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Hassan Masoud
University of Alberta
  1.  87
    Existential Import Today: New Metatheorems; Historical, Philosophical, and Pedagogical Misconceptions.John Corcoran & Hassan Masoud - 2015 - History and Philosophy of Logic 36 (1):39-61.
    Contrary to common misconceptions, today's logic is not devoid of existential import: the universalized conditional ∀ x [S→ P] implies its corresponding existentialized conjunction ∃ x [S & P], not in all cases, but in some. We characterize the proexamples by proving the Existential-Import Equivalence: The antecedent S of the universalized conditional alone determines whether the universalized conditional has existential import, i.e. whether it implies its corresponding existentialized conjunction.A predicate is an open formula having only x free. An existential-import predicate (...)
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  2.  43
    Existential-Import Mathematics.John Corcoran & Hassan Masoud - 2015 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 21 (1):1-14.
  3.  19
    The Tarskian Turn: Deflationism and Axiomatic Truth. [REVIEW]John Corcoran & Hassan Masoud - 2014 - History and Philosophy of Logic 35 (3):308-313.