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    Synthesis and Antiviral Activity of 2-3,5 Dinitropheny1-5-Substituted Phenyl 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles.Archana Jyoti - 2020 - International Journal of Advanced Academic Studies 2 (3):262-263.
    3, 5 dinitro benzoic acid hydrazide was prepared by the hydrazinolysis of the corresponding ethyl ester. Condensation of this hydrazide with different aromatic acids in presence of POCl3 gave 2-3, 5 dinitropheny1-5-substituted pheny1 1, 3, 4-oxadiazoles. All the final compounds were tested against Ranikhet Disease Virus (RDV). However no compound showed antiviral activity against RDV.
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    Histopathological Study of the Cestode Parasite, Cotugnia From Gallus Domesticus at Kannad, Aurangabad (MS), India.B. S. Thorat - 2020 - International Journal of Advanced Academic Studies 2 (3):204-206.
    The present exploration was undertaken to study the histopathology of a cestode Cotugnia from Gallus domesticus at Kannad Dist. Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The cestode worm adheres itself to host tissue and sucks the nourishment. The T. S. of intestine showed that the worm is attached to mucosal layer. Due to its attachment, intestinal mucosal layer was disturbed and appeared in broken condition. Besides, intestinal villi were also severely infected may lead to necrotic stage.
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