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    Model Completeness of the New Strongly Minimal Sets.Kitty L. Holland - 1999 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 64 (3):946-962.
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    An Introduction to Fusion of Strongly Minimal Sets: The Geometry of Fusions. [REVIEW]Kitty L. Holland - 1995 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 34 (6):395-413.
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    Strongly Minimal Fusions of Vector Spaces.Kitty L. Holland - 1997 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 83 (1):1-22.
    We provide a simple and transparent construction of Hrushovski's strongly minimal fusions in the case where the fused strongly minimal sets are vector spaces. We strengthen Hrushovski's result by showing that the strongly minimal fusions are model complete.
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    Projective Geometries of Algebraically Closed Fields of Characteristic Zero.Kitty L. Holland - 1993 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 60 (3):237-260.
    Fix an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero and let G be its geometry of transcendence degree one extensions. Let X be a set of points of G. We show that X extends to a projective subgeometry of G exactly if the partial derivatives of the polynomials inducing dependence on its elements satisfy certain separability conditions. This analysis produces a concrete representation of the coordinatizing fields of maximal projective subgeometries of G.
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