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  1. The Work of Sartre.István Mészáros - 1979 - Humanities Press.
  2. Heidegger, Kant and Time.Charles M. Sherover - 1971 - University Press of America.
  3. Phenomenology and Art.José Ortega Y. Gasset - 1975 - W. W. Norton.
    Autobiography and phenomenology: Preface for Germans (1934).--Phenomenology and theory of knowledge: Sensation, construction, and intuition (1913). On the concept of sensation (1913). Consciousness, the object, and its three distances (1916).--Phenomenology and esthetics: An essay in esthetics by way of a preface (1914). Esthetics on the streetcar (1916).--An esthetics of historical reason: The idea of theater: an abbreviated view (1946). Reviving the paintings (Velázquez, chapter I) (1946).
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  4. Je, Tu, Nous: Toward a Culture of Difference.Luce Irigaray - 1992 - New York ;Routledge.
    Irigaray offers the clearest available introduction to her own work. Focusing on power, women, gender and patriarchal mythologies, she lays out what for her has become the central problem for women in the modern world.
  5. Feminism and Psychoanalysis.Richard Feldstein & Judith Roof (eds.) - 1989 - Cornell University Press.
  6. Hipparchia's Choice: An Essay Concerning Women, Philosophy, Etc.Michèle Le Dœuff - 1991 - Blackwell.
  7. Sounding the Abyss: Readings Between Cavell and Derrida.Roger V. Bell - 2004 - Lexington Books.
    Sounding the Abyss achieves an analysis that extends Cavell's already rich range of work into surprising new directions in postcolonialism, multiculturalism, and general cultural criticism. The work never strays from its concern with reassessing the divide between philosophy's analytic and Continental factions.
  8. Contemporary Hermeneutics: Hermeneutics as Method, Philosophy, and Critique.Josef Bleicher - 1980 - Routledge.
  9. Classics of Political and Moral Philosophy.Steven M. Cahn (ed.) - 2002 - Oxford University Press.
    Classics of Political and Moral Philosophy provides in one volume the major writings from nearly 2,500 years of political and moral philosophy. The most comprehensive collection of its kind, it moves from classical thought (Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Cicero) through medieval views (Augustine, Aquinas) to modern perspectives (Machiavelli, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Rousseau, Hume, Adam Smith, Kant). It includes major nineteenth-century thinkers (Hegel, Bentham, Mill, Nietzsche) as well as twentieth-century theorists (Rawls, Nozick, Nagel, Foucault, Habermas, Nussbaum). Also included are numerous essays from (...)
  10. The Philosophy of Martin Heidegger.Jarava Lal Mehta - 1971 - New York: Harper & Row.
  11. Six Existentialist Thinkers.H. J. Blackham - 1951 - New York: Harper.
    Provides an introduction to existentialism, and introduces the major figures in the philosophical movement.
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  12. Perspectives in Aesthetics, Plato to Camus.Peyton E. Richter - 1967 - New York: Odyssey Press.
  13. Against Theory: Continental and Analytic Challenges in Moral Philosophy.Dwight Furrow - 1995 - Routledge.
    Against Theory is unique in that it puts disparate thinkers from both the analytic and continental traditions into conversation on a central topic in moral philosophy. It also addresses the issue of the impact of postmodernism on ethics, unlike most of the literature on postmodernism which tends to deal with social and political issues rather than ethics. Dwight Furrow's Against Theory is a spirited assessment of two main alternatives to the theoretical approach. One approach, Furrow argues, posits moral life has (...)
  14. Existentialist Ethics.Mary Warnock - 1967 - New York: St. Martin's Press.
  15. Twentieth Century German Philosophy.Paul Gorner - 2000 - Oxford University Press.
    This book offers an historical and critical account of the important German philosophical movements and philosophers of the 20th century. In an accessible way, Gorner introduces the reader to a principal representative of each movement, laying out Husserl's phenomenology, Gadamar's hermeneutics, Habermas's critical theory, and Apel's pragmatics, and giving extensive treatment of Heideggar's multi-disciplinary work. Twentieth Century German Philosophy provides the general reader with an incisive discussion of these philosophers and philosophies against a background of the distinctive German tradition. This (...)
  16. The New Nietzsche: Contemporary Styles of Interpretation.David B. Allison (ed.) - 1977 - MIT Press.
    The fifteen essays, written by such eminent scholars as Derrida, Heidegger, Deleuze, Klossowski, and Blanchot, focus on the Nietzschean concepts of the Will to ...
