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  1. Dictionary of World Philosophy.A. Pablo Iannone - 2001 - Routledge.
    The _Dictionary of World Philosophy_ covers the diverse and challenging terminology, concepts, schools and traditions of the vast field of world philosophy. Providing an extremely comprehensive resource and an essential point of reference in a complex and expanding field of study the _Dictionary_ covers all major subfields of the discipline. Key features: * Cross-references are used to highlight interconnections and the cross-cultural diffusion and adaptation of terms which has taken place over time * The user is led from specific terms (...)
  2. The Letter of Violence: Essays on Narrative, Ethics, and Politics.Idelber Avelar - 2004 - Palgrave-Macmillan.
    This book traces the theory of violence from nineteenth-century symmetrical warfare through today's warfare of electronics and unbalanced numbers. Surveying such luminaries as Walter Benjamin, Frantz Fanon, Hannah Arendt, Paul Virilio, and Jacques Derrida, Avelar also offers a discussion of theories of torture and confession, the work of Roman Polanski and Borges, and a meditation on the rise of the novel in Colombia.
  3. Symbolic Forms for a New Humanity: Cultural and Racial Reconfigurations of Critical Theory.Drucilla Cornell - 2010 - Fordham University Press.
    In dialogue with afro-caribbean philosophy, this book seeks in Cassirer's philosophy of symbolic forms a new vocabulary for approaching central intellectual and ...
  4. Existentia Africana: Understanding Africana Existential Thought.Lewis R. Gordon - 2000 - Routledge.
    The intellectual history of the last quarter of this century has been marked by the growing influence of Africana thought--an area of philosophy that focuses on issues raised by the struggle over ideas in African cultures and their hybrid forms in Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean. Existentia Africana is an engaging and highly readable introduction to the field of Africana philosophy and will help to define this rapidly growing field. Lewis R. Gordon clearly explains Africana existential thought to a (...)
  5. Knowledge and Civilization.Barry Allen - 2003 - Westview Press.
    Knowledge and Civilization advances detailed criticism of philosophy's usual approach to knowledge and describes a redirection, away from textbook problems of epistemology, toward an ecological philosophy of technology and civilization. Rejecting theories that confine knowledge to language or discourse, Allen situates knowledge in the greater field of artifacts, technical performance, and human evolution. His wide ranging considerations draw on ideas from evolutionary biology, archaeology, anthropology, and the history of cities, art, and technology.
  6. Understanding African Philosophy: A Cross-Cultural Approach to Classical and Contemporary Issues.Richard H. Bell - 2002 - Routledge.
    First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
  7. The African Philosophy Reader: A Text with Readings.P. H. Coetzee & A. P. J. Roux (eds.) - 1998 - London: Routledge.
    Divided into eight sections, each with introductory essays, the selections offer rich and detailed insights into a diverse multinational philosophical landscape. Revealed in this pathbreaking work is the way in which traditional philosophical issues related to ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology, for instance, take on specific forms in Africa's postcolonial struggles. Much of its moral, political, and social philosophy is concerned with the turbulent processes of embracing modern identities while protecting ancient cultures.
  8. African-American Philosophers: 17 Conversations.George Yancy (ed.) - 1998 - Routledge.
    African-American Philosophers brings into conversation seventeen of the foremost thinkers of color to discuss issues such as Black existentialism, racism, Black women philosophers within the academy, affirmative action and the conceptual parameters of African-American philosophy.
  9. In a Shade of Blue: Pragmatism and the Politics of Black America.Eddie S. Glaude - 2007 - University of Chicago Press.
    In this timely book, Eddie S. Glaude Jr., one of our nation’s rising young African American intellectuals, makes an impassioned plea for black America to address its social problems by recourse to experience and with an eye set on the promise and potential of the future, rather than the fixed ideas and categories of the past. Central to Glaude’s mission is a rehabilitation of philosopher John Dewey, whose ideas, he argues, can be fruitfully applied to a renewal of African American (...)
  10. Race and Mixed Race.Naomi Zack - 1994 - Temple University Press.
    Author note: Naomi Zack is Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Albany. She herself is of mixed race: Jewish, African American, and Native American.
  11. Fanon: In Search of the African Revolution.Adele Jinadu - 1980 - Routledge & Kegan Paul.
    Different from other books on Fanon, this book approaches him as both a political philosopher and political sociologist of the African experience.
  12. African Christian Ethics.Samuel Waje Kunhiyop - 2004 - Baraka Press.
    Introduction to the study of African Christian ethics -- Foundations of contemporary African ethics -- Foundations of Western ethics -- Foundations of Christian ethics -- Foundations of African Christian ethics -- Applying African Christian ethics -- Church and state -- War and violence -- Strikes -- Poverty -- Corruption -- Fund-raising -- Procreation and infertility -- Reproductive technologies -- Contraception -- Polygamy -- Domestic violence -- Divorce and remarriage -- Widows and orphans -- Rape -- Incest -- Prostitution and sex (...)
