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    Legal proof and fact finders' beliefs.Jordi Ferrer Beltrán - 2006 - Legal Theory 12 (4):293-314.
    In procedural-law scholarship as well as in the theoretical analysis of the notion of proof as a result of the joint assessment of all items of evidence introduced in a trial, reference is frequently made to notions such as the conviction, belief, or certainty of a judge or a jury member about what happened. All these notions underscore the mental states involved in the process of determining the facts on the part of a judge or a jury. In this analysis, (...)
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    Validity and Defeasibility in the Legal Domain.Jordi Ferrer Beltrán & Giovanni Ratti - 2010 - Law and Philosophy 29 (5):601-626.
    In jurisprudential literature, the adjective ‘defeasible’ appears as a predicate of many terms: concepts, laws, rules, reasoning, justification, proof, and so on. In this paper, we analyze the effects of some versions of the thesis of the defeasibility of legal norms on the reconstruction of the notion of legal validity. We analyze some possible justifications of this thesis considered as a claim concerning validity, and enquire into two possible sets of problems related to the defeasibility of the criteria of identification (...)
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    Apuntes sobre el concepto de motivación de las decisiones judiciales.Jordi Ferrer Beltrán - 2011 - Isonomía. Revista de Teoría y Filosofía Del Derecho 34:87-108.
    El artículo tiene como objetivo ofrecer un panorama de los problemas que enfrenta la motivación de las resoluciones judiciales. Así, se intenta responder básicamente a tres cuestiones: ¿qué se motiva?, ¿qué significa motivar dado el rol de la función judicial? Y, derivado de ellas, ¿cuáles son las exigencias para una correcta motivación?
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