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    Language as a Tool: Motor Proficiency Using a Tool Predicts Individual Linguistic Abilities.Claudio Brozzoli, Alice C. Roy, Linda H. Lidborg & Martin Lövdén - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
  2.  16
    Proprioception Is Necessary for Body Schema Plasticity: Evidence From a Deafferented Patient.Lucilla Cardinali, Claudio Brozzoli, Jacques Luauté, Alice C. Roy & Alessandro Farnè - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.
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    Differential Effects of Age-of-Acquisition for Concrete Nouns and Action Verbs: Evidence for Partly Distinct Representations?Véronique Boulenger, Nathalie Décoppet, Alice C. Roy, Yves Paulignan & Tatjana A. Nazir - 2007 - Cognition 103 (1):131-46.
    There is growing evidence that words that are acquired early in life are processed faster and more accurately than words acquired later, even by adults. As neuropsychological and neuroimaging studies have implicated different brain networks in the processing of action verbs and concrete nouns, the present study was aimed at contrasting reaction times to early and later-acquired action verbs and concrete nouns, in order to determine whether effects of word learning age express differently for the two types of words. Our (...)
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  4. Human Tool-Use: A Causal Role in Plasticity of Bodily and Spatial Representations.L. Cardinali, C. Brozzoli, F. Frassinetti, Alice C. Roy & A. Farnè - 2011 - In Teresa McCormack, Christoph Hoerl & Stephen Andrew Butterfill (eds.), Tool Use and Causal Cognition. Oxford University Press.
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