Revision history for entry Bolger, Diane (2005). "Cypriot Antiquities V. Karageorghis: Ancient Cypriote Art in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens . Pp. 152, colour map, colour ills. Athens: A. G. Leventis Foundation, 2003. Paper, Cyp£15. ISBN: 960-7037-41-3. V. Karageorghis: Cypriote Antiquities in the Royal Ontario Museum . In collaboration with P. Denis, N. Leipen, A. H. Easson, D. Papanikola-Bakirtzis, and E. A. Knox. Pp. xii + 150, colour map, colour ills. Nicosia: A. G. Leventis Foundation/Royal Ontario Museum, 2003. Paper, €36. ISBN: 9963-560-56-3. V. Karageorghis: The Cyprus Collections in the Medelhavsmuseet . In collaboration with S. Houby-Nielsen, K. Slej, M.-L. Winbladh, S. N. Fischer, and O. Kaneberg. With contributions from P. Åström, D. Collon, H. Nilsson, K. Nys, D. Papanikola-Bakirtzis, E. Poyiadji, E. Rystedt, and L. Söderhjelm. Pp. xiv + 367, colour map, b/w and colour ills. Nicosia: A. G. Leventis Foundation/Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm, 2003. Paper, Cyp£30. ISBN: 9963-560-55-5. V. Karageorghis: Ancient Art" [BOLCAV]

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