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  1. Cпівпраця Греко-Католицької Церкви З Українцями Америки В 20-30 Рр. Хх Ст.Ihor Pylypiv - 2013 - Схід (2(109)):109-113.
    This article examines the activity of Greek-Catholic church in organization of collaboration with Ukrainian Greek-Catholic communities on the American continent. Using concrete examples, the author illustrates a systematic activity of Lviv Greek-catholic commune in supporting emigrants-Ukrainians to theUnited States, which was shown in spiritual, organizational, clerical, and moral support.
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    Матеріальне становище греко-католицького парафіяльного духовенства перемишльської єпархії.Ihor Pylypiv & Tetyana Goran - 2016 - Схід 5 (145):50-55.
    The article deals with the financial situation of the Greek Catholic clergy of the Eparchy of Peremysl during the period of theSecondPolish-LithuanianCommonwealth on the basis of archival documents. The author analyzes the status and living standards of the Greek Catholic clergy. The paper studies the number of plots of land, which religious communities use. The authors of the study argue that the main source of the majority of priests’ income were allotments. The authors carried out a comparative analysis with the (...)
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