1.  68
    The internalist character and evidentialist implications of plantingian defeaters.Michael Czapkay Sudduth - 1999 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 45 (3):167-187.
  2. Can Religious Unbelief Be Proper Function Rational?Michael Czapkay Sudduth - 1999 - Faith and Philosophy 16 (3):297-314.
    This paper presents a critical analysis of Alvin Plantinga’s recent contention, developed in Warranted Christian Belief (forthcoming), that if theism is true, then it is unlikely that religious unbelief is the product of properly functioning, truth-aimed cognitive faculties. More specifically, Plantinga argues that, given his own model of properly basic theistic belief, religious unbelief would always depend on cognitive malfunction somewhere in a person’s noetic establishment. I argue that this claim is highly questionable and has adverse consequences for Plantinga’s epistemology (...)
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  3.  76
    Calvin, Plantinga, and the Natural Knowledge of God.Michael Czapkay Sudduth - 1998 - Faith and Philosophy 15 (1):92-103.
    In this paper I present a critical response to several claims made by John Beversluis on the closely allied topics of natural knowledge of God and the noetic effects of sin in relation to the work of John Calvin and Alvin Plantinga. I challenge Beversluis’ claim that Plantinga has misconstrued Calvin’s position on the sensus divinitatis and that he has weakened Calvin’s doctrine of the noetic effects of sin. Moreover, I develop a coherent case for the sense in which Calvin (...)
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