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    Popularity of the Metaverse: Embodied Social Presence Theory Perspective.Guihua Zhang, Junwei Cao, Dong Liu & Jie Qi - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 13.
    With Facebook’s name changing to Meta, the metaverse concept has become popular again. There are many indications that the current fashionableness of the metaverse is not driven by technical factors, rather related to the public hype. To clarify the reasons for the increasing popularity of the concept, this study develops a model based on embodied social presence theory. We surveyed 292 metaverse users, and analyzed the obtained data using partial least squares structural equation modeling. The results show that the main (...)
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    Intrinsic Mode Chirp Multicomponent Decomposition with Kernel Sparse Learning for Overlapped Nonstationary Signals Involving Big Data.Haixin Sun, Yongchun Miao & Jie Qi - 2018 - Complexity 2018:1-15.
    We focus on the decomposition problem for nonstationary multicomponent signals involving Big Data. We propose the kernel sparse learning, developed for the T-F reassignment algorithm by the path penalty function, to decompose the instantaneous frequencies ridges of the overlapped multicomponent from a time-frequency representation. The main objective of KSL is to minimize the error of the prediction process while minimizing the amount of training samples used and thus to cut the costs interrelated with the training sample collection. The IFs first (...)
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