  13. Slavery, Philosophy, and American Literature, 1830-1860.Maurice S. Lee - 2005 - Cambridge University Press.
    Examining the literature of slavery and race before the Civil War, Maurice Lee demonstrates for the first time exactly how the slavery crisis became a crisis of philosophy that exposed the breakdown of national consensus and the limits of rational authority. Poe, Stowe, Douglass, Melville, and Emerson were among the antebellum authors who tried - and failed - to find rational solutions to the slavery conflict. Unable to mediate the slavery controversy as the nation moved toward war, their writings form (...)
  14. African-American Philosophy: Selected Readings.Tommy Lee Lott (ed.) - 2002 - Prentice-Hall.
  15. Race/Sex: Their Sameness, Difference and Interplay.Naomi Zack (ed.) - 1997 - Routledge.
    ____Race/Sex__ is the first forum for combined discussion of racial theory and gender theory. In sixteen articles, avant-garde scholars of African American philosophy and liberatory criticism explore and explode the categories of race, sex and gender into new trajectories that include sexuality, black masculinity and mixed-race identity.
  16. An Introduction to African Philosophy.Samuel Oluoch Imbo - 1998 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    An invaluable introduction to this dynamic and growing area of study, Imbo's book synthesizes the ideas of key African philosophers into an accessible narrative. By making cross-disciplinary and transnational connections, Imbo stakes out an important place for African philosophy.
  17. Universals of Human Thought: Some African Evidence.Barbara Bloom Lloyd & John Gay (eds.) - 1981 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book was originally published in 1981 and the theme of universals attracted a great deal of attention in the decade preceding publication.
  18. The Race for Consciousness.John G. Taylor - 2001 - MIT Press.
  19. The Hermeneutics of African Philosophy: Horizon and Discourse.Tsenay Serequeberhan - 1994 - Routledge.
    Hermeneutics is a crucial but neglected perspective in African philosophy. Here, Tsenay Serequeberhan engages post-colonial African literature and the ideas of the African liberation struggle with critically-used insights from the European philosophical tradition. Continuing the work of Theophilus Okere and Okonda Okolo, this book attempts to overcome the debate between ethnophilosophy and professional philosophy, demonstrating that the promise of African philosophy lies with the critical development of the African hermeneutical perspective.
  20. Cultural Universals and Particulars: An African Perspective.Kwasi Wiredu - 1996 - Indiana University Press.
    The eminent Ghanaian philosopher Kwasi Wiredu confronts the paradox that while Western cultures recoil from claims of universality, previously colonized peoples, seeking to redefine their identities, insist on cultural particularities.
  21. Ethics, Human Rights, and Development in Africa.A. T. Dalfovo (ed.) - 2002 - Council for Research in Values and Philosophy.
    ETHICS, RIGHTS, DEVELOPMENT AT DALFOVO PART ONE: THE GENERAL APPROACH BACKGROUND The collection of papers published in this book is part of an endeavour ...
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  22. The Making and Unmaking of the Haya Lived World.Brad Weiss - 1992 - Duke Univ Pr.
    "The strength of this book lies in its brilliant demonstration that local contexts of practical life and quotidian experience--understood in terms of embodiment ...
  23. Science and an African Logic.Helen Verran - 2001 - University of Chicago Press.
    In this captivating book, Helen Verran addresses precisely that question by looking at how science, mathematics, and logic come to life in Yoruba primary schools.
  24. African Philosophy: The Essential Readings.Tsenay Serequeberhan (ed.) - 1991 - Paragon House.
  25. African American Christian Ethics.Samuel K. Roberts - 2001 - Pilgrim Press.
  26. African Cultural Knowledge: Themes and Embedded Beliefs.Michael C. Kirwen (ed.) - 2005 - Mias Books.
  27. Tradition and Modernity: Philosophical Reflections on the African Experience.Kwame Gyekye - 1997 - Oup Usa.
    Kwame Gyekye offers a philosophical interpretation and critical analysis of the African cultural experience in modern times. Critically employing Western political and philosophical concepts to clear, comparative advantage, Gyekye addresses a wide range of concrete problems afflicting postcolonial African states, such as ethnicity and nation-building, the relationship of tradition to modernity, the nature of political authority and political legitimation, political corruption, and the threat to traditional moral and social values, practices, and institutions in the wake of rapid social change.
