Jeremy C. DeLong [3]Jeremy Curtis DeLong [1]
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Jeremy C. DeLong
Fort Hays State University
  1. Parmenides (Internet Encylcopedia of Philosophy).Jeremy Curtis DeLong - 2016
    Parmenides of Elea Parmenides of Elea was a Presocratic Greek philosopher. As the first philosopher to inquire into the nature of existence itself, he is incontrovertibly credited as the “Father of Metaphysics.” As the first to employ deductive, a priori arguments to justify his claims, he competes with Aristotle … Continue reading Parmenides →.
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  2. Rearranging Parmenides: B1: 31-32 and a Case for an Entirely Negative Doxa.Jeremy C. DeLong - 2015 - Southwest Philosophy Review 31 (1):177-186.
    This essay explicates the primary interpretative import of B1: 31-32 in Parmenides poem (On Nature)—lines which have radical implications for the overall argument, and which the traditional arrangement forces into an irreconcilable dilemma. I argue that the “negative” reading of lines 31-32 is preferable, even on the traditional arrangement. This negative reading denies that a third thing is to be taught to the reader by the goddess—a positive account of how the apparent world is to be “acceptably” understood. I then (...)
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