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  1. Truth and Historicity.Richard Campbell, Lawrence E. Johnson, Luiz F. Moreno, Dorothy Grover, Anil Gupta & Nuel Belnap - 1992 - Studia Logica 53 (4):582-586.
  2. A Morally Deep World: An Essay on Moral Significance and Environmental Ethics.Lawrence E. Johnson - 1992 - Environmental Values 1 (1):88-90.
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    Toward the Moral Considerability of Species and Ecosystems.Lawrence E. Johnson - 1992 - Environmental Ethics 14 (2):145-157.
    I develop the thesis that species and ecosystems are living entities with morally significant interests in their own right and defend it against leading objections. Contrary to certain claims, it is possible to individuate such entities sufficiently well. Indeed, there is a sense in which such entities define their own nature. I also consider and reject the argument that species and ecosystems cannot have interests or even traits in their own right because evolution does not proceed on that level. Although (...)
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    Humanity, Holism, and Environmental Ethics.Lawrence E. Johnson - 1983 - Environmental Ethics 5 (4):345-354.
    The human race is an ongoing entity, not just a collection of individuals. It has interests which are not just the aggregated interests of individual humans. These interests are morally significant and have important implications for environmental ethics.
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