1. Doubting: Contemporary Perspectives on Skepiticism.Michael David Roth & Glenn Ross (eds.) - 1990 - Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
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  2. Knowing: Essays in the Analysis of Knowledge.Michael David Roth - 1970 - New York: Random House.
    Knowing as having the right to be sure, by A. J. Ayer.--Knowledge and belief, by N. Malcolm.--Is justified true belief knowledge? By E. L. Gettier.--The foundation of empirical statements, by R. M. Chisholm.--Knowledge, truth, and evidence, by K. Lehrer.--A causal theory of knowing, by A. I. Goldman.--The explication of 'X knows that p', by B. Skyrms.--An analysis of factual knowledge, by P. Unger.--Why I know so much more than you do, by W. W. Rozeboom.--Does knowing imply believing? By J. Harrison.--Knowledge, (...)
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