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    A context-based theory of recency and contiguity in free recall.Per B. Sederberg, Marc W. Howard & Michael J. Kahana - 2008 - Psychological Review 115 (4):893-912.
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    The Temporal Context Model in Spatial Navigation and Relational Learning: Toward a Common Explanation of Medial Temporal Lobe Function Across Domains.Marc W. Howard, Mrigankka S. Fotedar, Aditya V. Datey & Michael E. Hasselmo - 2005 - Psychological Review 112 (1):75-116.
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    Constructing Semantic Representations From a Gradually Changing Representation of Temporal Context.Marc W. Howard, Karthik H. Shankar & Udaya K. K. Jagadisan - 2011 - Topics in Cognitive Science 3 (1):48-73.
    Computational models of semantic memory exploit information about co-occurrences of words in naturally occurring text to extract information about the meaning of the words that are present in the language. Such models implicitly specify a representation of temporal context. Depending on the model, words are said to have occurred in the same context if they are presented within a moving window, within the same sentence, or within the same document. The temporal context model (TCM), which specifies a particular definition of (...)
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    A distributed representation of internal time.Marc W. Howard, Karthik H. Shankar, William R. Aue & Amy H. Criss - 2015 - Psychological Review 122 (1):24-53.
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    Postscript: Distinguishing between temporal context and short-term store.Marc W. Howard, Michael J. Kahana & Per B. Sederberg - 2008 - Psychological Review 115 (4):1125-1126.
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    Neural scaling laws for an uncertain world.Marc W. Howard & Karthik H. Shankar - 2018 - Psychological Review 125 (1):47-58.
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    Putting short-term memory into context: Reply to Usher, Davelaar, Haarmann, and Goshen-Gottstein (2008).Michael J. Kahana, Per B. Sederberg & Marc W. Howard - 2008 - Psychological Review 115 (4):1119-1125.