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A. Major Original Works available in English (in chronological order)

  • Bellicard, Jérôme-Charles and Cochin, Charles-Nicolas, 1753, Observations upon the Antiquities of the Town of Herculanum, London: D. Wilson and T. Durham. (Scholar)
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  • Diderot's Early Philosophical Works, M. Jourdain (trans.), Chicago-London: Open Court, 1916.
  • Diderot on Art I and II, 1995, P. Goodman (trans.), New Haven: Yale University Press.
  • Du Bos, Jean-Baptiste, 1719, Critical Reflections on Poetry, Painting and Music, T. Nugent (trans.), London: John Nourse, 1748. (Scholar)
  • Félibien, André, 1667, Seven Conferences Held in the King of France's Cabinet of Paintings, Henri Testelin (trans.). London: T. Coope, 1740. [Discussions between “Le Brun, Bourdon, de Champagne, Perrault, etc., on some of the most celebrated pictures of Raphael, Titian, Paulo Veronese, Poussin, etc., in which the method of forming a judgment on paintings, is laid down with the greatest elegance and perspicuity”.] (Scholar)
  • Gerard, Alexander, 1759, Essay on Taste, with Three Dissertations on the Same Subject by Mr Voltaire, Mr d’Alembert, Mr de Montesquieu, London: A. Millar. (Scholar)
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  • –––, 1764, “Nachrichten von den neuesten Herculanischen Entdeckungen” (“Report About the Latest Herculanean Discoveries”). (Scholar)

B. Sourcebooks and Other Primary Literature

  • Elledge, S. and Schier, D. (eds), 1970, The Continental Model: Selected French Essays of the 17th Century, Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press. (Scholar)
  • Batteux, Charles, 1746, Les Beaux Arts réduits À Un Même Principe, Paris: Durand. (Scholar)
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C. Secondary Literature

  • Becq, Annie, 1994, Genèse de l’esthétique française moderne, 1680–1814, Paris: Albin Michel. (Scholar)
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