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  1. Scientific Revolutions.Ian Hacking (ed.) - 1981 - Oxford University Press.
    Bringing together important writings not easily available elsewhere, this volume provides a convenient and stimulating overview of recent work in the philosophy of science. The contributors include Paul Feyerabend, Ian Hacking, T.S. Kuhn, Imre Lakatos, Laurens Laudan, Karl Popper, Hilary Putnam, and Dudley Shapere. In addition, Hacking provides an introductory essay and a selective bibliography.
  2. Modelling the Mind.K. A. Mohyeldin Said (ed.) - 1990 - Oxford University Press.
    This collection by a distinguished group of philosophers, psychologists, and physiologists reflects an interdisciplinary approach to the central question of cognitive science: how do we model the mind? Among the topics explored are the relationships (theoretical, reductive, and explanatory) between philosophy, psychology, computer science, and physiology; what should be asked of models in science generally, and in cognitive science in particular; whether theoretical models must make essential reference to objects in the environment; whether there are human competences that are resistant, (...)
  3. Russell on Religion: Selections From the Writings of Bertrand Russell.Bertrand Russell - 1999 - Routledge.
    Russell on Religion presents a comprehensive and accessible selection of Bertrand Russell's writing on religion and related topics from the turn of the century to the end of his life. The influence of religion pervades almost all Bertrand Russell's writings from his mathematical treatises to his early fiction. This comprehensive selection of writings offers a clear overview of the development of his thinking about religion. Russell contends with religion as a philosopher, historian, social critic and private individual. The selections papers (...)
  4. The Hermeneutics Reader: Texts of the German Tradition From the Enlightenment to the Present.Kurt Mueller-Vollmer (ed.) - 1985 - Continuum.
    Essays discuss reason and understanding, interpretation, language, meaning, the human sciences, social sciences, and general hermeneutic theory.
  5. Hull-House Maps and Papers: A Presentation of Nationalities and Wages in a Congested District of Chicago, Together with Comments and Essays on Problems Growing Out of the Social Conditions.Jane Addams & Rima Lunin Schultz - 2007 - University of Illinois Press.
    Jane Addams's early attempt to empower the people with information.
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  6. From Plato to Wittgenstein: The Historical Foundations of Mind.Daniel Kolak (ed.) - 1994 - Wadsworth Pub. Co..
    That what we are directly in contact with is not the objective mind-independent world out there but our own mind is the most difficult insight for philosophy students to grasp. The representational nature of perception, the interpretive elements in our experience, the functional of the relationship between concepts and percepts, the inner workings of the mind, are so close and ever-present to us that we hardly notice them. The gradual awakening to the presence and workings of our own minds, the (...)
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  7. The Foundations of Cognitive Science.Joao Branquinho (ed.) - 2001 - Oxford University Press UK.
    The Foundations of Cognitive Science is a set of thirteen new essays on key topics in this lively interdisciplinary field, by a stellar international line-up of authors. Philosophers, psychologists, and neurologists here come together to investigate such fascinating subjects as consciousness; vision; rationality; artificial life; the neural basis of language, cognition, and emotion; and the relations between mind and world, for instance our representation of numbers and space. The contributors are Ned Block, Margaret Boden, Susan Carey, Patricia Churchland, Paul Churchland, (...)
  8. Quine on Ontology, Necessity, and Experience: A Philosophical Critique.Ilham Dilman - 1984 - State University of New York Press.
    Throughout this systematic analysis, the author questions basic assumptions on which the Quinean edifice rests. The book argues that Quine's notion of ontology is riddled with inconsistencies and singles out examples for discussion.
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  9. The Copernican Revolution: Planetary Astronomy in the Development of Western Thought.Thomas S. Kuhn - 1957 - Harvard University Press.
    The significance of the plurality of the Copernican Revolution is the main thrust of this undergraduate text In this study of the Copernican Revolution, the ...
  10. Richard Rorty: Prophet and Poet of the New Pragmatism.David L. Hall - 1993 - State University of New York Press.
    This book is a discussion of the nature and import of Richard Rorty's philosophy, particularly as it relates to his reevaluation of American pragmatism.
  11. The Grammar of Modern Ideology.Bernard Susser - 1988 - Routledge.
    Play and the Artist’s Creative Process explores a continuity between childhood play and adult creativity. The volume examines how an understanding of play can shed new light on processes that recur in the work of Philip Guston and Eduardo Paolozzi. Both artists’ distinctive engagement with popular culture is seen as connected to the play materials available in the landscapes of their individual childhoods. Animating or toying with material to produce the unforeseen outcome is explored as the central force at work (...)
