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  1. God and the Argument from Consciousness: A Reply to Lim.J. P. Moreland - 2012 - European Journal for the Philosophy of Religion 4 (1):243-251.
    Recently, Daniel Lim has published a thoughtful critique of one form of my argument for the existence of God from consciousness (hereafter, AC). After stating his presentation of the relevant contours of my argument, I shall present the main components of his critique, followed by my response. Since one purpose of my publications of AC has been to foster discussion about a neglected argument for God’s existence, I am thankful to Lim for his interesting article and the chance to further (...)
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  2. Some Metaphysical Implications of Hegel's Theology.Paul Redding - 2012 - European Journal for the Philosophy of Religion 4 (1):139–150.
    Hegel makes claims about the relation of philosophy to religion that might raise concerns for those who want to locate his philosophy generally within the modern enlightenment tradition. For example, at the outset of his Lectures on Aesthetics he claims that philosophy “has no other object but God and so is essentially rational theology”.1 What might seem to placate worries here is that Hegel of course differentiates between the forms of religious and philosophical cognition in which such a content is (...)
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