  28. Christian Ethics in an African Context: A Focus on Urban Zambia.Dick Allen Rader - 1991 - P. Lang.
  29. African Philosophy, Culture, and Traditional Medicine.M. Akin Makinde - 1988 - Ohio University Center for International Studies.
    For over two centuries, Western scholars have discussed African philosophy and culture, often in disparaging, condescending terms, and always from an alien European perspective. Many Africans now share this perspective, having been trained in the western, empirical tradition. Makinde argues that, particularly in view of the costs and failings of western style culture, Africans must now mold their own modern culture by blending useful western practices with valuable indigenous African elements. Specifically, Makinde demonstrates the potential for the development of African (...)
  30. Caliban’s Reason: Introducing Afro-Caribbean Philosophy.Paget Henry - 2000 - Routledge.
    Paget introduces the general reader to Afro-Caribbean philosophy in this ground-breaking work. Since Afro-Caribbean thought is inherently hybrid in nature, he traces the roots of this discourse in traditional African thought and in the Christian and Enlightenment traditions of Western Europe.
  31. African Philosophy in Search of Identity.D. A. Masolo - 1994 - Edinburgh University Press.
    " -- Africa Today "The excellence of this book lies in the wealth of perspectives that it brings to the discussion on what constitutes philosophy, rationality, ...
  32. A Short History of African Philosophy.Barry Hallen - 2002 - Indiana University Press.
    In this accessible book, Barry Hallen discusses the major ideas, figures, and schools of thought in African philosophy. While drawing out critical issues in the formation of African philosophy, Hallen focuses on the recent scholarship, current issues, and relevant debates that have made African philosophy an important key to understanding the rich and complex cultural heritage of Africa. Hallen builds upon Africa's connections with Western philosophical traditions and explores African contributions to cultural universalism, cultural relativism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, and Marxism. Hallen (...)
  33. The African Aesthetic: Keeper of the Traditions.Kariamu Welsh-Asante (ed.) - 1993 - Greenwood Press.
  34. An Essay on African Philosophical Thought: The Akan Conceptual Scheme.Kwame Gyekye - 1987 - Temple University Press.
    On the denial of traditional thought as philosophy Scholars, including philosophers, tend to squirm a little at the mention of African philosophy, ...
  35. African Images: Racism and the End of Anthropology.Peter Rigby - 1996 - Berg.
    This controversial book is an impassioned African response to the racial stereotyping of African people and people of African descent by prominent white scholars. It highlights how the media contributes to the growth of racist ideas, particularly in reporting current events in Africa, and demonstrates how some of America’s most revered intellectuals cloak racist ideologies in ostensibly egalitarian discourses. The author seeks to rewrite the image of 'race' in order to show the damage racism can cause serious scholarship.
  36. Racist Symbols & Reparations: Philosophical Reflections on Vestiges of the American Civil War.George Schedler - 1998 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    In this book, George Schedler offers moral and legal perspectives on two legacies of the Civil War: the adoption of the Confederate flag by Southern states and the question of African American reparations. Schedler's analysis of reparations focuses on the principle that whatever the enslaved would have earned and enjoyed had they not been enslaved should determine compensation.
  37. African Religions & Philosophy.John S. Mbiti - 1969 - Heinemann.
    Religion is approached from an African point of view but is as accessible to readers who belong to non-African societies as it is to those who have grown up in ...
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  38. Struggle for Meaning: Reflections on Philosophy, Culture, and Democracy in Africa.Paulin J. Hountondji & K. Anthony Appiah - 2002 - Ohio University Press.
    In this volume, he responds with autobiographical and philosophical reflection to the dialogue and controversy he has provoked.
  39. Power and Influence: Self-Development Lessons From African Proverbs and Folktales.Chiku Malunga - 2012 - Upa.
    This book demonstrates how the indigenous wisdom contained in African proverbs and folktales can be used to enhance modern life. The timeless wisdom enriches the understanding of self-development and positive influence, contributing towards the much-needed, cross-cultural dialogue among individuals, organizations, and societies in this increasingly diversified world.
  40. Ubuntu: I in You and You in Me.Michael Battle - 2009 - Seabury Books.
    Ubuntu is an African way of seeing the world-and the people in it-as an intricate web of relationships.
  41. School Social Work Services in Federally Funded Programs: An African American Perspective.Hope M. Bland & Ashraf Esmail - 2012 - Upa.
    Focusing on the barriers between social work intervention in education and government funded programs that impact African American students, this book approaches these issues from a child-centered perspective. Interviews with ten African American students were conducted to discuss their perspectives on education, family life, and social work intervention.
  42. Doing Ethics in Context: South African Perspectives.Charles Villa-Vicencio & John W. De Gruchy (eds.) - 1994 - D. Philip.