  17. The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature.Louis P. Pojman & Lewis Vaughn (eds.) - 2007 - Oxford University Press.
    Featuring new selections chosen by coeditor Lewis Vaughn, the third edition of Louis P. Pojman's The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature brings together an extensive and varied collection of ninety-one classical and contemporary readings on ethical theory and practice. Integrating literature with philosophy in an innovative way, the book uses literary works to enliven and make concrete the ethical theory or applied issues addressed in each chapter. Literary works by Camus, Hawthorne, Hugo, Huxley, Ibsen, Le Guin, (...)
  18. Dialogues in Phenomenology.Don Ihde & Richard M. Zaner (eds.) - 1975 - Martinus Nijhoff.
  19. Lukács and Heidegger: Towards a New Philosophy.Lucien Goldmann - 1977 - Routledge and Kegan Paul.
    This text re-issues an important work by Lucien Goldmann, based on his university lectures from 1967-8, and first published in English in 1977. It focuses upon two of the twentieth century's most important philosophers, György Lukács and Martin Heidegger, demonstrating the origins of existentialist thought in the implicit connection between the two. This book represents the application of methodology already developed in The Hidden God and also sees Goldmann elaborating the differences between himself and Lukács for the sake of defining (...)
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  20. Sartre.Arthur Coleman Danto - 1991 - Fontana Press.
  21. The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature.Lewis Vaughn & Louis Pojman (eds.) - 2010 - Oxford University Press USA.
    Now in its fourth edition, Louis P. Pojman and Lewis Vaughn's acclaimed The Moral Life: An Introductory Reader in Ethics and Literature brings together an extensive and varied collection of eighty-five classical and contemporary readings on ethical theory and practice. Integrating literature with philosophy in an innovative way, the book uses literary works to enliven and make concrete the ethical theory or applied issues addressed. Literary works by Angelou, Camus, Hawthorne, Huxley, Ibsen, Le Guin, Melville, Orwell, Styron, Tolstoy, and many (...)
  22. Hannah Arendt.Julia Kristeva - 2001 - Columbia University Press.
    This is the story of the clattering of elevated subways and the cacophony of crowded neighborhoods, the heady optimism of industrial progress and the despair of economic recession, and the vibrancy of ethnic cultures and the resilience of ...
  23. Between You and I: Dialogical Phenomenology.Beata Stawarska - 2009 - Ohio University Press.
    Classical phenomenology -- The transcendental tradition -- The logical investigations of the I -- From the I to the ego -- The grammar of the transcendental ego -- Strawson on the primacy of personhood -- Wittgenstein on the lure of words -- The grammar of the transcendental ego -- Zahavi on transcendental subjectivity as intersubjectivity -- Contemporary arguments for the transcendental ego : Marbach, Soffer -- Schutz, Theunissen on social phenomenology -- Husserl's later thought -- The multidiscipline of dialogical phenomenology (...)
  24. The Analysis of Ideology.Raymond Boudon - 1989 - University of Chicago Press.
    Distinguished French sociologist Raymond Boudon presents here a critical theory history of the concept of ideology. His highly original and lucidly argued study addresses the core question of any account of ideology. How do individuals come to adhere to false or apparently irrational beliefs, and how do such beliefs become collectively accepted as true? Boudon begins by providing an exhaustive and subtle critique of sociological explanations of ideology from early conceptions to its current usage in the works of Barthes, Foucault, (...)
  25. Politics, Philosophy, Culture: Interviews and Other Writings, 1977-1984.Michel Foucault - 1988 - Routledge.
    Politics, Philosophy, Culture contains a rich selection of interviews and other writings by the late Michel Foucault. Drawing upon his revolutionary concept of power as well as his critique of the institutions that organize social life, Foucault discusses literature, music, and the power of art while also examining concrete issues such as the Left in contemporary France, the social security system, the penal system, homosexuality, madness, and the Iranian Revolution.
  26. Our Stories: Essays on Life, Death, and Free Will.John Martin Fischer - 2009 - Oxford University Press.
    Introduction: "meaning in life and death : our stories" -- John Martin Fischer and Anthony B rueckner, "Why is death bad?", Philosophical studies, vol. 50, no. 2 (September 1986) -- "Death, badness, and the impossibility of experience," Journal of ethics -- John Martin Fischer and Daniel Speak, "Death and the psychological conception of personal identity," Midwest studies in philosophy, vol. 24 -- "Earlier birth and later death : symmetry through thick and thin," Richard Feldman, Kris McDaniel, Jason R. Raibley, eds., (...)
