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Works by Elijah Delmedigo

In print:

  • Sefer Behinat Hadat of Elijah Del-Medigo [abbreviated Ross in the text], critical edition with introduction, notes and commentary by Jacob Joshua Ross, Tel-Aviv: Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies, 1984.
  • Quaestiones : De Primo Motore, De Mundi Efficientia, De Esse et Uno in John of Jandun, Super Octo Libros Aristotelis de Physico Auditu Subtilissimae Quaestiones (On the Eight Books of Physics of Aristotle), Frankfurt: Minerva 1969.
  • Parafrasi Della Republica Nella Traduzione Latina Di Elia Del Medigo (Latin Paraphrase by Elia Del Medigo of the Republic), A. Coviello and P.E. Fornacieri (eds.), Delmedigo's Latin Translation of Ibn Rushd's Paraphrase and Commentary to Plato's Republic, Florence: Leo S. Olschki Editore, 1994.

In manuscript:

  • Shetei Sheelot al Hanefesh (Two Treatises on the Soul), MS Milan: Biblioteca Ambrosiana, 128 and MS Paris: Bibliotheque Nationale, Hebrew 968.
  • Maamar al Etsem Hagalgal (Commentary on De Substantia Orbis), MS Paris: Biblioteque Nationale Hebrew 968.
  • Letter to Pico della Mirandola, MS Paris: Biblioteque Nationale, Latin 6508.
  • In Meteorologica Aristotelis (Epitome of Aristotle's Meteorology), MS Vatican 4550 (Latin translation by Delmedigo of Ibn Rushd's Epitome of Aristotle's Meteorology). (Scholar)
  • Aristotle's Book Lamda of the Metaphysics, MS Paris: Biblioteque Nationale, Latin 6508 (Delmedigo's Latin translation of the Hebrew translation of Ibn Rushd). (Scholar)
  • Averrois Commentatio in Metaphysica Aristotelis (Delmedigo's translation of Ibn Rushd's Epitome).

Older Studies of Delmedigo's Works

  • Guttman, J., 1927, “Elias del Medigos Verhaltnis zu Averroes in seinem Bechinat ha-Dat”, in Jewish Studies in Memory of Israel Abrahams, A. Kohut (ed.), New York, 192–208. (Scholar)
  • Huebsch, A., 1882–1883, “Elia Delmedigos Bechinat ha-Dath und Ibn Roshd's Facl al-maqal”, Monatsschrift fuer Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums, 31 (1882): 552–63; 32 (1883): 28–48. (Scholar)

Recent Studies of Delmedigo's Works

  • Band, K.P., 1991, “Elijah del Medigo's response to the Kabbalahs of fifteenth-century Jewry and Pico della Mirandolo”, The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy, 1: 23–53. (Scholar)
  • Band, K.P., 1995, “Elijah Del Medigo, Unicity of Intellect, and Immortality of Soul”, Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research, 61: 1–22. (Scholar)
  • Geffen, D.M., 1973–4, “Insights into the Life and Thought of Elijah Del Medigo Based on His Published and Unpublished Works,” Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research, 61 (2): 69–86. [This is based on his unpublished doctoral dissertation at Columbia University which contains an English translation of the text of Sefer Behinat Hadat before the corrected version of Ross appeared.] (Scholar)
  • Hames, H., 2004, “Elijah Delmedigo: An Archetype of the Halakhic Man?” in Cultural Intermediaries, D.B. Ruderman and G. Veltri (eds.), Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 39–54. (Scholar)
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  • Montada, J.P., 2011, “Eliahu del Medigo, The Last Averroist”, in Exchange and Transmission across Cultural Boundaries: Philosophy, Mysticism and Science in the Mediterranean World, H. Ben-Shammai, S. Stroumsa, and S. Shaked (eds.), Jerusalem: Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, forthcoming. (Scholar)
  • Montada, J.P., 1998, “Elia del Medigo and his Phyical Quaestiones”, in Was ist Philosophie in Mittelalter? (Miscellanea Mediaevalia 26), J.A. Aertsen and A. Speer (eds.), Cologne: Thomas-Instituts der Universität öln 929–936. (Scholar)
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