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    Nanoethics—A Collaboration Across Disciplines.Anna Julie Rasmussen, Mette Ebbesen & Svend Andersen - 2012 - NanoEthics 6 (3):185-193.
    The field of nanoscience and nanotechnology is expanding rapidly, promising great benefits for society in the form of better medicine, more efficient energy production, new types of materials, etc. Naturally, in order for the science and technology to live up to these promises, it is important to continue scientific research and development, but equally important is the ethical dimension. Giving attention to the social, ethical and legal aspects of the field, among others, will help in developing a fully responsible—and thereby (...)
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    Why Should Nanoscience Students Be Taught to Be Ethically Competent?Anna Julie Rasmussen & Mette Ebbesen - 2014 - Science and Engineering Ethics 20 (4):1065-1077.
    During the education of scientists at the university level the students become more and more specialized. The specialization of the students is a consequence of the scientific research becoming specialized as well. In the interdisciplinary field of nanoscience the importance of specialization is also emphasized throughout the education. Being an interdisciplinary field of study the specialization in this area is not focused on scientific disciplines, but on the different branches of the research. Historically ethics has not been a priority in (...)
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    Characteristics, Properties and Ethical Issues of Carbon Nanotubes in Biomedical Applications.Anna Julie Rasmussen & Mette Ebbesen - 2014 - NanoEthics 8 (1):29-48.
    The field of nanotechnology and nanoscience is growing rapidly in many areas of research, from electronics to biomedicine to material science. Carbon nanotubes are receiving a lot of attention in the research due to their unique properties and many possible applications. This new material is a good example of how nanotechnology provides us with new opportunities, but at the same time leaves us a lot of unknowns to deal with. In order to deal with the unknowns we need to consider (...)
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