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    Fusion Over Sublanguages.Assaf Hasson & Martin Hils - 2006 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 71 (2):361 - 398.
    Generalising Hrushovski's fusion technique we construct the free fusion of two strongly minimal theories T₁, T₂ intersecting in a totally categorical sub-theory T₀. We show that if, e.g., T₀ is the theory of infinite vector spaces over a finite field then the fusion theory Tω exists, is complete and ω-stable of rank ω. We give a detailed geometrical analysis of Tω, proving that if both T₁, T₂ are 1-based then, Tω can be collapsed into a strongly minimal theory, if some (...)
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    Semifree Actions of Free Groups.Martin Hils - 2007 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 46 (2):93-105.
    We study countable universes similar to a free action of a group G. It turns out that this is equivalent to the study of free semi-actions of G, with two universes being transformable iff one corresponding free semi-action can be obtained from the other by a finite alteration. In the case of a free group G (in finitely many or countably many generators), a classification is given.
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    Bad Fields with Torsion.Juan Diego Caycedo & Martin Hils - 2015 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 80 (1):221-233.
    We extend the construction of bad fields of characteristic zero to the case of arbitrary prescribed divisible green torsion.
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