1. Acts of Dissent: New Developments in the Study of Protest.Dieter Rucht, Ruud Koopmans, Friedhelm Niedhardt, Mark R. Beissinger, Louis J. Crishock, Grzegorz Ekiert, Olivier Fillieule, Pierre Gentile, Peter Hocke, Jan Kubik, John D. McCarthy, Clark McPhail, Johan L. Olivier, Susan Olzak, David Schweingruber, Jackie Smith & Sidney Tarrow - 1999 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    Although living conditions have improved throughout history, protest, at least in the last few decades, seems to have increased to the point of becoming a normal phenomenon in modern societies. Contributors to this volume examine how and why this is the case and argue that although problems such as poverty, hunger, and violations of democratic rights may have been reduced in advanced Western societies, a variety of other problems and opportunities have emerged and multiplied the reasons and possibilities for protest.
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    Who Done It: Workers, Intellectuals, or Someone Else? Controversy Over Solidarity's Origins and Social Composition. [REVIEW]Jan Kubik - 1994 - Theory and Society 23 (3):441-466.
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    Book Review:Power and Civil Society: Toward a Dynamic Theory of Real Socialism. Leszek Nowak. [REVIEW]Jan Kubik - 1994 - Ethics 104 (3):652-.
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    Twenty Years After Communism.Michael Bernhard & Jan Kubik (eds.) - 2014 - Oup Usa.
    Twenty Years After Communism is concerned with the explosion of a politics of memory triggered by the fall of state socialism in Eastern Europe, and it takes a comparative look at the ways that communism and its demise have been commemorated by major political actors across the region.
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