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    Narrative, Meaning, Interpretation: An Enactivist Approach. [REVIEW]Marco Caracciolo - 2012 - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 11 (3):367-384.
    After establishing its roots in basic forms of sensorimotor coupling between an organism and its environment, the new wave in cognitive science known as “enactivism” has turned to higher-level cognition, in an attempt to prove that even socioculturally mediated meaning-making processes can be accounted for in enactivist terms. My article tries to bolster this case by focusing on how the production and interpretation of stories can shape the value landscape of those who engage with them. First, it builds on the (...)
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    Fictional Characters, Transparency, and Experiential Sharing.Marco Caracciolo - forthcoming - Topoi:1-7.
    How can providing less textual information about a fictional character make his or her mind more transparent and accessible to the reader? This is the question that emerges from an empirical study of reader response conducted by Kotovych et al. Taking my cue from this study, I discuss the role of implied information in readers’ interactions with characters in prose fiction. This is the textual strategy I call ‘character-centered implicature.’ I argue that the inferential work cued by implicature creates an (...)
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    Two Child Narrators: Defamiliarization, Empathy, and Reader-Response in Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident and Emma Donoghue's Room.Marco Caracciolo - 2014 - Semiotica 2014 (202).
    Name der Zeitschrift: Semiotica Jahrgang: 2014 Heft: 202 Seiten: 183-205.
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