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    Mustafa Akyol’s Reopening Muslim Minds: A Return to Reason, Freedom, and Tolerance.Abdullah bin Hamid Ali - 2021 - Journal of Islamic Philosophy 12:75-101.
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    Perceptions of Abraham’s Attempted Sacrifice of Isaac in the Latin Philosophical Tradition, the Sunnī Exegetical Tradition, and by Ibn ʿArabī.Ismail Lala - 2021 - Journal of Islamic Philosophy 12:5-44.
    Kierkegaard raises many issues in his account of the near sacri­fice of Isaac by his father. Responding to and critiquing Hegelian and Kantian depictions of Abraham, Kierkegaard moves to elevate Abraham into a position as a knight of faith. The Sunnī perception of the incident in the exegetical tradition is far more ethically unequivocal than that of the Latin philosophical tradi­tion. The ubiquitous Sufi theorist, Ibn ʿArabī, however, in a single act of interpretive ingenuity, managed to extirpate the central root (...)
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    Ṣadrā on Metaphysical Essentialism.Kamal Shlbei - 2021 - Journal of Islamic Philosophy 12:45-74.
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