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  12. American Philosophic Naturalism in the Twentieth Century.John Ryder (ed.) - 1994 - Prometheus Books.
    This comprehensive collection, bringing together significant essays by leading philosophers of the twentieth century, represents one prominent school of American thought philosophic naturalism. Naturalism holds that nature is objective and can be studied to gain knowledge that is not determined by methodology, perspective, belief, or theory. For the naturalist, "nature" is an all-encompassing concept; nothing is other than natural and any notion of a supernatural realm is rejected. Naturalism, however, cannot be equated with materialistic reductionism or strict determinism. Certain nonmaterial (...)
  13. Theories of Explanation.Joseph Pitt (ed.) - 1988 - Oxford University Press.
    Since the publication of Carl Hempel and Paul Oppenheim's ground-breaking work "Studies in the Logic of Explanation," the theory of explanation has remained a major topic in the philosophy of science. This valuable collection provides readers with the opportunity to study some of the classic essays on the theory of explanation along with the best examples of the most recent work being done on the topic. In addition to the original Hempel and Oppenheim paper, the volume includes Scriven's critical reaction (...)
  14. Thomas Kuhn: A Philosophical History for Our Times.Steve Fuller - 2001 - University of Chicago Press.
    This work discusses whether Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was revolutionary. Steve Fuller argues that Kuhn held a profoundly conservative view of science and how one ought to study its history.
  15. Universal Abandon: The Politics of Postmodernism.Andrew Ross (ed.) - 1989 - Univ of Minnesota Press.
    This collection tackles a wider range of cultural and political issues than are usually addressed in the debates about postmodernism—color, ethnicity, and neocolonialism; feminism and sexual difference; popular culture and the question of ...
  16. Thomas Kuhn: A Philosophical History for Our Times.Steve Fuller - 2000 - University of Chicago Press.
    Thomas Kuhn's _The Structure of Scientific Revolutions_ is one of the best known and most influential books of the twentieth century. Whether they adore or revile him, critics and fans alike have tended to agree on one thing: Kuhn's ideas were revolutionary. But were they? Steve Fuller argues that Kuhn actually held a profoundly conservative view of science and how one ought to study its history. Early on, Kuhn came under the influence of Harvard President James Bryant Conant, who had (...)
  17. The Open Society and its Enemies.Karl Popper - 1945 - Routledge.
    ‘If in this book harsh words are spoken about some of the greatest among the intellectual leaders of mankind, my motive is not, I hope, to belittle them. It springs rather from my conviction that, if our civilization is to survive, we must break with the habit of deference to great men.’ - Karl Popper, from the Preface Written in political exile during the Second World War and first published in two volumes in 1945, Karl Popper’s _The Open Society and (...)
  18. Altarity.Mark C. Taylor - 1987 - University of Chicago Press.
    Explores the strategies of design, contrast, and resonance in the works of Hezel, Heidegger, Bataille, Blanchot, Derrida, and Kierkegaard The history of society and culture is, in large measure, a history of the struggle with the endlessly ...
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  19. Against Theory: Continental and Analytic Challenges in Moral Philosophy.Dwight Furrow - 1995 - Routledge.
    Against Theory is unique in that it puts disparate thinkers from both the analytic and continental traditions into conversation on a central topic in moral philosophy. It also addresses the issue of the impact of postmodernism on ethics, unlike most of the literature on postmodernism which tends to deal with social and political issues rather than ethics. Dwight Furrow's Against Theory is a spirited assessment of two main alternatives to the theoretical approach. One approach, Furrow argues, posits moral life has (...)
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  20. Excursions.Michael Jackson - 2007 - Duke University Press.
    Preface: theme and variations -- In the footsteps of Walter Benjamin -- Of time and the river : the interface of history and human lives -- Imagining the powers that be : society versus the state -- On the work of human hands -- Storytelling events, violence, and the appearance of the past -- Migrant imaginaries : with Sewa Koroma in southeast London -- A walk on the wild side : the idea of human nature revisited -- From anxiety to (...)
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  21. Inquiries Into Truth And Interpretation.Donald Davidson - 1984 - Oxford University Press.
