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latest works: The Psychology of Worldviews: Jaspers/Heidegger. Journal of the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute of Seattle. 2012, volume 1. This essay examines some of the arguments raised in the encounter between two thinkers – Martin Heidegger and Karl Jaspers – focused on their contrasting ideas about “worldviews” from 1919-1920. Jaspers’ conception of philosophy as a summons – to oneself and to every other searcher – and Heidegger’s conception of philosophy as a questioning of Being – a question largely forgotten in the history of philosophy – are articulated via the two thinkers’ notes regarding “worldviews” from this early period. Important Nonsense: Essays in Philosophy. (Steven Brutus) ----- A philosophical study of suffering, hope, striving and peace of mind, guided by thinkers from Western, Indian and Chinese traditions. The thesis question for the study comes from the Austrian thinker Ludwig Wittgenstein's claim that philosophy results from misunderstandings concerning language. Lines of Thinking in Aesthetics. (Steven Brutus) ----- An introductory text in aesthetics -- the philosophy of art -- drawing upon resources from the Western, Chinese and Indian philosophical traditions. also: A lecture on the history of atheism, approximately 1 hour. November 2012: Religion, Culture, History: A Philosophical Study of Religion
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