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    Alexander T. Levine (1999). Scientific Progress and the Fregean Legacy. Mind and Language 14 (3):263–290.
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    Alexander T. Levine (2000). Which Way Is Up? Thomas S. Kuhn's Analogy to Conceptual Development in Childhood. Science and Education 9 (1-2):107-122.
  3. Alexander T. Levine (1994). Interpreting the History of Science: A Psychologistic Approach. Dissertation, University of California, San Diego
    The question, how is profound intellectual disagreement possible, even when addressed toward the paradigmatically reasonable activity of scientific communication, has generated a number of puzzling responses. On a response attributed to Thomas S. Kuhn, some episodes in the history of science don't allow for meaningful disagreement. In such situations, the adversaries talk at cross purposes until one side is either "converted" or dies off. ;This skeptical prospect has also been considered by those who study the differences between natural languages, and (...)
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