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  2. Browse from Caton, Hiram: Descartes: Die genese Des cartesianischen rationalismus
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  6. Browse from Whellams, Melissa: The approval of over-the-counter HIV tests: Playing fair when making the rules
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  10. Browse from Frand, Yissocher: An Offer You Can't Refuse: And Other Essays on the Art of Living
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  14. Browse from Needham, P.: Substance and Time
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  18. Browse from McCail, R. C.: Karelisa Hartigan: The Poets and the Cities. Selections from the Anthology about Greek cities. (Beiträge zur klassischen Philologie, 87.) Pp. x + 121; 1 map. Meisenheim am Glan: Anton Hain, 1979. Paper, DM. 48
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  22. Browse from Brito, António José De: Arthur Schopenhauer e Kant
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  26. Browse from F., L. S.: The Biblical Doctrine of Initiation; A Theology of Baptism and Evangelism
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  30. Browse from Cremaschi, Sergio: L'etica Moderna: Dalla Riforma a Nietzsche
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  34. Browse from Cook, P. S.: Fighting for Fair Work Conditions at UNSW and Macquarie University
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  38. Browse from Unwin, Nicholas: Recent Philosophers: a supplement to A Hundred Years of Philosophy
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  42. Browse from Jakšić, Božidar: Gorki plodovi sukoba-Nebojša Popov: Društveni sukobi-izazov sociologiji, Beogradski jun 1968, Biblioteka'Otpori i zabrane', Službeni glasnik, Beograd, 2008
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  46. Browse from Konrad, R.: Infinite incomprehensibility of angelic intellect
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  50. Browse from Rosen, Philip: Traces of the Past: From Historicity to Film
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  54. Browse from Pirela, Alfonso: Sistema de Información Científica Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina, el Caribe, España y Portugal
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  58. Browse from Murr, Sylvia: L'ame des betes chez Gassendi
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  62. Browse from Monferrand, F.: Enquête ouvrière et théorie critique. Enjeux et figures de la centralité ouvrière dans l’Italie des années 1960
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  66. Browse from Sala, B.: N. KÖRSGEN, Formale und transzendentale Synthesis
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  70. Browse from Tucci, Giuseppe: Storia Della Filosofia Indiana
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  74. Browse from Bonacina, Franco: Vita spirituale e vita soprannaturale
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  78. Browse from Buyssens, Eric: Sire Gauvain et le chevalier vert. Poème anglais du XIVe siècle. Traduction avec le texte en regard, une Introduction et des Notes, par Pons
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  82. Browse from Addis, Laird: J. K. Swindler, Weaving: An Analysis Of The Constitution Of Objects
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  86. Browse from Gibbs, Lee W.: William Ames's Technometry
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  90. Browse from Ellin, Joseph: Must God Create the Best World Or, Why God is a Utilitarian
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  94. Browse from Berner, Ulrich: Religionsgeschichte und Mission Zur Kontroverse zwischen Ernst Troeltsch und Gustav Warneck
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  98. Browse from Jacoby, Mario: Jungian Psychotherapy and Contemporary Infant Research: Basic Patterns of Emotional Exchange
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Miyasaki, Donovan, Against the Moral Appraisal of Art: Wayne Booth and the Case of Huck Finn. Morality, Art, Aesthetics, Ethics, Literature, Aesthetic Judgment.

Anderson, James C.;Dean, Jeffrey T., Moderate autonomism.

Carroll, Noël, Ethics and aesthetics: Replies to Dickie, Stecker, and Livingston.

Carroll, Noël, Moderate moralism. art and morality, moralism.

Carroll, Noel, Moderate moralism versus moderate autonomism. Ethical Criticism.

Carroll, Noël, The wheel of virtue: Art, literature, and moral knowledge. moralism, art and morality, aesthetics and ethics.

Collinson, Diané, ‘Ethics and aesthetics are one’.

Connolly, O., Ethicism and moderate moralism.

Cory, Herbert Ellsworth, Beauty and goodness: Art and morality.

Dickie, George, The triumph in triumph of the will.

Giovannelli, Alessandro, The ethical criticism of art: A new mapping of the territory. Ethical Criticism, Moral Persuasion.

Grossman, Morris, Art and morality: On the ambiguity of a distinction.

Mason, Michelle, Moral prejudice and aesthetic deformity: Rereading Hume's "of the standard of taste". David Hume, taste, aesthetics.

Mullin, Amy, Moral defects, aesthetic defects, and the imagination. MoralEd, Aesthetics, Imagination, Resistance, Dissertation.

Eaton, Marcia Muelder, Integrating the aesthetic and the moral.

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Eaton, A. W., Where Ethics and Aesthetics Meet: Titian's Rape of Europa.

Harold, James, Immoralism and the Valence Constraint.

Stecker, Robert, Immoralism and the anti-theoretical view.

Hagberg, Garry, Art and Ethical Criticism. Aesthetics , Aesthetics Moral and ethical aspects, Art Philosophy.

Gaut, Berys Nigel, Art, Emotion and Ethics. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Bermúdez, José Luis;Gardner, Sebastian, Art and Morality. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Levinson, Jerrold, Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Anderson, John, Art and morality.

Armstrong, David M.;Malcolm, Norman, Consciousness and Causality: A Debate on the Nature of Mind. Causality, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Wittgenstein.