  27. Maternal Ethics and Other Slave Moralities.Cynthia Willett - 1995 - Routledge.
    In Maternal Ethics and Other Slave Moralities which includes the first extended philosophical discussion of the works of Frederick Douglass, Cynthia Willett puts forward a novel theory of ethical subjectivity that is aimed to counter prevailing pathologies of sexist, racist Eurocentric culture. Weaving together accounts of the self drawn from African-American and European philosophies, psychoanalysis, slave narratives and sociology, Willett interrogates what Hegel locates as the core of the self: the desire for recognition. Surveying the conceptual deficiencies that prevent both (...)
  28. Existentialism for and Against.Paul Roubiczek - 1964 - Cambridge University Press.
    In this book Roubiczek confronts the prevalent 'objective' method with the 'subjective' and attempts a proper balance between the objective and the personal, ...
  29. Perception, Expression, and History: The Social Phenomenology of Maurice Merleau-Ponty.John O'Neill - 1970 - Northwestern University Press.
  30. Political Philosophy: The Essential Texts.Steven M. Cahn (ed.) - 2005 - Oxford University Press.
    Ideal for survey courses in social and political philosophy, this volume is a substantially abridged and slightly altered version of Steven M. Cahn's Classics of Political and Moral Philosophy (OUP, 2001). Offering coverage from antiquity to the present, Political Philosophy: The Essential Texts is a historically organized collection of the most significant works from nearly 2,500 years of political philosophy. It moves from classical thought (Plato, Aristotle) through the medieval period (Aquinas) to modern perspectives (Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hume, Adam (...)
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  31. The Metaphysics of Love: Gender and Transcendence in Levinas.Stella Sandford - 2000 - Athlone Press.
    In The Metaphysics of Love, however, Stella Sandford argues that an over-emphasis on ethics in the reception of Levinas's thought has concealed the basis and ...
  32. Postfeminisms: Feminism, Cultural Theory, and Cultural Forms.Ann Brooks - 1997 - Routledge.
  33. Facing the Other: The Ethics of Emmanuel Lévinas.Seán Hand (ed.) - 1996 - Curzon.
    This collection explicates Levinas's major contribution to these debates, namely the idea of the primacy of ethics over ontology or epistemology.
  34. Marx and the Postmodernism Debates: An Agenda for Critical Theory.Lorraine Y. Landry - 2000 - Praeger.
    This book is a meticulous argument for the contemporary value of Marx's democratic theory as an interpretive key for the postmodernism debates.
  35. Concise Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.Professor Edward Craig & Edward Craig (eds.) - 1999 - Routledge.
    The most complete and up-to-date philosophy reference for a new generation, with entries ranging fromObjects to Wisdom, Socrates to Jean-Paul Sartre, Ancient Egyptian Philosophy to Yoruba Epistemology. The Concise Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy includes: * More than 2000 alphabetically arranged, accessible entries * Contributors from more than 1200 of the world's leading thinkers * Comprehensive coverage of the classic philosophical themes, such as Plato, Arguments for the Existence of God and Metaphysics * Up-to-date coverage of contemporary philosophers, ideas, schools and (...)
  36. Beyond Postmodern Politics: Lyotard, Rorty, Foucault.Honi Fern Haber - 1994 - Routledge.
    In this book, Honi Haber offers a much-needed analysis of postmodern politics. While continuing to work towards the voicing of the "other," she argues that we must go beyond the insights of postmodernism to arrive at a viable political theory. Postmodernism's political agenda allows the marginalized other to have a voice and to constitute a politics of difference based upon heterogeneity. But Haber argues that postmodern politics denies us the possibility of selves and community--essential elements to any viable political theory. (...)
  37. Looking at Philosophy: The Unbearable Heaviness of Philosophy Made Lighter.Donald Palmer - 2009 - Mcgraw-Hill.
    Introduction -- The pre-socratic philosophers -- Sixth and fifth centuries B.C.E. -- Thales -- Anaximander -- Anaximenes -- Pythagoras -- Heraclitus -- Parmenides -- Zeno -- Empedocles -- Anaxagoras -- Leucippus and Democritus -- The Athenian period -- Fifth and fourth centuries B.C.E. -- The Sophists -- Protagoras -- Gorgias -- Thrasymachus -- Callicles and Critias -- Socrates -- Plato -- Aristotle -- The Hellenistic and Roman periods -- Fourth century B.C.E. through fourth century C.E. -- Epicureanism -- Stoicism -- (...)
