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  1. Toward a cognitive neuroscience of metacognition.Arthur P. Shimamura - 2000 - Consciousness and Cognition 9 (2):313-323.
    The relationship between metacognition and executive control is explored. According to an analysis by Fernandez-Duque, Baird, and Posner (this issue), metacognitive regulation involves attention, conflict resolution, error correction, inhibitory control, and emotional regulation. These aspects of metacognition are presumed to be mediated by a neural circuit involving midfrontal brain regions. An evaluation of the proposal by Fernandez-Duque et al. is made, and it is suggested that there is considerable convergence of issues associated with metacognition, executive control, working memory, and frontal (...)
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    Aesthetic Science: Connecting Minds, Brains, and Experience.Arthur P. Shimamura & Stephen E. Palmer (eds.) - 2012 - Oup Usa.
    This book offers an introduction to the way art is perceived, interpreted, and felt and approaches these mindful events from a multidisciplinary perspective.
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    Superadditive memory strength for item and source recognition: The role of hierarchical relational binding in the medial temporal lobe.Arthur P. Shimamura & Thomas D. Wickens - 2009 - Psychological Review 116 (1):1-19.
  4. Neural basis of memory: Systems level.Arthur P. Shimamura - 2003 - In L. Nadel (ed.), Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. Nature Publishing Group.
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    Forms of memory: issues and directions.Arthur P. Shimamura - 1990 - In J. McGaugh, Jerry Weinberger & G. Lynch (eds.), Brain Organization and Memory. Guilford Press. pp. 159--173.
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    Problems with the finding of stochastic independence as evidence for multiple memory systems.Arthur P. Shimamura - 1985 - Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 23 (6):506-508.
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    Memory retrieval and executive control.Arthur P. Shimamura - 2002 - In Donald T. Stuss & Robert T. Knight (eds.), Principles of Frontal Lobe Function. Oxford University Press. pp. 210.
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