Tabea Hirzel SMC University, Zug, Switzerland, UGSM Monarch Business School

  • Faculty, SMC University, Zug, Switzerland
  • Faculty, UGSM Monarch Business School
  • PhD, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), 2015.

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Dr. Tabea Hirzel, born 7 July 1977 in Solingen, Germany, received her doctorate in diplomacy by the SMC University in Switzerland and holds a degree in Business Administration and Clinical Psychology. 2005 she was honoured with the Business Award IDEA from Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Her 20 years work experiences brought her around several countries of Eurasia forming her cultural sensitivity. Her research on liberal anarchism and spontaneous social orders took her on a journey more and ever deeper into the quest of personhood, as an enigmatic phenomenon, which she brings further through empirical studies in applied ethics. Today, she works as visiting professor and consultant, specialized in international trade negotiations, community learning and discourse ethics. One of her unique approaches is her non-representational, game-based and action-based narrative methodology.
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    Tabea Hirzel (2015). Principles of Liberty: A Design-Based Research on Liberty as A Priori Constitutive Principle of the Social in the Swiss Nation Story. Dissertation, SCM University, Zug, Switzerland
    One of the still unsolved problems in liberal anarchism is a definition of social constituency in positive terms. Partially, this had been solved by the advancements of liberal discourse ethics. These approaches, built on praxeology as a universal framework for social formation, are detached from the need of any previous or external authority or rule for the discursive partners. However, the relationship between action, personal identity, and liberty within the process of a community becoming solely generated from the praxeological a (...)
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