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  1. Philosophy in the Classroom.Matthew Lipman - 1977 - Temple University Press.
    This is a textbook for teachers that demonstrates how philosophical thinking can be used in teaching children.
  2. Philosophy for As: 2008 Aqa Syllabus.Michael Lacewing - 2008 - Routledge.
    Philosophy for AS is the definitive textbook for students of the current AQA Advanced Subsidiary Level. Structured closely around the examination specifications, it covers the two units of the AS Level in an exceptionally clear and student-friendly style. As an invitation to philosophy, the book encourages and enables students to engage philosophically with the following syllabus topics: reason and experience Why should I be governed? Why should I be moral? the idea of God persons knowledge of the external world tolerance (...)
  3. Children as Philosophers: Learning Through Enquiry and Dialogue in the Primary Classroom.Joanna Haynes - 2008 - Routledge.
    This fully revised second edition suggests ways in which you can introduce philosophical enquiry to your Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship teaching and across the curriculum.
  4. Revise Philosophy for as Level.Michael Lacewing - 2006 - Routledge.
    _Revise Philosophy for AS Level_ is the definitive revision guide for students of the Advanced Subsidiary level syllabus. Following the AQA syllabus, it helps students revise using past exam questions, examiner's reports, and tips on revision for the examination. Also included are a helpful glossary and annotated further reading. It covers all three units of the AS Level syllabus: Unit 1: Theory of Knowledge Unit 2: Moral Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion Unit 3: Texts. The four set texts are discussed: (...)
  5. Dialogues with Children.Gareth B. Matthews - 1984 - Harvard University Press.
  6. Studies in Philosophy for Children: Harry Stottlemeier's Discovery.Ann Margaret Sharp, Ronald F. Reed & Matthew Lipman (eds.) - 1992 - Temple University Press.
    In this first part, Matthew Lipman offers the reader a glimpse at the thought processes that resulted in Philosophy for Children and, in so doing, ...
  7. Transforming Thinking: Philosophical Inquiry in the Primary and Secondary Classroom.Catherine C. McCall - 2009 - Routledge.
    The origins and development of community of philosophical inquiry -- The theoretical landscape -- Philosophising with five year olds -- Creating a community of philosophical inquiry (CoPI) with all ages -- Different methods of group philosophical discussion -- What you need to know to chair a CoPI with six to sixteen year olds -- Implementing CoPI in primary and secondary schools -- CoPI, citizenship, moral virtue, and academic performance with primary and secondary children.
  8. The Philosophy of Animal Rights: A Brief Introduction for Students and Teachers.Mylan Engel Jr - 2010 - Lantern Books.
    The book also contains an extensive bibliography of references and philosophical resources.
  9. Philosophy Goes to School.Matthew Lipman - 1988 - Temple University Press.
    Author note: Matthew Lipman, Professor of Philosophy at Montclair State College and Director of the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children, is ...