1. Am I thinking assemblies?Christoph von der Malsburg - 1986 - In G. Palm & A. Aertsen (eds.), Brain Theory. Springer.
  2. Dynamic link architecture.Christoph von der Malsburg - 1995 - In Michael A. Arbib (ed.), Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks. MIT Press.
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    How are neural signals related to each other and to the world?Christoph von der Malsburg - 2002 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 9 (1):47-60.
    The core of this paper is a discussion of how the physical signals of the nervous system acquire significance and meaning on the basis of relationships with each other and with the environment. Signal relations are discussed in terms of coherence , prediction, intentionality, inner reality and meaning. The original and most basic type of signal relation has the form of temporal correlations on coarser or finer time scales, and all other relations must ultimately be built up by the brain (...)
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