1.  24
    Arithmetical set theory.Paul Strauss - 1991 - Studia Logica 50 (2):343 - 350.
    It is well known that number theory can be interpreted in the usual set theories, e.g. ZF, NF and their extensions. The problem I posed for myself was to see if, conversely, a reasonably strong set theory could be interpreted in number theory. The reason I am interested in this problem is, simply, that number theory is more basic or more concrete than set theory, and hence a more concrete foundation for mathematics. A partial solution to the problem was accomplished (...)
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  2.  11
    Some systems of natural deduction.Paul Strauss - 1967 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 8 (4):286-290.
  3.  12
    Number-theoretic set theories.Paul Strauss - 1985 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 26 (1):81-95.