    Now in a new edition, this volume updates Davidson's exceptional Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation (1984), which set out his enormously influential philosophy of language. The original volume remains a central point of reference, and a focus of controversy, with its impact extending into linguistic theory, philosophy of mind, and epistemology. Addressing a central question--what it is for words to mean what they do--and featuring a previously uncollected, additional essay, this work will appeal to a wide audience of philosophers, linguists, (...)
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  22. An Introduction to Continental Philosophy.David West - 1996 - Polity.
    This book provides a clear, concise and readable introduction to philosophy in the continental tradition. It is a wide-ranging and reliable guide to the work of such major figures as Habermas, Foucault, Derrida, Heidegger, Sartre and Nietzsche. At the same time, it situates their thought within a coherent overall account of the development of continental philosophy since the Enlightenment. Individual chapters consider the character of modernity, the Enlightenment and its continental critics; the ideas of Marxism, the Frankfurt School and Habermas; (...)
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  23. Logic and Language: Studies Dedicated to Professor Rudolf Carnap on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday.B. H. Kazemier & D. Vuysje - 1962 - Dordrecht, Netherland: Reidel.
  24. The Wittgenstein Reader.Anthony Kenny (ed.) - 2005 - Blackwell.
    This popular selection of Wittgenstein’s key writings has now been updated to include new material relevant to recent debates about the philosopher. Follows the evolution of Wittgenstein’s philosophical thought from the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus through to the Philosophical Investigations. Excerpts are arranged by topic and introduce readers to all the central concerns of Wittgenstein’s philosophy. Now includes a new chapter on ‘Sense, Nonsense and Philosophy’ incorporating material relevant to recent debates about Wittgenstein.
  25. The Popper-Carnap Controversy.Alex C. Michalos - 1971 - The Hague: M. Nijhoff.
    1 In 1954 Karl Popper published an article attempting to show that the identification of the quantitative concept degree of confirmation with the quantitative concept degree of probability is a serious error. The error was presumably committed by J. M. Keynes, H. Reichen bach and R. Carnap. 2 It was Popper's intention then, to expose the error and to introduce an explicatum for the prescientific concept of degree of confirmation. A few months later Y. Bar-Hillel published an article attempting to (...)
  26. Phenomenology of the Truth Proper to Religion.Daniel Guerriere (ed.) - 1990 - State University of New York Press.
    Paper edition (unseen), $19.95. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.
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  27. The Idea of Human Rights: Four Inquiries.Michael J. Perry - 1998 - Oxford University Press USA.
    Inspired by a 1988 trip to El Salvador, Michael J. Perry's new book is a personal and scholarly exploration of the idea of human rights. Perry is one of our nation's leading authorities on the relation of morality, including religious morality, to politics and law. He seeks, in this book, to disentangle the complex idea of human rights by way of four probing and interrelated essays. * The initial essay, which is animated by Perry's skepticism about the capacity of any (...)
  28. The Wittgenstein Reader.Anthony Kenny - 2005 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    This popular selection of Wittgenstein’s key writings has now been updated to include new material relevant to recent debates about the philosopher. Follows the evolution of Wittgenstein’s philosophical thought from the _Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus_ through to the _Philosophical Investigations._ Excerpts are arranged by topic and introduce readers to all the central concerns of Wittgenstein’s philosophy. Now includes a new chapter on ‘Sense, Nonsense and Philosophy’ incorporating material relevant to recent debates about Wittgenstein.
  29. American Pragmatism and Communication Research.David K. Perry (ed.) - 2001 - L. Erlbaum.
    This monograph examines the past, present, and potential relationship between American pragmatism and communication research. The contributors provide a bridge between communication studies and philosophy, subjects often developed somewhat in isolation from each other. Addressing topics, such as qualitative and quantitative research, ethics, media research, and feminist studies, the chapters in this volume: *discuss how a pragmatic, Darwinian approach to inquiry has guided and might further guide communication research; *advocate a functional view of communication, based on Dewey's mature notion of (...)
  30. Elementary Logic: Revised Edition.Willard van Orman Quine - 1941 - Boston, MA, USA: Ginn.
    Now much revised since its first appearance in 1941, W. V. Quine’s Elementary Logic, despite its brevity, is notable for its scope and rigor. It provides a single strand of simple techniques for the central business of modern logic. Basic formal concepts are explained, the paraphrasing of words into symbols is treated at some length, and a testing procedure is given for truth-function logic along with a complete proof procedure for the logic of quantifiers. Fully one third of this revised (...)
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  31. The Nature of All Being: A Study of Wittgenstein's Modal Atomism.Raymond Bradley - 1992 - Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.
