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    Is Superluminal Travel a Theoretical Possibility?N. T. Bishop - 1984 - Foundations of Physics 14 (4):333-340.
    The theory of relativity forbids the superluminal travel of ordinary matter. However, it is possible to amend the theory of relativity and to develop a theory permitting superluminal travel. The acceptability of the features needed for superluminal travel is discussed.
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    Gravitational Redshift and the Equivalence Principle.P. T. Landsberg & N. T. Bishop - 1976 - Foundations of Physics 6 (6):727-737.
    Two problems have long been confused with each other: the gravitational redshift as discussed by the equivalence principle; and the Doppler shift observed by a detector which moves with constant proper acceleration away from a stationary source. We here distinguish these two problems and give for the first time a solution of the former which is ‘exact’ within the context of the equivalence principle in a sense discussed in the paper. The equivalence principle leads to transformations between flat spacetimes. These (...)
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    Is Superluminal Travel a Theoretical Possibility? II.N. T. Bishop - 1988 - Foundations of Physics 18 (5):571-574.
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    Do Tachyons Produce an Unacceptable Gravitational Field?N. T. Bishop - 1989 - Foundations of Physics 19 (5):619-624.
    The geodesics and the curvature of a metric representing an isolated tachyon are investigated. It is argued that the properties are unphysical and inconsistent with observation, thus providing further evidence against the existence of tachyons.
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