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  1. Asking Questions in Biology: Design, Analysis and Presentation in Practical Work.C. J. Barnard - 1993 - Longman Scientific & Technical.
    This lively book explores how to: Formulate hypotheses and predictions; Design critical observations and experiments to test them; Choose appropriate statistical analyses; Present results and write reports.
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  2. How Culture Makes Us Human.Dwight Read - 2012 - Left Coast Press.
  3. Are Souls Real?Jerome W. Elbert - 2000 - Prometheus Books.
    He shows how these new scientific insights inevitably affect our traditional ideas about the soul." "For anyone who is at all uncertain, Are Souls Real? offers an alternative to the views of a spiritual advisor. Various experts, from biblical scholars to neuroscientists, have gathered information that allows soul beliefs to be judged more skeptically. This book brings these conclusions together, offering a new perspective on whether supernatural souls really exist."--BOOK JACKET.
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  4. Encounters with Einstein: And Other Essays on People, Places, and Particles.Werner Heisenberg - 1983 - Princeton University Press.
    In nine essays and lectures composed in the last years of his life, Werner Heisenberg offers a bold appraisal of the scientific method in the twentieth century--and relates its philosophical impact on contemporary society and science to the particulars of molecular biology, astrophysics, and related disciplines. Are the problems we define and pursue freely chosen according to our conscious interests? Or does the historical process itself determine which phenomena merit examination at any one time? Heisenberg discusses these issues in the (...)
  5. Reducing Chemistry to Physics: Limits, Models, Consequences.Hinne Hettema - 2012 - Createspace.
    Chemistry and physics are two sciences that are hard to connect. Yet there is significant overlap in their aims, methods, and theoretical approaches. In this book, the reduction of chemistry to physics is defended from the viewpoint of a naturalised Nagelian reduction, which is based on a close reading of Nagel's original text. This naturalised notion of reduction is capable of characterising the inter-theory relationships between theories of chemistry and theories of physics. The reconsideration of reduction also leads to a (...)
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