    In this comprehensive study of Wittgenstein's modal theorizing, Bradley offers a radical reinterpretation of Wittgenstein's early thought and presents both an interpretive and a philosophical thesis. A unique feature of Bradley's analysis is his reliance on Wittgenstein's Notebooks, which he believes offer indispensable guidance to the interpretation of difficult passages in the Tractatus. Bradley then goes on to argue that Wittgenstein's account of modality--and the related notion of possible worlds--is in fact superior to any of the currently popular theories in (...)
  32. The Moral Ecology of Markets: Assessing Claims About Markets and Justice.Daniel Finn - 2006 - Cambridge University Press.
    Disagreements about the morality of markets, and about self-interested behavior within markets, run deep. They arise from perspectives within economics and political philosophy that appear to have nothing in common. In this book, Daniel Finn provides a framework for understanding these conflicting points of view. Recounting the arguments for and against markets and self-interest, he argues that every economy must address four fundamental problems: allocation, distribution, scale, and the quality of relations. In addition, every perspective on the morality of markets (...)
  33. The Wittgenstein Reader.Anthony Kenny (ed.) - 1994 - Wiley-Blackwell.
  34. Against Ethics: Contributions to a Poetics of Obligation with Constant Reference to Deconstruction.John D. Caputo - 1993 - Indiana University Press.
    "Against Ethics is beautifully written, clever, learned, thought-provoking, and even inspiring." —Theological Studies "Writing in the form of his ideas, Caputo offers the reader a truly exquisite reading experience.... his iconic style mirrors a truly refreshing honesty that draws the reader in to play." —Quarterly Journal of Speech "Against Ethics is, in my judgment, one of the most important works on philosophical ethics that has been written in recent years.... Caputo speaks with a passion and a concern that are rare (...)
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  35. Contemporary French Philosophy.A. Phillips Griffiths - 1987 - Cambridge University Press.
    This volume offers a lively and accessible guide to some of the major issues current in French philosophy today and to some of the figures who are or have been influential in shaping its development. The collection is unusual and interesting in bringing together a range of contributors from both Britain and France, and is intended not only for professional philosophers but also for those with a more general interest in the French intellectual scene.
  36. Points..: Interviews, 1974-1994.Jacques Derrida - 1994 - Stanford University Press.
    This volume collects twenty-three interviews given over the course of the last two decades by Jacques Derrida. It illustrates the extraordinary breadth of his concerns, touching upon such subjects as the teaching of philosophy, sexual difference and feminine identity, the media, AIDS, language and translation, nationalism, politics, and Derrida's early life and the history of his writings.
  37. Contemporary French Philosophy.A. Phillips Griffiths - 1989 - Cambridge University Press.
    This volume offers a lively and accessible guide to some of the major issues current in French philosophy today and to some of the figures who are or have been influential in shaping its development. The collection is unusual and interesting in bringing together a range of contributors from both Britain and France, and is intended not only for professional philosophers but also for those with a more general interest in the French intellectual scene.
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  38. Social Justice.Matthew Clayton & Andrew Williams (eds.) - 2004 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    This reader brings together classic and contemporary contributions to debates about social justice. A collection of classic and contemporary contributions to debates about social justice. Includes classic discussions of justice by Locke and Hume. Provides broad coverage of contemporary discussions, including theoretical pieces by John Rawls, Robert Nozick and Ronald Dworkin. Contains papers that apply theories of justice to concrete issues, such as gender and the family, the market, world poverty, cultural rights, and future generations. Philosophically challenging yet accessible to (...)
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  39. Public and Private Morality.Stuart Hampshire (ed.) - 1978 - Cambridge University Press.
    How far can we apply the same moral principles to both public and private behaviour. In the interests of effective political action, are we right to accept acts of deceit, exploitation or force which we would regard as unacceptable in private relations with individuals? What means can be properly adopted in the promotion of great public causes? The problem of 'dirty hands' in politics was posed most strikingly by Machiavelli. It has re-emerged this century in a pressing and, to some (...)
  40. The Mechanics of Meaning: Propositional Content and the Logical Space of Wittgenstein's Tractatus.David Hyder - 2002 - De Gruyter.
    In establishing unexpected cross-connections between physics, the theory of perception, and logic, Hyder also makes a valuable contribution to the history of ...
  41. Transformative Philosophy: Socrates, Wittgenstein, and the Democratic Spirit of Philosophy.Thomas Wallgren - 2006 - Lexington Books.
