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Works by Regius

  • 1640a, Disputatio medico-physiologica pro sanguinis circulatione, Utrecht: Aeg. Roman.
  • 1640b, Spongia qua eluuntur sordes Animadversionum, quas Jacobus Primirosius, Doctor Medicus, adversus Theses pro Circulatione sanguinis in Academia Ultrajectina disputatas nuper edidit, Leiden: W. Christiaens. (Bound in Medical Dissertations, 139–66.)
  • 1641a, Physiologia, sive Cognitio sanitatis. Tribus disputationibus in Academia Ultrajectina publice proposita, Utrecht: Aeg. Roman; reprinted in Bos 2002, 195–248.
  • 1641b, Disputatio medica prima [–tertia] De illustribus aliquot quaestionibus physiologicis, Utrecht: Aeg. Roman.
  • 1642, Responsio, sive Notae in Appendicem ad Corollaria Theologico-Philosophica Viri Reverendi et Celeberrimi D. Gisberti Voetii, SS. Theologiae Doctoris et Professoris, et in Academiâ Ultrajectina p.t. Rectoris Magnifici, verbique Divini in Ecclesia Ministri, Utrecht: J. van Doorn.
  • 1646, Fundamenta Physices, Amsterdam: Louis Elsevier.
  • 1647, Medicatio viri cachexia leucophlegmatica affecti. Corollaria, Utrecht: Johannes à Noortdyck.
  • 1648, Brevis Explicatio Mentis Humanae, sive animae rationalis: ubi explicatur, quid sit, & quid esse possit, Utrecht: Th. ab Ackersdijck, G. à Zijll.
  • 1650, De Affectibus animi dissertatio, Utrecht: Th. ab Ackersdijck.
  • 1654, Philosophia naturalis, Amsterdam: L. Elsevier (2nd enlarged edn. of Regius 1646).
  • 1661, Philosophia naturalis, Amsterdam: L. and D. Elsevier (3rd edn. of Regius 1646).

See also Erik-Jan Bos (ed.), The Correspondence between Descartes and Henricus Regius, Utrecht: The Leiden-Utrecht Research Institute of Philosophy, 2002. This includes significant changes to the correspondence as published in Descartes 1964–76. [Available online.]

Related Early Works

  • Andreae, Tobias, 1653. Brevis Replicatio Reposita Brevi Explicationi Mentis Humanae, sive animae Rationalis, D. Henrici Regii, Medici ac Philosophi Ultrajectini, Amsterdam: L. Elzevier. (Scholar)
  • Descartes, René, 1648. Notae in Programma quoddam, sub finem Anni 1647 in Belgio editum, cum hoc titulo: Explicatio Mentis humanae, sive Animae rationalis, ubi explicatur quid sit, & quid esse posset, Amsterdam: L. Elzevier. (Scholar)
  • Descartes, René, [AT]. Oeuvres de Descartes, revised edition., Ch. Adam and P. Tannery (eds.), 12 volumes. Paris: Vrin/CNRS, 1964–76.
  • Descartes, René, [CB]. Descartes' Conversation with Burman, trans. J. Cottingham. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1976.
  • Descartes, René, The Correspondence of René Descartes 1643, T. Verbeek, E.-J. Bos, and J. van de Ven (eds.), Utrecht: Zeno Institute of Philosophy, 2003. [This is the first volume of a projected complete edition of Descartes' correspondence.] [Available online.]
  • Medical Dissertations 1636–60, A compilation at the British Library in which some of Regius' disputations are bound.
  • Schoock, Martinus, 1643. Admiranda Methodus novae philosophiae Renati des Cartes, Utrecht: J. van Waesberge. French trans. in Verbeek 1988, 157–320. (Scholar)
  • Voetius, Gisbertus, 1648–69. Selectarum Disputationum Theologicarum, 5 volumes, Utrecht and Amsterdam: J. van Waesberge. (Scholar)

Modern works

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