1. Talk About Fiction.Francois Recanati - 1998 - Lingua E Stile 33 (3):547-558.
  2.  85
    Meanings and Concepts.Stephen R. Schiffer - 1998 - Lingua E Stile 33 (3):399-411.
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  3. Cognitively Contentless Significance as Semantic Content.Alberto Voltolini - 1998 - Lingua E Stile 33:413-426.
    Some years ago, Howard Wettstein provided an original defense of the New Theory of Reference (NTR), the doctrine that singular terms such as names and indexicals are directly referential terms (DRTs), contributing only their reference to the truth-conditions of the tokened sentence they occur in. Wettstein maintained that in order to be semantically adequate, NTR does not have to account for what he calls Frege’s data on cognitive significance, those puzzling facts about language that prompt one to think that meaning (...)
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