth-century African American literature. The nine original (...)
  48. Queer theory and social change.Max H. Kirsch - 2000 - New York: Routledge.
    The emergence of queer theory represents a huge leap in our understanding of lesbian and gay peoples. It embodies a context for treating these people as worthy of consideration in their own rights and not as an appendage to general cultural theory. Max Kirsch argues that the current development of this area is in danger of repeating past mistakes in the construction of analyses, and ultimately, social movements. In this way, the book presents an alternative to the current fascination with (...)
  49. Feminism and Families.Hilde Lindemann Nelson (ed.) - 1996 - Routledge.
    A ground-breaking volume of all new essays covering the conjunction of two topics--feminism and families--that, for all their centrality in our culture, have not been adequately examined in light of one another. While the family has suffered feminist neglect, most women _are_ in fact members of families, living their lives within the social context of families, even at a time when the concept of "family" has become bewilderingly unstable. The intersection of families and feminism is thus one in need of (...)
  50. Situating the self: gender, community, and postmodernism in contemporary ethics.Seyla Benhabib - 1992 - New York: Routledge.
    Situating the Self is a decisive intervention into debates concerning modernity, postmodernity, ehtics, and the self. It will be of interest to all concerned with critical theory or contemporary ethics.
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