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    Michael Andres, Samuel Di Luca & Mauro Pesenti (2008). Finger Counting: The Missing Tool? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 31 (6):642-643.
    Rips et al. claim that the principles underlying the structure of natural numbers cannot be inferred from interactions with the physical world. However, in their target article they failed to consider an important source of interaction: finger counting. Here, we show that finger counting satisfies all the conditions required for allowing the concept of numbers to emerge from sensorimotor experience through a bottom-up process.
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    Nicolas Michaux, Mauro Pesenti, Arnaud Badets, Samuel Di Luca & Michael Andres (2010). Let Us Redeploy Attention to Sensorimotor Experience. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (4):283-284.
    With his massive redeployment hypothesis (MRH), Anderson claims that novel cognitive functions are likely to rely on pre-existing circuits already possessing suitable resources. Here, we put forward recent findings from studies in numerical cognition in order to show that the role of sensorimotor experience in the ontogenetical development of a new function has been largely underestimated in Anderson's proposal.
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    Luca Rinaldi, Samuel Di Luca, Avishai Henik & Luisa Girelli (2016). A Helping Hand Putting in Order: Visuomotor Routines Organize Numerical and Non-Numerical Sequences in Space. Cognition 152:40-52.
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