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  38. Insight Into Value: An Exploration of the Premises of a Phenomenological Psychology.Andrew R. Fuller - 1990 - State University of New York Press.
    A systematic working out of the basic concepts of phenomenological psychology through an interdisciplinary synthesis of gestalt psychology and existential phenomenological thought.
  39. The Thinking Self.Laurence L. Cassidy - 1997 - Upa.
    One of the principal characteristics of contemporary inquiry is the rediscovery of human consciousness. This book attempts to develop that experience and continue the insight of the legendary Hermes Trismegistos that 'thought is God the Father.' The author invites the reader to attend to his own act of thinking.
  40. The Quest for Mind.Howard Gardner - 1972 - New York: Knopf.
  41. The New Image of the Person: The Theory and Practice of Clinical Philosophy.Peter Koestenbaum - 1978 - Greenwood Press.
  42. From Luther to Popper.Herbert Marcuse - 1972 - Distributed in the Usa by Schocken Books.
    The foundation of historical materialism -- A study on authority -- Sartre's existentialism -- Karl Popper and the problem of historical laws -- Freedom and the historical imperative.
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  43. Of Human Freedom.Jean-Paul Sartre - 1966 - New York: Philosophical Library.
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  44. Understanding Foucault.Geoff Danaher - 2000 - Sage Publications.
    Derided and disregarded by many of his contemporaries, Michel Foucault is now regarded as probably the most influential thinker of the twentieth century, his work is studied across the humanities and social sciences. Reading Foucault, however, can be a challenge, as can writing about him, but in Understanding Foucault, the authors offer an entertaining and informative introduction to his thinking. They cover all the issues Foucault dealt with, including power, knowledge, subjectivity and sexuality and discuss the development of his analysis (...)
  45. Fortune is a Woman: Gender and Politics in the Thought of Niccolò Machiavelli: With a New Afterword.Hanna Fenichel Pitkin - 1984 - University of Chicago Press.
    "Fortune is a woman, and if you want to keep her under, you've got to knock her around some."--Niccolò Machiavelli Hanna Pitkin's provocative and enduring study of Machiavelli was the first to systematically place gender at the center of its exploration of his political thought. In this edition, Pitkin adds a new afterword, in which she discusses the book's critical reception and situates the book's arguments in the context of recent interpretations of Machiavelli's thought. "A close and often brilliant exegesis (...)
  46. The Transhuman Condition: A Report on Machines, Technics, and Evolution.Keith Ansell-Pearson - 1997 - Routledge.
    Evolution is seen to be entering a bio-technological phase. Nietzsche's affirmation that "man is something that must be overcome" no longer has a rhetorical ring given the means at our disposal at the end of the twentieth century. Viroid Life boldly challenges existing explanations of these changes inherited from modernity, arguing that they have exhausted their usefulness and new models are needed to guide us in mapping through the future. Exploring and critically examining the new realities of artificial life that (...)
  47. Melancholic Freedom: Agency and the Spirit of Politics.David Kyuman Kim - 2007 - Oxford University Press.
    Why does agency--the capacity to make choices and to act in the world--matter to us? Why is it meaningful that our intentions have effects in the world, that they reflect our sense of identity, that they embody what we value? What kinds of motivations are available for political agency and judgment in an age that lacks the enthusiasm associated with the great emancipatory movements for civil rights and gender equality? What are the conditions for the possibility of being an effective (...)
  48. Heidegger: Decisionism and Quietism.Mark Basil Tanzer - 2002 - Humanity Books.
  49. Psychoanalysis and Gender: An Introductory Reader.Rosalind Minsky - 1996 - Routledge.
    What is object-relations theory and what does it have to do with literary studies? How can Freud's phallocentric theories be applied by feminist critics? In Psychoanalysis and Gender: An Introductory Reader Rosalind Minsky answers these questions and more, offering students a clear, straightforward overview without ever losing them in jargon. In the first section Minsky outlines the fundamentals of the theory, introducing the key thinkers and providing clear commentary. In the second section, the theory is demonstratedn by an anthology of (...)
  50. Metapolitics.Alain Badiou - 2005 - Verso.
    Against "political philosophy" -- Politics as thought -- Althusser -- Politics unbound -- A speculative disquisition on the concept of democracy -- Truths and justice -- Rancière and the community of equals -- Rancière and apolitics -- What is a thermidorean? -- Politics as truth procedure.
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