    The cross-fruition between analytical philosophy and continental philosophical traditions has stimulated a wide-ranging debate about the role of philosophy and the use of argument and reason in culture. Through a discussion of salient themes in the analytical tradition, in the work of the later Wittgenstein, and in critical theory,Transformative Philosophy articulates a novel conception of philosophy as a transformative care for self and others.
  42. Mortals and Others, Volume I: American Essays 1931-1935.Bertrand Russell - 1996 - Routledge.
    This collection of essays and journalism cover a wide range of topics, from balancing prosperity and public expenditure or the mental differences between boys and girls to 'who may use lipstick'. _Mortal and Others_ shows the serious and non-serious side of Russell's personality and work. It provides a lively and revealing introduction to Russell's thought for all readers. First published in 1975, _Mortals and Others_ is at last available in paperback with a new introduction by John Slater.
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  43. Reading Philosophy of Language: Selected Texts with Interactive Commentary.Jennifer Hornsby & Guy Longworth (eds.) - 2005 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    Designed for readers new to the subject,_ Reading Philosophy of Language_ presents key texts in the philosophy of language together with helpful editorial guidance. A concise collection of key texts in the philosophy of language Ideal for readers new to the subject. Features seminal texts by leading figures in the field, such as Austin, Chomsky, Davidson, Dummett and Searle. Presents three texts on each of five key topics: speech and performance; meaning and truth; knowledge of language; meaning and compositionality; and (...)
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  44. Philosophical Writing: An Introduction.A. P. Martinich - 1996 - Wiley-Blackwell.
    Substantially updated and revised, the third edition of Philosophical Writing is designed to help those with little or no experience in philosophy to think and write successfully.
  45. The Philosopher's Touch: Sartre, Nietzsche, and Barthes at the Piano.Brian Reilly (ed.) - 2012 - Cambridge University Press.
    Renowned philosopher and prominent French critic François Noudelmann engages the musicality of Jean-Paul Sartre, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Roland Barthes, all of whom were amateur piano players and acute lovers of the medium. Though piano playing was a crucial art for these thinkers, their musings on the subject are largely scant, implicit, or discordant with each philosopher's oeuvre. Noudelmann both recovers and integrates these perspectives, showing that the manner in which these philosophers played, the composers they adored, and the music they (...)
  46. Equality: Selected Readings.Louis P. Pojman & Robert Westmoreland (eds.) - 1997 - Oup Usa.
    Louis Pojman and Robert Westmoreland have compiled the best material on the subject of equality, ranging from classical works by Aristotle, Hobbes and Rousseau to contemporary works by John Rawls, Thomas Nagel, Michael Walzer, Harry Frankfurt, Bernard Williams and Robert Nozick; and including such topics as: the concept of equality; equal opportunity; Welfare egalitarianism; resources; equal human rights and complex equality.
  47. Holism: A Shopper's Guide.Jerry A. Fodor & Ernest Lepore - 1992 - Blackwell.
  48. Vita: Life in a Zone of Social Abandonment.João Biehl & Torben Eskerod - 2005 - University of California Press.
    Zones of social abandonment are emerging everywhere in Brazil’s big cities—places like Vita, where the unwanted, the mentally ill, the sick, and the homeless are left to die. This haunting, unforgettable story centers on a young woman named Catarina, increasingly paralyzed and said to be mad, living out her time at Vita. Anthropologist João Biehl leads a detective-like journey to know Catarina; to unravel the cryptic, poetic words that are part of the “dictionary” she is compiling; and to trace the (...)
  49. Philosophers on Education: New Historical Perspectives.Amelie Rorty (ed.) - 1998 - Routledge.
    Philosophers on Education offers us the most comprehensive available history of philosopher's views and impacts on the directions of education. As Amelie Rorty explains, in describing a history of education, we are essentially describing and gaining the clearest understanding of the issues that presently concern and divide us. The essays in this stellar collection are written by some of the finest comtemporary philosophers. Those interested in history of philosophy, epistemology, moral psychology and education, and political theory will find Philosophers on (...)
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  50. A Common Faith.John Dewey - 1934 - Yale University Press.
    This book, first published by Yale University Press, is a summary of Dewey's late philosophy of religion. The book is a standard work in the field for many scholars, and has been continuously in print since the time of its first publication. Dewey defends a naturalism, and this work is an interesting and important contrast to the later religious thought of William James.
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