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  1. Logic and Visual Information.Eric M. Hammer - 1995 - CSLI Publications.
    This book examines the logical foundations of visual information: information presented in the form of diagrams, graphs, charts, tables, and maps. The importance of visual information is clear from its frequent presence in everyday reasoning and communication, and also in compution. Chapters of the book develop the logics of familiar systems of diagrams such as Venn diagrams and Euler circles. Other chapters develop the logic of higraphs, Pierce diagrams, and a system having both diagrams and sentences among its well-formed representations. (...)
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    Semantics for Existential Graphs.Eric M. Hammer - 1998 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 27 (5):489-503.
    This paper examines Charles Peirce's graphical notation for first-order logic with identity. The notation forms a part of his system of "existential graphs," which Peirce considered to be his best work in logic. In this paper a Tarskian semantics is provided for the graphical system.
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    The Truths of Logic.Eric M. Hammer - 1996 - Synthese 109 (1):27 - 45.
    Several accounts of logical truth are compared and shown to define distinct concepts. Nevertheless, conditions are given under which they happen to declare exactly the same sentences logically true. These conditions involve the variety of objects in the domain, the richness of the language, and the logical resources available. It is argued that the class of sentences declared logically true by each of the accounts depends on particularities of the actual world.
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    Shin Sun-Joo. The Logical Status of Diagrams. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York, and Oakleigh, Victoria, 1995 , Xi + 197 Pp. [REVIEW]Eric M. Hammer - 1996 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 61 (1):341-342.
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    Review: Sun-Joo Shin, The Logical Status of Diagrams. [REVIEW]Eric M. Hammer - 1996 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 61 (1):341-342.