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    Effects of Achievement Contexts on the Meaning Structure of Emotion Words.Kornelia Gentsch, Kristina Loderer, Cristina Soriano, Johnny R. J. Fontaine, Michael Eid, Reinhard Pekrun & Klaus R. Scherer - 2017 - Cognition and Emotion 32 (2):379-388.
    Little is known about the impact of context on the meaning of emotion words. In the present study, we used a semantic profiling instrument to investigate features representing five emotion components of 11 emotion words in situational contexts involving success or failure. We compared these to the data from an earlier study in which participants evaluated the typicality of features out of context. Profile analyses identified features for which typicality changed as a function of context for all emotion words, except (...)
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    Emotion and Colour Across Languages: Implicit Associations in Spanish Colour Terms.Cristina Soriano & Javier Valenzuela - 2009 - Social Science Information 48 (3):421-445.
    This study explores the reasons why colour words and emotion words are frequently associated in the different languages of the world. One of them is connotative overlap between the colour term and the emotion term. A new experimental methodology, the Implicit Association Test, is used to investigate the implicit connotative structure of the Peninsular Spanish colour terms rojo, azul, verde and amarillo in terms of Osgood’s universal semantic dimensions: Evaluation, Activity and Potency. The results show a connotative profile compatible with (...)
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    Are Concepts of Achievement-Related Emotions Universal Across Cultures? A Semantic Profiling Approach.Kristina Loderer, Kornelia Gentsch, Melissa C. Duffy, Mingjing Zhu, Xiyao Xie, Jason A. Chavarría, Elisabeth Vogl, Cristina Soriano, Klaus R. Scherer & Reinhard Pekrun - 2020 - Cognition and Emotion 34 (7):1480-1488.
    Verifying that conceptualisations of emotions are consistent across languages and cultures is a critical precondition for meaningful cross-cultural research on emotional experience. For achievement...
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    Metaphorical and Literal Profiling in the Study of Emotions.Anna Ogarkova & Cristina Soriano - 2018 - Metaphor and Symbol 33 (1):19-35.
    This paper focuses on the conceptualization of anger as viewed from two disciplinary perspectives: Conceptual Metaphor Theory and emotion psychology. In the first study, twenty varieties of anger lexicalized in three languages are characterized using the Metaphorical Profile Approach, a quantitative corpus-based assessment of the meaning of emotion words in metaphorical contexts. In the second study, the same set of lexemes is analyzed using a psycholinguistic feature-rating instrument adapted to the study of near-synonyms. Our results demonstrate congruence of the two (...)
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