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    Brian Epstein, The Ant Trap: Rebuilding the Foundations of the Social Sciences. Reviewed By.James K. Swindler - 2016 - Philosophy in Review 36 (3):103-108.
    In The Ant Trap, Brian Epstein proposes a bold new systematic strategy for developing social ontology. He explores the history and current state of the art and provides pointed critiques of leading theories in the field. His framework, incompassing frames that provide principles for grounding social facts, is developed in some detail across a variety of social practices and applied to revealing real world as well as hyporthetical examples. If Epstein's account holds, it should provide new directions and standards of (...)
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    Comments on Mark Brown’s “Why Individualism Matters”.James K. Swindler - 1990 - Southwest Philosophy Review 6 (2):115-118.
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    Induction, Probability and Skepticism.James K. Swindler - 1992 - Review of Metaphysics 46 (2):394-396.
    Pyrrho of Elis followed Alexander into the Indus Valley where he contracted the skepticism which has ever since goaded Western thought. In this masterful study of the limits of human knowledge, D. P. Chattopadhyaya, one of India's brightest philosophical lights, revitalizes the westward flow of skepticism by putting our major epistemologies and philosophies of science to the test of his "anthropological rationalism". Often echoing Western pragmatists as well as Indians like Nägärjuna and Samkara, he sustains fallibilism, "localized holism", truth as (...)
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