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    Presupposition and the Delimitation of Semantics.Ruth M. Kempson - 1975 - Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.
  2. Semantic Theory.Ruth M. Kempson - 1977 - Cambridge University Press.
    Semantics is a bridge discipline between linguistics and philosophy; but linguistics student are rarely able to reach that bridge, let alone cross it to inspect and assess the activity on the other side. Professor Kempson's textbook seeks particularly to encourage such exchanges. She deals with the standard linguistic topics like componential analysis, semantic universals and the syntax-semantics controversy. But she also provides for students with no training in philosophy or logic an introduction to such central topics in the philosophy of (...)
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    Ambiguity and Quantification.Ruth M. Kempson & Annabel Cormack - 1980 - Linguistics and Philosophy 4 (2):259 - 309.
    In the opening sections of this paper, we defined ambiguity in terms of distinct sentences (for a single sentence-string) with, in particular, distinct sets of truth conditions for the corresponding negative sentence-string. Lexical vagueness was defined as equivalent to disjunction, for under conditions of the negation of a sentence-string containing such an expression, all the relevant more specific interpretations of the string had also to be negated. Yet in the case of mixed quantification sentences, the strengthened, more specific, interpretations of (...)
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    On 'Formal Games and Forms for Games'.Annabel Cormack & Ruth M. Kempson - 1980 - Linguistics and Philosophy 4 (3):431 - 435.
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    Quantification and Pragmatics.Ruth M. Kempson & Annabel Cormack - 1980 - Linguistics and Philosophy 4 (4):607 - 618.
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    Philosophy of Linguistics.Ruth M. Kempson, Tim Fernando & Nicholas Asher (eds.) - 2012 - North Holland.
    This groundbreaking collection, the most thorough treatment of the philosophy of linguistics ever published, brings together philosophers, scientists and historians to map out both the foundational assumptions set during the second half of ...
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  7. Semantics, Pragmatics, and Natural-Language Interpretation.Ruth M. Kempson - 1996 - In Shalom Lappin (ed.), The Handbook of Contemporary Semantic Theory. Blackwell. pp. 561--598.