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  1. Understanding Complexity in the Human Brain.Danielle S. Bassett & Michael S. Gazzaniga - 2011 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 15 (5):200.
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    Local Patterns to Global Architectures: Influences of Network Topology on Human Learning.Elisabeth A. Karuza, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill & Danielle S. Bassett - 2016 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 20 (8):629-640.
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    Brain and Social Networks: Fundamental Building Blocks of Human Experience.Emily B. Falk & Danielle S. Bassett - 2017 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 21 (9):674-690.
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    Human Sensitivity to Community Structure Is Robust to Topological Variation.Elisabeth A. Karuza, Ari E. Kahn & Danielle S. Bassett - 2019 - Complexity 2019:1-8.
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    Network and Multilayer Network Approaches to Understanding Human Brain Dynamics.Sarah Feldt Muldoon & Danielle S. Bassett - 2016 - Philosophy of Science 83 (5):710-720.
    Network neuroscience provides a systems approach to the study of the brain and enables the examination of interactions measured at different temporal and spatial scales. We review current methods to quantify the structure of brain networks and compare that structure across different clinical cohorts, cognitive states, and subjects. We further introduce the emerging mathematical concept of multilayer networks and describe the advantages of this approach to model changing brain dynamics over time. We conclude by offering several concrete examples of how (...)
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    A Network Neuroscience of Human Learning: Potential to Inform Quantitative Theories of Brain and Behavior.Danielle S. Bassett & Marcelo G. Mattar - 2017 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 21 (4):250-264.
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    The Citation Diversity Statement: A Practice of Transparency, A Way of Life.Perry Zurn, Danielle S. Bassett & Nicole C. Rust - 2020 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 24 (9):669-672.
    Ethical research practices are a way of life. And diversifying science is a task for the long haul. The Citation Diversity Statement is but one tool in a larger project. Science changes every day. And each of us changes it with every paper we write, every reference list we publish, every collaboration we initiate, every class we teach, and every mentee we welcome. How do we want to make that change?
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    Cognitive Computational Neuroscience: A New Conference for an Emerging Discipline.Thomas Naselaris, Danielle S. Bassett, Alyson K. Fletcher, Konrad Kording, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Hendrikje Nienborg, Russell A. Poldrack, Daphna Shohamy & Kendrick Kay - 2018 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 22 (5):365-367.
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    On the Nature of Explanations Offered by Network Science: A Perspective From and for Practicing Neuroscientists.Maxwell A. Bertolero & Danielle S. Bassett - 2020 - Topics in Cognitive Science 12 (4):1272-1293.
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    The Promise and Challenges of Intensive Longitudinal Designs for Imbalance Models of Adolescent Substance Use.David M. Lydon-Staley & Danielle S. Bassett - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Spatial Embedding Imposes Constraints on Neuronal Network Architectures.Jennifer Stiso & Danielle S. Bassett - 2018 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 22 (12):1127-1142.
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    Spinning a Mental Web.Danielle S. Bassett - 2011 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 5.
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    Spinning a Mental Web.Danielle S. Bassett & Felix Siebenhühner - 2012 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 6.